Prism Ark – Priecea route

Hahaha that was stupid. Ahem, let’s see…

So as I was pondering what I’d play, a certain anime series came to mind. I recall way back at 2007 when the anime began airing, I watched a few episodes. It’s hardly memorable and I’m amazed I ended up recalling it but anyway, the ending of the anime was fairly questionable. However I was reminded that it was a visual novel adaption. Upon looking around about it, I found that it even had some sort of gameplay thrown in there so I thought, why not?

In hopes for a better ending than the anime I started the game.

Well let’s see, the anime was actually fairly faithful to the visual novel (from what fragments of it I can remember anyway). The anime covered just about the entire common route along with the start of the Priecea route and after that it just did a makeshift anime original ending. To be honest considering the length of the visual novel and how it’s practically structured to be an anime to begin with, I’m surprised they didn’t just adapt the entire thing. My guess is that they either wanted people to buy the game or some sort of production issues came up. Or they just decided it would be a wonderful idea to go for an anime original ending because we all know how much better original endings are.

Like such, go ahead and watch the anime or reviews of the anime if you need to know the general story, I’ll just briefly summarize things and then go on to talking about the Priecea route.

Prism ark is a sequel to a previous visual novel by the same company. I did not bother reading it but after reading Prism ark, I feel that might have been for the better.

The story starts with a flashback of the king and queen (protagonist/heroine of the prequel novel) and their daughter getting assaulted by the Sablum Empire during a ride on a carriage. They fought bravely along with the guards but what appeared was the dangerous and fearsome “angels” which proceeded to tip the balance over to the Sablum Empire’s side. They tell the carriage to take their young child and run away while the king and queen bravely continued fighting on.

The king and queen were never heard of since.

10 years later, Our protagonist, Hyaweh, enrolls in a famous knight school in Windland. Windland has been at war against a neighboring country, Sablum Empire for the full 10 years due to the event with the king and queen. They believe that they must still be alive somewhere, held captive by the Sablum Empire. For that reason, even now, the seat of the king/queen is empty in Windland. During Hyaweh’s enrollment he met up with the various characters and heroines in the story. Including, of course, Priecea who is rumored to be the princess. I mean, she even comes to the school from the castle and all.

Now the journey of Hyaweh and his merry friends begins! Will they save the king and queen?! How will the relationship between Hyaweh and Priecea develop?!

Yeah, that may sound fun and all but in reality it was laughable.

So after ending up in Priecea route, during the ball they are attacked by the Sablum Empire. After a harsh battle they were forced to retreat, leaving the principal of the school behind to buy time. After successfully retreating, Priecea decides to return and Hyaweh comes along. They find their school of memories in ruins and feel saddened about it. I don’t know where the enemies ran off to at this point but whatever. Priecea proceeds to confess to Hyaweh that she’s not actually the princess, she’s the daughter of the principal whose role is to be a fake princess so that the citizens will believe that the princess is alright. In reality the princess vanished off to somewhere.

Hyaweh becomes her knight and as they were in a lovely romantic atmosphere, Sablum Empire soldiers find them and proceed to fight. I was wondering for a bit if they were actually watching them from the shadows the entire time considering how good the timing was but anyway.

They defeat the enemies and now, the grand second opening appears. It looks like we’re only half way through or something seeing there’s a second opening and all, right? No, wrong.

We go through a time skip of one month. Apparently because of the knight school being annihilated, the other neighboring countries decided to ally up with Windland and curb stomp the Sablum Empire. Windland also developed their own artificial angels to counter the angels in the Sablum Empire side. They are aptly named “ultimate angels”. However upon first deployment, they went berserk and killed everything in sight. Well so much for that. After Hyaweh and his merry friends defeated the angel, they found a human child as the core of it. How shocking. But don’t let your beliefs waver! Even if your country just produced a weapon that uses human children as a material and can’t tell the difference between ally and foe when killing, justice is surely with us for we are on the side of god.

And thus we arrive at the capital of the Sablum Empire. We proceed to defeat the dark knight who is apparently the king of Windland, brainwashed by the Sablum Empire and recover him. The king of the Sablum Empire is murdered by the 3 sages of Windland who controlled the ultimate angels and happily ever after. Or is it?

After returning, Priecea and Hyaweh live peacefully for a while. Windland is still searching for the queen but for time being the war ended and everything is fine. But wait, the king woke up and revealed the location of the queen. she’s held in the ruins underground Sablum. Because every other person is apparently injured/away or whatever, we move out to retrieve the queen with a party of just four (Hyaweh, Priecea, Kagura, Fel). They sure take the queen importantly. Arriving at the scene, the 3 sages appeared!

The 3 sages proceed to… reveal their secret plan. How awesome they are for manipulating Windland and Sablum Empire to have a war so they could test angels. How they managed to kidnap the king and queen because they’re just so smart like that. So our secret bosses just kindly told us all of their motives and secrets.

They proceed to evolve and become god so they can achieve immortality. But then they get curb stomped by Hyaweh and his merry friends.

After that they COMBINE into one and… get curb stomped by Hyaweh and his merry friends again.

Then suddenly the commander of the Windland army appears and mocks the 3 sages saying that they were only messengers of god and couldn’t become god. He also proceeds to tell us his tragic past of being an experimental body and his motives of becoming god.

So now the commander of Windland army, who has only appeared for just about 3 scenes throughout the entire story, became the true god. He tries to bring the ruins above ground and Hyaweh tries to stop him. He comes up with the wonderful idea of sending a fodder angel to stop them. Which, of course, gets trashed and thrown aside. Then he fights Hyaweh and his merry friends himself. And proceeds to get curb stomped. But because final bosses can’t be so weak, he manages to send Kagura and Fel out of combat and raise the ruins above ground.

Hyaweh and Priecea manages to hang on to the ruins as it ascends into the sky and then goes for another round. Our dear true god gets curb stomped again but because he’s godly, the story forces Hyaweh and Priecea to end up in a dangerous situation. There Hyaweh activates the power of his wonderful sword and proceeds to curb stomp the god. this time it dies.

In the epilogue, the king and queen both resigned from their seats and the princess who was apparently hiding somewhere all along refused as well, the next up on the seat is the principal but he refused as well, meaning as a result, Priecea becomes the queen and of course, Hyaweh becomes the king of Windland.

this time, happily ever after.

Hahahaha that writing was just terrible. I was seriously just laughing at the story from the point the three sages appeared until the end. It’s like they planned the story to be longer but realized that they lacked the money/time to develop things so they used time skip after time skip and had the final bosses line up to get killed. It was also comedic how the king and queen got shafted in the sequel. Their only lines were more or less limited to the prologue. For that reason, I think I’m better off not reading the prequel to this. It would leave a bad taste to find out the fate of the king/queen after a happy(?) ending in the prequel. I could be wrong though, anyway.

There’s still a few days to this months releases so I guess I might try another route in Prism ark just to see how differently it plays out as most of the things in Priecea route were the same as anime and then move onto the next novel if I have enough time.


One thought on “Prism Ark – Priecea route

  1. “Even if your country just produced a weapon that uses human children as a material and can’t tell the difference between ally and foe when killing, justice is surely with us for we are on the side of god.”

    Man it made my day, laughing so hard xD. Getting curb stomped part is cool also.

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