Tears to Tiara – Impressions

There’s not only an English patch for this game, there’s also an anime and manga for it. Undoubtedly there’s little point in going into details in the story.

So, originally I was intent to try しあわせ家族部 but after playing it for an hour, there was just something about the idea of having a club where you pretend to be family feeling incredibly repulsive to me. After pondering for a minute, I remembered about Tears to Tiara and decided to go check it out. I might give it a second chance later but I have a hard time imagining myself getting more than one route done.

Well, so far Tears to Tiara has been very entertaining in many ways except for some nitpicking which I’ll get at later.

To begin with, I have a soft spot for stories that try and create their own little world without overly skimping on the details (e.g. we created a magical world but we’ll only ever expand your knowledge of this world if it’s convenient to the plot which means you’ll know next to nothing), Combined with an entertaining to watch protagonist like Arawn, stories like Tears to Tiara fall right into my fancy.

Stacking even more positive points on, for a VN the combat system is pretty decently done. I feel a little lacking in the sense that it seems far too troublesome to control all characters yet simultaneously waltzing through the game on auto mode feels wrong as well but hey, it’s a hundred times better than when “gameplay” in VNs really means rock, paper and scissors glorified.

Now for the negatives: why do I feel like strangling every character besides the protagonist, Arawn and the old man Ogam? Fine, to be fair that’s exaggerating things a little bit as I don’t hate them that much but by no means do I like them. To name some more complaints, as far as I’ve played, it feels like they decided to have battles here and there for you to train up and familiarize with the game then advancing the plot bit by bit, that’s normal and fine but… the way they fitted in character interaction into that felt fairly disjointed. To roughly describe it, it’s like between every other event we have to suddenly fit in short bits of castle conversations which are usually focused on one heroine and sometimes leads to a hscene. Thanks to that they occasionally seem forced into the story and come off as fairly oddly organized. Could just be me I guess, though.

Essentially I’m only enjoying the story for Arawn and the adventure, which comes off sounding a little funny as so far they’ve only shut themselves in the castle and I expect them to keep doing so for a while to come.


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