すぴぱら – Hotaru route

And that’s the end of the first installation of the story I guess. Not a bad story at all, recommendable for those who have something against the ero in visual novels as well as the people looking for a relatively laid back story with likable characters. The ending wasn’t… that much of a cliffhanger so it’s pretty fine in that sense as well. Also did I mention that I like Hotaru far more than Sakura which amplified my enjoyment? Moving onto the last part of the summary for Supipara now.

Following off from where we left off, although we don’t know where the little sister came from, our protagonist is convinced that it’s normal so nothing much is added.

The general flow of the story after that is more or less the same as described in the impression post from before. All you have to do is insert the little sister, Rika into the scenes and you’re more or less on the right track. There are some subtle differences here and there such as instead of meeting Sakura at the train station in a maid uniform, they didn’t meet her until they arrived at their home, opened the door and found a maid welcoming them back. The fact that she was an idol was also easily discovered when Sakura requested Yukinari to buy magazine for her.

Since the events are more or less the same I’ll focus on pointing out the subtle differences as I go along instead.

For time being it’s notable that unlike the previous round, instead of Yukinari doing most of the housework, Rika undertakes most of the housework.

Since well, as described yesterday, Rika is obedient, gentle and loyal to her brother. Always thinking of her brother, when events traced up to going to the hot springs at the shrine, they were misunderstood as a married couple by Yuzuki. Serious or not as another story, it should give you some idea of their relationship. Also if you remember the more “ideal” girl Yukinari mentions when thinking of all the eccentric girls surrounding him, that’s Rika personified. Yukinari even brings her up instead of repeating that line this time.

After the hot spring they visit the sakura forest together. Upon arriving at the sakura forest Yukinari somehow gets lost from Rika, tracing along the events from last time he hears a voice and looks up…

To find a floating broom with no one on it. Considering the mumbling of Alice and Alice dexterously avoiding landmines from the previous route, I imagine that there’s some form of time looping going on with Alice behind everything. After that they peacefully talk until Yukinari gets a phone call from Rika, he meets up with Rika again and they go home.

Moving onto the next day, their mother suddenly returns and then as scheduled Yukinari leaves the house where he’s supposed to coincidentally run into Alice but this time around, Yukinari left to go shopping instead of meeting up with Sakura as Rika said she’d go meet up with Sakura instead. Rika is crushing the Sakura flags as they come by it seems. After leaving the house and running into Alice, she says that she was waiting for him. Going by the same conversation as before, we get the explanation to witches and contracts, Yukinari gets asked if he has any wishes and then when leaving the store, passes by “Ange” or rather Hotaru.

Jumping around, Sakura arrives at the house, they have a peaceful dinner with no events of interest and then before sleeping, Rika visits Yukinari’s room to talk and well, be by his side even if there’s no reason to.

On the next day they go to school, our poor protagonist is bullied by Hotaru as usual, Alice appears to help explain things and they run into Yuzuki at the end of things.

Then during night, Yukinari was restless with nothing to do since Rika was in charge of making dinner. There Rika suggested Yukinari to find a part time job if he wants something to do. Unlike before, this time he has spare time after all.

Following that suggestion, Yukinari talks to Higashino and Nishizono about finding a part time job. There were some fairly questionable recommendations but for several days Yukinari kept contemplating what part time job to find. During these several days he was invited to work at Sakura’s cafe as a maid butler and also offered a job at Alice’s store. Nishizono also found him a fair amount of part time jobs and Higashino gave him some… fairly suspicious job offers. Eventually he was forced by Sakura to make a decision, in the end he decides to work at Alice’s store.

Here Hotaru intervenes and somehow knows that Yukinari is going to work at Alice’s store. Seeing as Yukinari just decided only a few hours back and hasn’t told anyone, Yukinari found it strange why she knew about it and eventually led to the question of what kind of contract did Hotaru make with Alice, most of the mysterious things can probably be answered with Alice after all.

After school they visit Alice’s store and Yukinari easily got accepted. This seemed to have made Hotaru a little unsatisfied but anyway. His job is to essentially look for the store in case customers arrive so that Alice can… go back to her room in the back and sleep, play, slack off in general. But customers for the store barely come so he also gets the job of running small errands for Alice, such as going to the convenience store to buy snacks because it doesn’t sound like a good idea to teleport in front of the store clerk. He also gets the job of cooking for Alice, preparing the breakfast of the next morning beforehand and things like such. The part time fee for working for Alice is 950 yen per hour (roughly $12 USD) which led me to question of where Alice gets her money from but I guess he has her ways.

It’s remarked by Hotaru at some point that Yukinari seems more like a mother than anything else.

Hotaru leaves the store early and after some talking with Alice, Yukinari leaves the store as well to find Hotaru waiting outside for him. Hotaru decides to tell him her contract since she figures that even if she refuses to, Alice would probably tell him anyway.

Her contract is the “ability to see the future”. Which is why she knew that Yukinari would decide to work at Alice’s store.

The next day various things regarding Hotaru were elaborated. Her ability to see the future is given in the form of text messages on her cellphone. They are sent one time in the morning and the next time in the evening. It’s a relatively mysterious system but it’s probably best not to think of how much logical sense it makes.

The future that is sent in the mail is limited to her surroundings, that is to say that she can’t view Yukinari’s future unless she’s with him 24h/7d. In the case of yesterday, Hotaru knew of Yukinari’s future because in the text message she was scheduled to bump into him along the way to Alice’s store and then she’d extort information out of Yukinari, finding out that he decided to work at Alice’s store.

To put things more simply, her ability to see the future is limited to things she sees and knows of during the next day.

It’s notable to mention before moving on that… at this point of time, rumors of Hotaru and Yukinari have been spreading. Since it’s quite a rare sight to see someone like Hotaru hanging out with someone. A male student who just transferred no less.

After school Yukinari goes to Alice’s store as scheduled with Hotaru following along. Alice shows him and Hotaru around the place and leads them to her room where Yukinari can find her if anything comes up.

It’s a fairly unique room I think, yes. It somehow looks familiar but I won’t think too deeply into things, that’s probably for the best. I won’t mind the fact that there seems to be a figure collection behind her, nor will I mind the piles of amazon boxes or bookshelves of things I suspect aren’t related to magic at all. Upon seeing the mess it triggers Yukinari’s urge to clean things up but with Alice refusing to let him touch her things, Yukinari reluctantly gives up the idea.

Later he prepares dinner by using the random ingredients in the refrigerator to make fried rice and since Hotaru was there, he made her share as well. Hotaru was surprised by his cooking ability and thus Yukinari manages to confirm his suspicions that Hotaru doesn’t know how to cook. Hotaru ends up admitting that her mother died and her father tends to come home late so she normally covers meals with frozen meals and such.

After hearing about Hotaru live off meals like that, Yukinari decided to take an extra bento with him to give to Hotaru the next day. This eventually became the norm, though he also prepares one for Alice, being his part time job and all.

Being Hotaru, of course she’ll request Yukinari to taste for poison first.

After this, when leaving the classroom he (surprisingly) sees Hotaru talking to someone in the hallway. Upon joining the conversation, the girl Hotaru was talking to introduces herself as Ritsu. Just as pictured she’s part of the kendo club and is one of Hotaru’s few people she recognizes as an “ally”. The trigger of their meeting began at the first year, despite Hotaru’s do-not-approach-me aura, Ritsu disregarded it and kept trying to talk to Hotaru. In the end she gave in and they’ve been friends since.

After school they visit Alice’s store together again and Hotaru borrows Alice’s computer with Alice saying it’s fine as usual, just don’t look at her history and bookmarks… which makes me wonder what kind of things are in there but uh anyway. Yukinari questions why Hotaru comes to Alice’s store so often and borrows her computer.

Upon asking this to Alice, she answers that she probably sent an email notice for bombing or homicidal incidents. Not quite understanding what Alice meant, the next morning Yukinari is at the living room and sees the television broadcast about a bombing event which luckily had no deaths as the police managed to disarm most of the bombs before they exploded. Linking that piece of news with what Alice said last night, everything comes into picture.

At lunch that day, Yukinari questions Hotaru about it and she confirms that she uses her ability to see the future to send mails warning about the incidents before they happen. The reason she uses Alice’s computer is because her house is connected to the internet in a… magical way to make things simpler. Put simply it’s impossible to track back to Alice’s house making it a perfect place to send anonymous mails. For that reason she visits Alice fairly often to use her computer.

After school while Yukinari is asked by Rika to do some light shopping. During that, he is called by Ritsu who happened to be there as well. Seeing as Yukinari only just moved back into the town, Ritsu whose family runs a small restaurant offered to show him the places to buy cheap ingredients. Of course, because Yukinari is a good mother at house work, when it comes to things like that he’s all for it.

He gets guided around by Ritsu and eventually (somehow) ends up at Sakura’s cafe. Ritsu commented that she always wanted to come here once. Sakura being surprised that Yukinari added another person into his harem aside, they find Yukinari’s mother there as well, doing an interview to start working at the cafe.

After making Sakura and his mother go away, Yukinari talks with Ritsu regarding Hotaru. Things about how they met and whatnot. Ritsu mentioned to Yukinari something he should probably know though. Which is that, the shipwreck that caused Yukinari and his mother to lose their memories and such is in fact, the same ship that Hotaru’s mother died on.

At lunch the next day Yukinari talks to Hotaru about it (with Alice hanging around as usual) and it’s revealed that the reason Hotaru began the entire thing is because she wanted to become someone more like her mother. The fact that her mother died in an accident like such probably contributes to it though. The logic is fairly simple, she loses her happy memories bit by bit. But in return she can save hundreds of lives, when weighing the two it’s a fairly cheap price to pay.

After lunch when going back to the schoolhouse, Yukinari talks to Hotaru about what shes doing. He believes that Hotaru is correct and she’s doing a pretty amazing thing considering the pressure of one single mail could save the lives of many. But, Yukinari says that he doesn’t believe she’s 100% correct. Yukinari believes that Hotaru should become happier.

Thus we end up in the same question as in Sakura route. Hotaru asks for what reason does he need to care so much about her matters?

Yukinari pondered about this question for a minute and answered that… it’s probably because he likes her.

Yay, confessing on the spot, go Yukinari.

Hotaru’s answer was simply “oh I see” without much of a reaction. And then she asks if he wants to go out or something (I can’t find the correct English for this so use your imagination). And before the conversation could go much further, the bell rang and they went back to the classroom.

After school they both go to Alice’s store and while alone at the store front, the conversation from before is bought up again. Yukinari figures that if he doesn’t like her, he wouldn’t be hanging out with someone with such a bad mouth. Thus concluding that yes, his feeling of “like” is in the sense of love. With the confirmation done, Hotaru shows a smile and says that she recognizes him as an “ally” now.

And since he’s an ally, following the words from when she was just introduced, she’ll let him taste heaven. And there you have it, next Sunday it’s time for a date.

Arriving at Sunday right away, the date starts!

Except neither of them have any particular goals in general. It’s fairly out of character for Hotaru to enjoy the typical things you think of when it comes to dates so in the end they decide to take a stroll on the beach. Talking about things like Hotaru’s deceased mother and how her mother liked the sea, Hotaru decides to draw something on the sand.

It’s revealed at this point that Hotaru seems to have a grudge against couples in general, the skull of course is so that it’d ruin the atmosphere of other couples on the beach. Hotaru decides to move closer to the sea, Yukinari says it’s dangerous since waves can reach her there. Before Hotaru could finish saying that she wouldn’t lose to the waves, one came.

Needless to say, her clothes are now wet and she needs to change.

Just as they were pondering what to do since even if they went to Yukinari’s house, there wouldn’t be any clothes for her to change to, a sleepy Alice appears next to them with some clothes.

Returning to sleep soon after, they decide to go to Yukinari’s house.Yukinari’s mother is of course overjoyed that Yukinari bought home a woman but anyway, she ends up staying until after dinner.

During the road to Hotaru’s home the question of why Hotaru didn’t know of her getting wet is bought up. It turns out that she had Alice withhold the email for the morning and only tell Hotaru if there’s an incident of interest (like bombing and such).

Finally the conversation led back to her contract. Yukinari feels even more that he doesn’t want Hotaru to forget her happy memories for the sake of seeing the future. Predictably, the conversation leads to being able to help people without relying on the witches power.

Surprisingly Hotaru easily agrees with what Yukinari said, she won’t cancel the contract but there’s no loss in at least trying to help people without the use of the power as an experiment of sorts. Just before separating, the second text of the future for the day arrives on her cellphone.

After Hotaru carefully reads the message and something piques her interest. Hotaru tells Yukinari that the experiment looks to be fairly interesting. Depending on how things go, tomorrow… Yukinari may no longer be her ally.

The next day Yukinari has lunch with both Ritsu and Hotaru, peaceful conversation flows although Hotaru comments that the two seem fairly close. It even led to the conversation of which one of them is more beautiful, Hotaru or Ritsu. Yukinari couldn’t answer immediately and started seriously worrying about it. In the end his conclusion was to text them the answer later. It’s bought up at this point that Ritsu is… extremely bad with machines. Anything with over 3 buttons she has issues using. For that reason she… doesn’t have a cellphone.

After school Hotaru approaches Yukinari about what he’s going to do for problem solving without the use of the witches power. Of course for time being, they need a problem to solve. Like such they confront Higashino asking if he has any problems about things like… people he cheated bothering him. Realizing that it’s probably easier to find a victim of Higashino, they give up on that line of thought. Higashino ends up telling them that recently he saw the chef in the cafeteria, Kamikawa worrying about something when in usual cases, whenever he has free time he would be studying about cooking.

So the two go to the cafeteria and talk to Kamikawa regarding his worries in a way similar to extortion. With much fussing, the conversation eventually led to Kamikawa seeing Ritsu worrying about something. This interested Hotaru since Ritsu is her ally and all so she pursued things further. Kamikawa made a slip of mouth and talked about overhearing Ritsu being bad with machines where Hotaru points out that Ritsu is fairly embarrassed about that so she wouldn’t carelessly speak of it without reason.

Eventually Kamikawa gives up and confesses that Ritsu is…

Actually his younger sister. Half younger sister to be more accurate, the mother is different so it’s a child who shouldn’t exist in the family, in other words it was the result of his dad cheating on his mother. Probably to make sure she doesn’t get involved with the whole yakuza business, her mother moved out and lives away. Ritsu herself doesn’t know that Kamikawa is related to her and Kamikawa doesn’t intend to tell her about it either. But as an older brother, he pays attention to her and has seen her worried lately. Hotaru notes how much attention he must pay to her considering even Hotaru didn’t notice it.

After that they visit Ritsu at the kendo club room where Ritsu is teaching some new members things. After club activities were settled to some extent, Ritsu came along and greeted them. Hotaru deceived her from the reason they came by saying that it’s because Yukinari wanted to see her, causing… various reactions.

By the next day, rumors that “Ritsu confessed to Yukinari” spread all around the school as Ritsu is apparently fairly popular with both men and women among the 1st years. Of course they aren’t true but yeah, at this point the “problem” Yukinari must solve without the help of the witch is obvious. On an unrelated note, Hotaru remarks that becuase Yukinari is surrounded by beauties, rumors about him isn’t anything new.

He’s…he’s… stuck in a love triangle. This is a personal opinion but considering we were talking about using the ability to see the future to avoid bombings and such, the problem here being a love triangle seems incredibly redundant. But well, I guess they couldn’t possibly bring in some villians that Yukinari has to capture without the help of a witch.

And thus begins the suffering of Yukinari. Worrying about what to do, he consults people like Sakura and Kamikawa. Talking to Ritsu and so on, we also get to see Hotaru showing some subtle signs of jealousy.

After school at Alice’s store, Hotaru arrives and asks if Yukinari is worrying about Ritsu’s feelings towards him. Yukinari agrees and Hotaru tells him that right now he has two options, to answer Ritsu’s feelings or to turn her down. But, Hotaru says that she’ll add another option for him. Which is to choose her, Hotaru.

Yukinari feels that he can’t delay answering their feelings anymore and thus we move onto the next day.

The next day Yukinari visits the kendo club again and this time, before leaving he receives a pink letter from Ritsu. I don’t think I need to elaborate on its contents, or rather I probably can’t even if I wanted to because I don’t think it’s ever elaborated on. But the contents are pretty much a given.

After school he goes home with Hotaru. As Alice lacks sleep, shes closing the store today and thus Yukinari doesn’t need to go. There aren’t any note worthy incidents for Hotaru to mail either so put bluntly, she’s free. For one reason or another, Hotaru ends up going to Yukinari’s home again.

Upon visiting, Hotaru talks to Yukinari’s mother and confirms her suspicions that Yukinari and his mother were on the same ship that her mother died on.

Later after dinner Yukinari talked to Hotaru in his room. Hotaru brings out a pocket watch which is apparently a momento of her mother. She has already lost most of her happy memories but the pocket watch is one of the few happy memories she can still remember clearly.

After Hotaru goes home, Yukinari has already decided on his answer. Tomorrow is the grand finale for the love triangle!

The next day after school, Hotaru asks if he’s going to Alice’s store, Yukinari says he will later since he has something to do first. Hotaru says she’ll wait for him at the store then and leaves first.

Yukinari goes to the empty kendo club room and talks to Ritsu, he straight forwardly tells her that he can’t accept her feelings. Ritsu accepts his answer but asks if he could at the very least be her first person…

(male) that calls her by her first name.

Yukinari accepts and Ritsu says that she still has training to do so leaves the room. Yukinari noticed her tears just before she left though.

After that, he leaves the school and wanders around quite a bit before he resolves himself to meet up with Hotaru.

Deciding that for the sake of not turning Ritsu down for no reason as well, he confesses his feelings to Hotaru once again. This time Hotaru answers his feelings as well.

Well, following the conversation Yukinari is now obligated to make her happy. With that said, it’s time for another date at Sunday.

Skipping right over to Sunday immediately…

Yukinari wakes up to find Hotaru next to his bed. Yukinari, while half asleep comes up with a serious question of why he sees Hotaru next to his bed in the morning. To wake him up Hotaru kisses him on the cheek and declares that Yukinari is no longer her ally, shes her boyfriend. And following her previous words, for her allies she’ll let them taste heaven but for her boyfriend, she’ll take him somewhere much, much higher up the ladder.

After she gets off the bed she… trips and falls down. Which… isn’t very like her, well use your imagination.

Later they decide to go out after lunch, which was made by the combined efforts of Rika and Hotaru.

And well, more things like hand holding initiated by Yukinari happened after they left the house as well as various other things but anyway. They decide to take a tour ship and throw some flowers out for Hotaru’s mother. With some more things here and there which I’ll leave the pictures to do the talking.

When returning to land they hear from Yuzuki who noticed them holding hands that Ritsu was going to school despite it being Sunday. Though it’s cutting the date short a bit, they decide to go visit Ritsu.

They find Ritsu at the kendo club room and talk to her for a while. Ritsu is generally fine with the entire thing although she remarks that if they go overboard, she can’t guarantee Yukinari’s safety. After a while of talking, Kamikawa enters the room asking why Yukinari called him.

Kamikawa stopped in his tracks surprised that Ritsu is there while Ritsu is oblivious of what’s going on.

Hotaru tells Ritsu that the reason Yukinari called Kamikawa here is because… he wants to start kendo!

With a background story of why he wants to learn kendo made up on the spot by Hotaru, Ritsu understands the situation and is fairly happy as she feels that there’s value in training Kamikawa… so that she can destroy him later, commenting about how nice it is to refine a raw ore then crushing it by her own hands.

Later whispering with Kamikawa, Yukinari says that they won’t tell Ritsu about her relationship with Kamikawa but they want him to get along with her more. Thus they setup the entire thing, leaving whether or not Kamikawa wants to tell her about their relationship to him.

Kamikawa complains about them being meddlesome and says that as “punishment” both of them should come to the cafeteria later, he’ll feed them until they burst, that’s their “punishment”. Yukinari replies saying that he’s looking forward to it.

Thus bringing a closure to everything.

The next day Yukinari notices Hotaru looking a little strange. Later he asks if something is wrong and Hotaru takes him to a more quiet place.

She reveals that a part of yesterdays memories were lost. According to her, she remembers her leaving the house early but her next memory is her preparing lunch with Rika, meaning she lost her memories of what happened in the morning. She takes out her pocket watch and says that one day, she might even forget the meaning to why she always carries around it.

After school they pass by the cafeteria and see Kamikawa and Ritsu bantering about happily, it’s probably notable that Ritsu is fairly sharp. She commented at one point that it feels as if Kamikawa is related to blood to her or something.

While going to Alice’s store, Yukinari talks to Hotaru about the contract. Of course, Yukinari feels Hotaru should cancel the contract since they succeeded in bringing Ritsu and Kamikawa together. Hotaru understands but she’s still reluctant on canceling it. Because what if the next day an incident where hundreds die happens. She could’ve prevented deaths if she had her ability. To put things unfairly, what if the next day there was an accident that kills Yukinari’s mother and sister. If Hotaru doesn’t give up her powers, she would be able to try and prevent it.

Thus begins Yukinari’s days of worry again.

Later after Hotaru went home, he talks to Alice about Hotaru’s contract. According to Alice, her contract is fairly light if compared to the things you can do with a witches power. Her ability to see the future is fairly limited and she tries to change the future by her own power instead of the witches power. The problem is that she does it twice on a daily basis. Even if it’s a cheap contract, doing it so much will take its toll on the memory.

Yukinari doesn’t want Hotaru to forget about her mother but Alice informs him that she’ll likely forget it soon. She explains that the memories that are chosen varies on the “value” of the memory. It’s ultimately only talking about possibility as the memories chosen are random but, for Hotaru the recent memories of her experience with Yukinari is probably considered a very happy memory. For that reason the value is high, too high to be taken for a small contract like this.

Contrary to that, Hotaru’s memories of her mother date over 7 years back, the memory is likely fairly vague, though still a happy memory. Memories like that are not worth much, making it a perfect target for the contract to take away. It also goes to explain why most of her mothers memories are lost already.

Yukinari decides to exchange a contract with the witch Alice, not one but two contracts.

Yukinari asks if it’s possible for Alice to do it.

Alice answers with “Who do you think I am? The witch of the sakura forest will grant any wish as long as she receives the payment for it”.

The days following that, Hotaru’s memories gradually get worse. She first forgets about resolving the relationship between Kamikawa and Ritsu, then she begins to forget things about Yukinari, at one point she didn’t recognize him for an instant. Despite all of it, Hotaru still refuses to cancel the contract.

At the peak of everything, Hotaru and Yukinari walk along the beach. Hotaru takes out her pocket watch reminiscing about her memory with her mother. Yukinari asks to borrow the pocket watch, saying that he won’t break it or anything.

There Yukinari admits that he exchanged a contract with the witch. Holding the pocket watch a strong glow was emitted from it and…

Hotaru’s mother appeared. The idea being that there’s still “feelings” remaining within the pocket watch, using the feelings and the power of the witch, they can temporarily generate her mother again.

Hotaru and her mother have a touching reunion and they talk about things, her mother apologized for not being able to stay with her, she knows of everything she did since Hotaru’s feelings are in the pocket watch as well. But her mother wishes just for one thing, that is for Hotaru to become happy.

Soon after bidding farewell Hotaru’s mother vanishes and Hotaru decides to cancel the contract with the witch.

Later that night, Yukinari visits the Sakura forest and sees a… smiling Hotaru’s mother.

Who transforms into Alice.

Alice comments on how Yukinari is fairly evil (or well can’t find a proper word for it) himself for coming up with everything. Alice complains saying that it was fairly tricky. Transformation magic itself is easy but even if she already knew what to say, finding the right timing to appear in front of Hotaru and then finding the right time to leave was very tricky. If she left too early Hotaru might not be satisfied and still have regrets.

As a personal comment this is probably a secret Yukinari is going to take to his grave. Not something you’d want Hotaru finding out, yup.

But well everything went well in the end, all according to Yukinari’s plan. Alice hands him a yellow candy as the other part of things and we move onto the epilogue of sorts.

Alice managed to cancel the contract with Hotaru and happily ever after.

But before that, Yukinari confesses to Hotaru that… he sort of tricked her. The reason she lost her memories was on purpose in order to shake her up, the yellow candy Alice handed Yukinari is the memories she lost during that period. If she eats it her memories of that period will return.

Of course, Hotaru wasn’t amused, not amused at all.

In the end she puts the candy in her mouth and kisses Yukinari, marking the end of her story.

Happily ever after.

In the credits video, you see Rika and Alice talking. Confirming that they’re doing something similar to a time loop, first time they made Yukinari knock against Sakura, this time they made him knock against Hotaru and problems are being solved fairly well. Alice ponders who to do this time, for people who have connections with Yukinari, Ritsu or Nishizono are possible. Ritsu since Alice wants to see Hotaru’s reaction as well. Rika suggests that the next person could be Yuzuki instead. There are also various bits of foreshadowing like “Ariel (the name of the antique shop Alice lives in) will not make the same mistake as that time…” and Rika calling someone mother. Well they don’t make much sense but they’ll be revealed in the future I guess.

Alice remarks at the end that as long as she’s involved, even if forcefully, she’ll make everyone have a happy end.

Overall it was a fairly pleasant game from start to end. All of the characters were likable in one way or another. I’m not sure if I’ll bother reading the next part even if I get a chance but we’ll see what the future holds I guess. My favorite part is needless to say the latter half with Hotaru. Character aside, I feel the story was better done than when on Sakura’s end. I suppose it helps that there was more to expand on with Hotaru being a contractor and all. While on Sakura’s end it was relatively simplistic from start to end. Of course the most important reason would be that seeing a tsundere like that is fairly pleasant every now and then.

If I had to name one point that somewhat bothered me it would be that, I understand it’s meant to be all ages but, is showing a kiss supposed too much for an all ages game? Unless it’s just that they feel kiss scenes are better when shown off screen.

On a different note we’ve finally arrived at the end of the month, let’s hope this month isn’t as disappointing as it sounds. Despite that however, rather than yet another nice and comfortable story I’m for some reason desiring some blood, maybe the influence of Hotaru or that I’ve been reading too many stories like this lately so I want to read something else to balance my diet.


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