Angel Magister – Chapter 0

While fluffy stories are nice and all, stories like this are necessary at times or else it gets tiresome to read. Finally, finally I get a more refreshing change from all of the fluff I’ve been reading lately. Although there was Ayakashibito, that was a little off the mark of what I wanted. In a sense this isn’t quite right either but… well it’s better than nothing.

Hope the wait for the releases of next month isn’t too long…

The world was originally one but one day, the world was divided into two. The divided worlds came to be known as “Hell” and “Heaven”.

The story starts in hell, with an army of 6 billion demons behind the protagonist, Baal, who is the prince of hell or should be king since his father passed away. They are now ready to invade heaven! The demons pictured attempt to convince him otherwise because of the various peace pacts and whatnot but they fail, for our protagonist has a noble wish of reclaiming the blue skies they lost!

Advance to heaven! Surpass the barrier between heaven and hell that his father constructed!

Lo and behold their great formation! You say that you only see a single demon? If you magnified the picture you’d realize that it’s actually a giant demon constructed by the demons piling upon each other one by one! It’s their ultimate formation! Although I pity the people at the very bottom of it.

However things don’t go so well, for they are stopped in their tracks by a single angel who the protagonist recognizes as Nagi, a famous general in heaven. Lacking the mobility to deal with a single enemy, thousands of demons fall. The protagonist decides to step up and settle things with her.

Now will the Nagi stand a chance against our great protagonist?! They begin with a conversation about his great motives! Conquering heaven you say? No, as a matter of fact this time around our protagonist has a different motive! He’s actually not here to conquer heaven!

This leads the demons behind him to be confused as well, they thought they arrived here for war after all.

Our protagonist has realized that if he does not get past her, he will never achieve his goals, so… the tension rises and a battle is edging closer than ever!


Why our protagonist has fallen in love with her, for the entire 100 years. He took the entire army up to heaven in order to… confess his love.

After hearing this, his soldiers proceed to pack their luggage and return home abandoning him in the middle of enemy territory.

He’s rejected by Nagi and captured by the angel army.

Although it should be death sentence, in reality all he did was take the army up to heaven and there were no deaths on either side meaning you can’t really call it a war. Regardless, courts aren’t kind to demons therefore he doesn’t get a chance to defend himself or meet Nagi again.

He is sentenced to 100 years of labor instead of death and in addition to that he has his memory messed with and magic sealed.

In the middle of a desert he works, as time passed he gradually forgets that he was ever a demon and then everything about himself. Just single mindedly working.

At some point he heard that Nagi had died, apparently from a sickness, but that had nothing to do with him who had no memories of his past self anymore.



100 years eventually pass, he is released from jail but as he’s been in jail for a whole 100 years, documents regarding him are already tattered and the jailers cannot even read his name properly. They decide to piece together what they can and tell him his name is “Tomoya”.

Thus our ex-demon lord has now returned to the world under a different name with his past forgotten and the people surrounding him have also forgotten about him.

Tomoya quickly realizes that the world is fairly harsh. While in jail he’d be fed every day as long he properly worked but once outside, not many are willing to hire an ex-convict so days go on where he gets fired from jobs.

At one point he is tired, hungry after going on for 3 days with no food, the door in front of him opens.

Apparently he was sitting at the backdoor of a restaurant. Upon seeing the girl he is momentarily reminded of Nagi and finds it strange that he feels familiar with her despite it being the first meeting with her. She tells him to go away since he’s in the way of disposing of garbage but then Tomoya decides to beg her for food, acknowledging how miserable it is.

With much fussing she gives in and gives him some food. After filling his belly and some talking they notice a drunkard causing trouble in the restaurant. Tomoya decides to try to repay his debt by dealing with the drunkard but… he ends up trying to cast a spell to teach him a lesson which Nagi stops before he finishes because he would’ve blown up the shop. After that she kicks both of them out of the store and that’s the end of that.

Upon seeing him cast magic, a certain woman who introduces herself as Yumiko approached him after he was kicked out. She offered him a job at the only school in heaven, particularly as a magic teacher. She’s a teacher at the school and apparently they’re in a bit of a troublesome situation since there’s not many good applicants, she convinces him to try applying during the exam 10 days later.

Although not very confident, Tomoya is lured by the thought of a stable job and home and thus 10 days later he arrives at the school gates.

At the gates he meets a giant old man who asks him some questions about fighting spirit and guts, Tomoya answers that he believes they are necessary although not the only things required to pass the exam. Finally the old man asks besides those two, what do you need?

He was about to answer that but then he comes to the question of why is he answering the questions of an old man he doesn’t even know? Unsatisfied by his answer the old man reveals that he’s the principal of the school! Thus placing Tomoya into a bad position for the examination.

However he won’t give up, he will still try to redeem himself!

After that Yumiko, who invited him to apply showed up. Tomoya greets her and talks about doing his best on the exam but… she doesn’t recognize him.

The principal enters the conversation and explains that she has a bad habit of inviting anyone to try to become a teacher at the school when she’s drunk.

Shocked by this, the principal lands the final blow by laughing at him and telling him to go home.

He’s depressed but before completely giving up, HE STANDS UP AGAIN!

He provides the principal with the answer he asked before, the thing that is necessary besides fighting spirit and guts is… LOVE!

The principal was overjoyed with his answer and passes him immediately… or so he’d like but figures that can’t do after calming down a bit and tells him to properly take the examination.

After taking the harsh exam all the way until midnight, he is told the results will be posted the next morning so he can go home for the day.

The next day at the conference to decide who passes, it turns out that Tomoya received full marks in the exam which should be impossible even for the most elite mages. But despite that, it’s also revealed that he’s unregistered on the magic association of sorts. To cast magic without being registered is illegal. In addition to that upon investigation they found out that he’s an ex-convict with little background information available, thus being a fairly dangerous existence.

However the principal decides to let him in because of what he saw in him yesterday. As a condition however to make the others happy, he is given two conditions that he has to keep in order to stay as a teacher.

The first is that if he causes even a single problem he is immediately fired. The second is that he should not hide the fact that he’s an ex-convict because the principal believes it’s a good life experience.

After that Tomoya receives a very… let’s just write it off as nice welcome party and marking the end to chapter 0.

That was entertaining to say the least. Not sure if I’ll properly write a summary for the rest of the story because however much I like this sort of story, it’s ultimately a comedy and hard to express the wonders of it through a summary. Regardless of that, there really needs to be more stories like this where you don’t need to take things seriously.

Now I’m off to read more of it, hope it keeps up the pace.


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