Prism Ark – Kagura route

Nope, I’m out of here.

On my second playthrough I had a better impression of the game because it went out of its way to reveal the pasts of Hyaweh’s male buddies. Although I question why it was necessary to leave it to the second playthrough but regardless, it was also relatively fun going through all of the battles in “hard” mode I suppose. Though it made the final boss even more of a joke than it was before.

That’s nice and all and although I had no particular goal, I ended up deciding to go on Kagura route. The problem came after I entered her route. Here I was wondering how they’d deal with the evil 3 sages with their evil plot after straying from Priecea route. The answer turned out to be quite simple. You just don’t stray from it.

Indeed, Kagura route can be very easily summarized as taking Priecea route, throwing Priecea away and replace all the scenes she’s in with Kagura instead. Meaning that while the romantic interest may be different, the plot is ultimately the same. You still get the 3 sages appearing at the end and announcing their devious plans along with that guy appearing right after you defeat the 3 sages and announcing his devious plans as well before being swiftly defeated again.

I’ll concede on the idea that there’s a possibility for other routes to actually stray from the path as I have no idea how Theresa route would work under these circumstances but I’m done with it for now since I’m not very interested in finding out either. Off to the next game I go.

Will probably finally get around to playing ゆきいろ and that’s likely the last thing I’ll play until the end of the month releases.

On the second thought, I just realized that I forgot about Minori’s new game すぴぱら being released on the 18th, I think I’ll go give that a try instead.


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