Angel Magister – Thoughts


The original plan was to bother summarizing but after reading through the thing, scratch that I don’t feel like putting time in for a story like this.

The game is pretty decent, as a comedy it had its moments and it didn’t ever become overly serious as it always held humorous tones regardless of the time.

It’s just…

Somehow when playing the game I couldn’t get rid of this sense of… irritation? disappointment? It feels like it could’ve been better but it never goes all the way to the end, it stops halfway and then goes in the wrong direction instead. The story in general felt a bit half assed, it could’ve been better. Thus while it was enjoyable in its own way, it was at the same time fairly irritating to go through at times as well. I couldn’t quite pin point exactly what was wrong with the game but just something made it feel like it could’ve been done better.

Well regardless, let’s at least introduce the characters and a general outline of what happened since I already did chapter 0.

Tomoya is appointed as a teacher in the school as scheduled, he is put in charge of a “special” class which is more accurately read as the class for drop-outs.

Arriving at the classroom for the first time he finds that the only student is Kanata, a taciturn girl who is a fairly obedient student if it weren’t for her large appetite getting in the way of the class.

Kanata is actually from a distinguished family, the daughter of the current army general as well, although for some reasons she refuses to return home and lives in the school instead.

Later on Tomoya discovers that Nagi is also part of his class. As mentioned before, Nagi is the descendant of the person his past self fell in love with. The name “Nagi” is passed onto the next generation when they are born (making her mother the previous Nagi and her grandmother the Nagi before that).

The third and final student of the “special” class is Mikoto, an idol who decided to resign in order to focus on studies. Behind her (not very) cute face is a much less refined personality. Her family is yet another distinguished one where her ancestor was a legendary

It’s also notable that the three are childhood friends. The above three are the only ones with the route in the game.

Also introduced is the school nurse who looks suspiciously villainous, I wonder why.

Aside from that there’s some sub characters like Kanata’s little sister who plays a role in her route and the other, Mafuyu just plays a role in the story. Both are supposedly elite students and I have some things to say about then but I’ll reserve it till after.

The story setup is basically like this:

There are 8 chapters, 7 in Mikoto route and an extra Nagi chapter in Nagi route.

For the most part rather than the traditional route split after the common route, the common route essentially covers the majority of the story, where your choices simply influence the side scenes and the final ending.

The storyline itself was fairly wacky.

After becoming a teacher Tomoya had to deal with his class of problem childs, skipping class on whims and lacking the motive to study. In addition he’s pressured by the fact that if they flunk, they will be dropped to hell while Tomoya will get fired.

And thus the school drama of Tomoya and his students began. Motivating his students to take win festivals, fending off his one and only old subordinate who had been searching for him all this time.

Rediscovering his past life before jailing, resolving to continue teaching regardless of his past, the (not very) subtle foreshadowing of school nurse being evil which eventually led to her summoning demons into heaven to cause trouble. Rumors came along about Tomoya being gay due to various incidents along his students falling in love with him and normal school life.

All while the trouble gradually escalated as time passed. At the end of everything it became a full-scale battle between hell and heaven. Tomoya gets captured under the suspicion of being a spy and at the same time, also fired from the school because of some lecherous pictures of his actions were discovered during investigations

Don’t worry, it was done lawfully under the name of training Nagi to overcome her fear of fire

Nevertheless Tomoya doesn’t give up, his loyal subordinate saves him from the jail he was sent to and then he returns to the school to attempt to foil the plans of the school nurse. Eventually as the army and town guards fail, he alone stood against the entire army of demons.

Fighting on until Kanata managed to restart the barrier, the demons were threatened with being unable to return home if they do not retreat now. As they had families, they decided to leave turning the battle into a 1 vs 1.

Tomoya ultimately won however in return, he loses his life and dies because he landed into a giant pudding at the end which he once claimed that he’d rather die than eat again. The school nurse on the other hand, lived and her identity wasn’t discovered by anyone other than Tomoya.

Yet the trouble does not end, some time after the death of Tomoya his students receive some of the few properties he held. Nagi ended up with a rusty key which she accidentally discovered the use for later. Opening the door hidden away in the forests, she discovers a giant magic formation and some ancient letters.

It turns out that a great wizard of the past (Kanata’s ancestor) had a grudge against Mikoto’s ancestor (a legendary wizard) and decided that since he failed to take his revenge, he would instead move the battle to their descendants. In 1004 years from the time he died the formation would cause a giant meteor to fall onto heaven thus destroying it and its been 1000 years since his death. It’s up to their descendants to try to disable the formation.

However with their descendants being drop-outs, it’s obviously impossible. Then they remember that those legendary wizards had the capability of looking in the future, so surely Mikoto’s ancestor foresaw this and left some notes. They discover it and find that Mikoto needs to use her families specialty of reviving the dead and revive her ancestor, though she needs the permission of the government to use it.

As preparations were going, it’s announced that the meteor would fall the day after tomorrow. Confused as to why, they remember that they found the key from Tomoya and figure that he must’ve done it. Tomoya did it as a threat to the demons but it never came in handy in the end. They speed up preparations and start the revival ceremony

Where Mikoto messes up and accidentally summons Tomoya’s soul instead. As she can’t just revive his ancestor again, they decide to put their hopes in Tomoya to save the world once again.

Tomoya returns to his physical body but struggles coming up with a solution. He decides to enter a state of apparent death to go back to the world of the dead and ask Mikoto’s ancestor. Discovering how to prevent the meteor, they follow the steps and with much efforts, they finally manage to repel the meteor and thus saving the world yet again.

But troubles for Tomoya have not ended! He one day sights the principal taking a part-time job which should be illegal for teachers. Confronting the principal about it later, in a panic the principal lies that the school is actually in a financial crisis so the principal is breaking the school rules and taking a part time job to help maintain the school even a little bit, how touching.

Tomoya ends up telling the gardener about this story which eventually spreads all over the school. The other teachers ask the principal about it and the matter gets bigger and bigger. In order to protect the school, the teachers willingly give up their pay and they start large propaganda against the government which apparently “refuses” to support the school.

With the principal becoming more and more afraid of admitting that it was a lie and he was doing a part time job to purchase gifts for the school nurse, he goes with the flow and the matters get bigger and bigger eventually leading to protests.

At the end of it all, the principal was pressured to declare independence for the school and simultaneously declare war against heaven. This led to the police surrounding the school (which had then barricaded itself) under the name of teachers taking students as hostage.

Nagi, Kanata and Mikoto eventually get tired and knocks some sense into Tomoya again. They are eventually told the truth and must plot how to get themselves out of this mess.

Eventually by the use of faking the principal in the school broadcast, they manage to announce that they “give up” and all students should leave the school, having the principal alone left in the school. Usually it’d be execution for the principal for planning such a rebellion but it turns out that they weren’t there for the principal. There were suspicions of bribery going around in the teachers and students from families of high standing.

Thus closing the situation. However Mafuyu was rolled into the entire thing because she was their leader despite doing nothing, she was arrested as well with crimes that she didn’t do placed on her and no one to prove her innocence.

Despairing, a voice came to Mafuyu about destroying the world. And then the usual flow goes along, the world is in danger yet again, apparently there isn’t just two worlds of heaven and hell, there’s a third world above heaven. Mafuyu opens the gate to the third world where monsters immune to their magic flow into the world causing destruction wherever they walk.

The army ended up defeated, Kanata’s mother suffered serve injuries and mostly no one is left to defend the people except for the students. They manage to set up a barrier surrounding the school thus securing safety temporarily.

In the meantime Tomoya and his merry crew discover that they can defeat them through the use of “anti-elements”. But the people who can see more than 6 elements is rare, Tomoya can see 12 and it ever so happens that the drop out class he’s in charge of can see anti-elements. It turns out that the reason they were drop-outs is because they could see too many elements thus making the controlling of magic difficult for them.

Tomoya uses his identity as the demon lord Baal and manages to get an alliance with the demons since if they don’t combine their powers now they’ll all die. With their combined efforts, they manage to repel the monsters from the third world, before they completely leave they ended up kidnapping Nagi.

Tomoya tries to force himself to the third world but fails because he’s stopped by an invisible barrier in the sky, proving the existence of a “limit” in the skies. Combining the efforts of his companions once again, he manages to break the barrier and enter the third world where he confronts an existence similar to god.

And then plot happened, Tomoya’s old past, perhaps he’s actually an artificial human constructed by Nagi, perhaps he actually died 100 years ago while transporting due to heart attack, documents regarding him were conveniently stolen thus no one knows who he is and so on. Meaning it was all efforts of Nagi’s ancestor who Tomoya fell in love and so on.

They receive the feelings of their companions in heaven and hell and power up so they can defeat make peace with the god, marking the end of the story.

The last bit is in Nagi route but it’s probably the most complete story with Nagi being the main heroine and all so I just went with that.

Overall it was by no means an extremely bad story but as mentioned at the start, it felt somehow like it could’ve been better which made me felt somewhat irritated when reading through it. Combined with some strange points, it ultimately became a story that left a somewhat bad taste after finishing it. Though it still had its moments of glory (mostly in terms of comedy).

Sure it’s not a story you should take seriously but it didn’t stop it from being irritating that some characters seemingly had a reset button pressed on their memory with every chapter. One second Tomoya is praised as a hero who saved heaven, the next everything he did is forgotten and he is faced with having to regain trust again. A good example of this is the elite students, Kanata’s little sister and Mafuyu. Every single damned chapter they look down on Tomoya to be proved wrong later, then the next chapter they reset and go through the same process again.

Every time they cause unnecessary trouble for the story already full of trouble. Practically from the very beginning of the story we get to see the elite students mocking Tomoya and his class despite the fact that they were the only class that volunteered to help deal with trouble in heaven just to be shown that they aren’t as much of a drop out as they think. Tomoya’s class manages to end up at the top few places for the sport festival if it weren’t for Tomoya messing up at the end and also placed second or so at the school festival.

He saves the world and still until the very end of 1 ~ 3 chapters they’re not treated very well. It felt like someone decided to press the reset button sometimes. The above may be somewhat exaggerated since it’s not that bad as the elite students don’t get as much screen time but it still irritated me every single time it happened.

So… it should be a pretty decent story but still somehow left a strange taste in my mouth after reading it. Oh well I guess, as a tidbit it appears that they listed blogs which advertised their game(?) in their credits and Hau~ Omochikaeri~ ended up in their credits, that was a relatively nice sighting unless there’s something or someone else which is ever so coincidentally named the same, down to the very characters.


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  1. Yeah that’s me :)
    Some companies like Chien and Baseson add blogs from banner campaigns in the game credits. Some send special wallpapers.

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