この大空に、翼をひろげて – Thoughts

Post is a little slower than normal due to juggling my time with reading it, keeping track of Reitaisai uploads which I’ll probably make a post about later and life.

That was a good… charage. If you come in expecting some sort of deep plot or hilarious comedy you’re probably in for a disappointment. For me, the characters are the ones that carried the entire game. That may have been its objective to begin with so it’s not necessarily negative.

Though the reasons vary, the entire cast of characters are very pleasant to watch and because of that, it actually motivated me to finish everything. I wouldn’t call the story great as to some extent I found it funny how much trouble the characters had to go through just to fly a glider normally, but then again that’s perhaps just the kind of society we live in today.

Being a little sister is suffering

I was somewhat disappointed that Ageha’s little sister Hotaru didn’t have a route but it can’t be helped since she was blatantly categorized into the sub character section and in Ageha route there was a small section about it making the entire thing awkward if you tried to fit in her route after that. Well if they really wanted they could but… enough of talking about that.

If I had to talk about the routes themselves then well, Kotori’s route was fairly… dramatic. As I mentioned just then, the main source of conflict throughout the story regardless of the route could be summed up as wanting to fly a glider but various things obstruct them from doing so. They have an evil teacher which shows up every other route to obstruct their club, even including destroying their equipment at some point and of course opposing the resurrection of the club after it was semi forcefully disbanded.

In the case of Kotori’s route, if being obstructed by that teacher wasn’t enough then we’ll also have to add in the pain of being obstructed by her family. With Kotori’s accident in the past partially contributing to things, they were not amused with hearing about her attendance in the club as a pilot. It’s not very surprising since it is fairly dangerous. They may carry around parachutes for emergencies but the unexpected can happen. Not to mention the glider isn’t professionally made so it’s perfectly possible for accidents in the design to appear when it’s too late. Not that it actually happened with people like Ageha around.

On the topic of Ageha, in Ageha’s route the main source of conflict, aside from establishing the club and creating the glider is the past between Ageha and Aoi since Aoi has apparently confessed to Ageha before but got rejected by her before Aoi moved out of the town. During Ageha’s route her little sister was also much more active, in the initial introduction at the common route she gave the impression of being fairly different from Ageha by being shy and all but in reality there’s plenty of similarities between the two. They also poked around with her feelings for Aoi (it’s cases like this where I almost think they should just go for a 3p but eh, things don’t go so well).

One point about Ageha’s route which I found relatively abnormal was how they decided to have sex first and then get into confessing love. It’s probably due to their relationship which wasn’t very different from boy-girlfriend to begin with but yeah. They even did it a second time before everything was properly settled. Not saying it’s anything bad but hey, usually in stories like these, you confess love first, hold hands and perhaps kiss before getting into that so the scene came up relatively sudden for me. Aoi even doubted at one point that his relationship with Ageha was that of a sexfriend, I guess she doesn’t have the most hscenes for nothing but anyway moving on.

Asa (left) Yoru (right)

Onto the twins that are aptly named Asa (morning) and Yoru (night). Their personalities, just as their names imply are opposites of each other. Asa has an extroverted and bright personality when Yoru has an introverted anti-social personality. Asa prefers spicy food even to the point of preferring spicy ice cream while Yoru prefers sweet food. The list goes on but I’ll note that I found it funny how it felt like Asa was more suited for the things Yoru liked. Strangely they fell in love with the same person anyway though. Must be Aoi’s pheromones at work.

Their routes (individually) felt fairly short so I assume they took a normal route and cut it in half to fit both of the twins. In the case of Asa I’ll be frank and say that the drama was fairly… underwhelming. I could sum up the flow of the story quite simply as: Common route > Route split to the twins > Both twins fall in love with Aoi > Aoi has to pick one of them > Due to enforced order you pick Asa first > Sex, sex, they fail to achieve the goal of the story and skip to epilogue where they’re about to try again, the end of Asa route.

I’ll be honest and admit that I preferred Yoru more and was leaning towards going to Yoru route while having war inside my mind about whose route to enter first during my play through their routes. Then I got hit with enforced and the bastard Aoi made Yoru cry so I wasn’t very happy about it.

Finishing Asa route I went into Yoru’s and found that they decided to pull a the bastard Aoi couldn’t decide between the two since he loved both so decided to turn them both down. However in the end Yoru proposed that they both became Aoi’s girlfriends in other words polygamy. And with consent from all three sides, the proposal was accepted.

Rather than Yoru route it should really be said to be a polygamy route that’s biased towards Yoru in terms of sex and whatnot, probably to make up for Asa route. This was far better than Asa route as problems were properly resolved but it leaves me wandering why didn’t they do this to begin with. Perhaps they wanted to convince the player that polygamy is OK after seeing the results of Asa route. I’m not complaining though, harems yay, all for harems.

Finally we go into Amane route.

Amane reminds me greatly of Aki from Baldr Sky… which isn’t really a good thing seeing she was far from my favorite character in that game and this game runs on the characters. Not that I hated her either but well, was pretty neutral. For that reason I didn’t really care much about her route and saved it for last (there’s also the matter that her route felt blatantly the most important of them all). All I can say is that it served as a nice route to wrap up all of the remaining questions in the story such as for what reason does the teacher hate the club and what really happened in Amane’s past.

Needless to say, all of the routes were all about solving their issues and bringing a happy end to finish the story. Of course all while keeping it sky related. The stories weren’t something that great but neither bad either, at least it doesn’t ruin their character so it’s fine.

Overall it was enjoyable for what I think it was trying for, being a charage and all. This sort of motivates me to play some other Pulltop games but well, maybe later.

In other news, Reitaisai has produced various games of interest this time around which I have yet to get around to properly trying. It’s unfortunate that most of the Touhou games don’t quite fall into my fancy but I’ll likely poke around on the few that do. Music and doujin-wise it’s the usual. Although there’s a lot of albums to try, sometimes I question exactly how many last after Reitaisai ends.

Have a picture dump to wrap things up and then I’m off to give the Reitaisai games a proper try before starting up the next vn. I’ll point out now that I’ll likely be trying an older vn rather than 神がかりクロスハート so expect a review for that a bit later instead.


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