神がかりクロスハート!- Thoughts

It’s pretty depressing to lose motivation to play half way through the game yet still feel obligated to complete it for the sake of it.

Compared to Oozora which had at least something resembling a goal, this time around we’re practically met with absolutely nothing other than the process of having the love bloom. Well to be fair, it did have some sort of underlying story but by the time I reached it, I feel like I already knew everything I needed to and there was nothing of particular interest to reveal. So much for that I suppose.

So doing a little follow-up from my impressions, as the story progressed I got to see Ome and more of Sana. By the time the common route wrapped itself up Hijiri and Koneko obtained powers as well and we find out that there’s more than what meets the eye to Ome and Sana. Ome was revealed to have a split personality of sorts and Sana also had powers to open gates to a mysterious dimension and so on.

It’s also tested that transforming actually does have a purpose as it makes them several times stronger than a regular human. So it wasn’t just a plot device to put animal ears on the heroines!

… Is what I would say if it weren’t for the fact that this isn’t a battle story therefore even if you have improved physical abilities there’s not much use for it in regular life unless you intend to have fun cheating in competitions and such thanks to it. As a matter of fact the improved physical abilities were essentially mentioned and then thrown aside as it wasn’t relevant to the story in the slightest. But wait, there’s still more to it!

Transforming also improves their special abilities (e.g. Hijiri can find things even in different dimensions and even through time, Anzu can teleport to different dimensions, Koneko can expand her mind reading range) but in return as a side effect after they use their abilities while transformed, they enter the heat and our dear protagonist Shogo tends to be only man around. I’ll leave the result of that to your imaginations.

In the end I still feel it was just a plot device to make the heroines cosplay but alright that’s enough for rambling about silly things like that.

Moving on to routes, I don’t think there’s a particular order to read in but I just went by my favorite heroines so I’ll talk from that order.

First off is Hijiri and Koneko, I’ll flat-out state that there’s absolutely nothing to talk about unless you’re interested in hearing how lovey dovey they were in their routes.

Okay, if I had to push things, both of their routes had “subtle” hints that there’s a hidden heroine. Upon checking the cg collection you could also find a girl marked as ??? confirming those hints. But that was quite literally just about one or two lines referring to the hidden heroine and nothing more was said.

The routes themselves are very short. It probably varies person to person but it only took me around 2 hours to finish each route in general. But because there’s actually a fairly large amount of ero compared to an average VN, during Hijiri route I was almost questioning if the game took a turn for a nukige. As mentioned, the routes follow the process of how they fall in love, have sex, then by the end of the route we see their wishes (which were hardly anything deep) granted and their powers vanishing. We enter a brief epilogue and then credits roll. I can’t say I expected much more but when actually seeing it, it feels relatively empty.

Okay while their routes may have been like that but the next two routes I played was Ome and Sana routes whose routes were… well somewhat better if talking in the sense of story.

When it came to Ome and Sana they tried to fit in PLOT but well, while it was entertaining while it lasted and as expected, it didn’t lead to much of interest but… What it did do was murder the little questions I had regarding the hidden heroine and thus by the time I actually reached her, I didn’t hold much expectations.

But going deeper into things, I’ll point out some interesting tidbits revealed in their routes. The “split personality” residing in Ome turned out to be something similar to the chief of all of the other messengers. During her route it was revealed that the god they serve is called Chinatsu.

But what’s more important is that when they tried summoning her to reside in Ome temporarily, Chinatsu recognized Shogo and immediately went for a kiss but unfortunately vanished soon after.

Upon investigation it turns out that Shogo has a large shard of Chinatsu’s power bound with his soul. Hijiri, Koneko and Anzu also have shards within them which is why they obtained the powers to grant their wish. I think the plan is just to have the wish granted retrieve the shards after that. It’s noted that the shard would cause Shogo to age slower than usual and gain special powers as time passed which led me to question what kind of influences that would have in other routes.

Thus begins their attempts to grant Shogo’s vague wish. They ultimately gave up and decided on the wonderful idea of having sex and making a child to pass the shard onto or something along those lines. By the epilogue we get to see them with four children, splendid but I think I’m straying off from the topic.

In Sana route we get to see a glimpse of the childhood of Shogo and his harem friends. It turns out that Shogo should’ve played together with Koneko, Anzu and Hijiri in the past at the shrine but none of them have recollections of it ever happening, which is why Koneko met Shogo for the “first time” when he returned to the town.

There was, of course, one other person playing with them and that would be Chinatsu. After getting a glimpse of the past, when Sana and the other returned to the normal world they found that the group increased by one, Chinatsu from their childhood appeared!

Despite that happening, nothing much of importance was revealed during her route as Sana chose to give up chasing after Chinatsu and focus on taking care of the child Chinatsu who is apparently something along the lines of a “piece” of Chinatsu. It’s revealed that Sana seems to have something to do with Chinatsu’s disappearance though, there may have been more details but I was already yawning at the story at this point of time so I don’t know. At the end of the route after confirming that Sana has overcome her guilt for replacing Chinatsu, the child Chinatsu reveals that she was there to watch over Sana and Shogo, since there’s not much more to do and she’s at her limit of power, the child Chinatsu vanished after bidding farewell.

Next I went to Anzu route which… I barely paid any attention to for obvious reasons if you look at the ordering. It also helps that I was already more or less uninterested by Sana route, much less for Anzu. Regardless, on Anzu route there wasn’t much of a difference when compared to Hijiri and Koneko routes. The only notable part I can think of is that Hijiri went full on teasing mode in the route which caused some fun in that area.

Finally we’re now at Chinatsu route!

The route, to be frank, is fairly anti climatic for all the build up the story did before. Rather than some sort of “true” route or at least a normal route, it came off more along the lines as an extra route they added on for the sake of completion. Unlike the heroine routes which had a rather large amount of ero, Chinatsu’s scenes totaled at: 1

That’s still fine but it’s not as if she made up for it with a long story or large amount of cgs because the number of cgs excluding the ero totals at just about 3, 4 if including one from Sana’s route.

So budget-wise she was shafted, how about story-wise? The same applied there honestly. To roughly outline things, we start at the beginning of the story again. However when Anzu made a wish and was supposed to gain her power, instead Hijiri, Koneko and Anzu appeared in front of her. It turns out that the three are from parallel worlds of where you entered their endings therefore they’re all deredere to Shogo. In addition there’s also the original versions of them in the current world making for double the characters.

At this moment I was questioning if this story intended to go into a harem end or something but apparently it decided not to. In any case, thanks to combining the released powers from their respective parallel worlds the power could be returned to Chinatsu. In addition we got to peek into the past and find out the real story behind things.

About the cloning? Well the storywriters probably decided that they’d be in the way if they stayed so… they sent the heroines of the current world into their respective parallel worlds to replace them temporarily.

Like such, all of the heroines are thrown out of the story and the ones that remain are Sana, Ome and the heroines who Shogo already did this and that with. Sana’s parallel world self also made a brief appearance to give Shogo the memories of her world, motivating him to help Chinatsu further. It’s revealed that Sana and Chinatsu are of the same type of people, they are occasionally called “gods” and that’s that. Chinatsu replaced Sana in her job to mend the cracks in a certain dimension because Sana lacked the power to do her job which is why Sana felt guilty.

At first they have difficulty contacting Chinatsu but then they manage to awaken the power of Shogo’s wish, which was to “help Chinatsu”. Using the power they manage to break through the barriers preventing them and meet her. After this and that they ended up rescuing her by combining their powers of friendship and saving Shogo and Chinatsu from drifting in the intersection between dimensions. However the fundamental problem that Chinatsu lacks the sufficient power to fix everything still remains, if Chinatsu takes back the power she buried in Shogo then he’ll die as the shard is supporting his life.

There, the chief of the messengers who was possessing Ome appeared from a parallel world many years into the future from Ome route. Apparently in that route they failed to save Chinatsu so at the very least they can give the shard from that parallel world to the Chinatsu here, thus her powers are returned and there’s no longer anything to worry about.

Chinatsu bids farewell temporarily regardless because it takes some time to fix things but now there’s nothing to worry about since she has her full powers back. The heroines return to their respective parallel worlds and happily ever after. Epilogue? That is the epilogue.

Could be just me but, oi all of the build up and we wrap things up so easily? Essentially the point of the story was just to make use of parallel worlds and save Chinatsu in one world, setting aside how the rest of the parallel worlds weren’t necessarily a happy ending.

Sure by the time I reached Chinatsu route I wasn’t expecting much but even so, it feels like they could’ve done a better job at it. Unlike the other routes where we see the process of confession and then solving their wishes after that, this time around all we did was fix the problem and then end the story. That’s why I said it felt like an “extra” route to wrap up the story more than anything else.

To be fair, I shouldn’t expect much from the story area in a game like this but if that were the case, it would’ve been better if they gave you a feel that you didn’t need to care about the small details rather than pulling all of this plot then wrapping things up like this.

Sigh well, at least that’s another game finished. In the end I would just call this game average. Didn’t really pull any heart-strings for me so in a certain sense I guess it was a disappointment. Then in another sense, the heroines all had their cute moments which may have caused everything to be okay in its own way.

Next up we’re looking at an actual nukige, not sure if I’ll actually properly play it but that will depend on my impressions of it.


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