Tears to Tiara – Thoughts

Going through the story, fighting again and again and again, I see a question indicating that the final battle is incoming, I spend all of my money on the finest gear that I can obtain and begin my march to the last battleground! Making my way through the minions of the detestable enemy, I finally reach the fearsome final boss! Bring it final boss, let’s see how strong you are!

I send the Arawn at front to kick off the battle, he arrives at the final boss and… whacks it to death on the first skill I performed with him.

But do not worry, for that was only its first form! Lo and behold as it transforms into its fearsome second form!

Setting up my characters again I send Arawn up at front again and upon using the first attack skill… it dies again.

Well that was nice… for the most part anyway.

So uh, if put nicely the combat system could’ve done with a little tweaking in difficulty but fine, combat system isn’t everything in the game, what about the story?

Story-wise Tears to Tiara was quite enjoyable although it’s basically incomplete which is a disappointment. Unlike a typical VN, there is no route splitting which goes to explain why they basically threw around hscenes as you progressed instead of saving them until you choose a heroine. In any case I enjoyed the setting it was placed in fairly well but there was room of improvement I suppose. To name some, characters other than the main ones and antagonists tend to magically vanish and only appear when they’re necessary. Even if they do, it’s mostly for a line or two. Therefore instead of everyone fighting, it actually felt more like a single party of people trying to go against an entire army which for game balancing reasons weren’t all that large either.

The last part of the story was also a little cheap as it made me question that, the baby dragon that supposedly already flied away to its parents decided to turn around and go back to ever so coincidentally find Taliesin buried under the snow thus saving his life. No, the fact that the baby dragon decided to go back to him is fine, we’ll just explain it off as dragons have a good sense of smell so it managed to track Taliesin down and save him. The point that bothered me is that I was under the impression that the danger wasn’t Taliesin being buried under snow and more along the lines of what he did before that.

Was there a real difference between standing on one side of the mountain and the other? Even if there actually was a necessity, couldn’t there have at least been some effort in finding him? Heck let’s just tie a rope to him and pull him out after causing the place to collapse if that was the only problem. Maybe I just missed a line that implied you had to stand on the other side of the crack and get buried with the snow in order to sing a song and cause it to collapse.

Ahem, well I’ll just leave things at that and hope there was a reason for that, moving on there’s also the point that the antagonists were comedically bad. Gaius actually came off as okay considering how limited his power was but then you have that evil mayor who is implied to be underhanded yet all of the evil strategies he comes up with are… hardly underhanded. They were more or less cheating but well come on, it could’ve been done better because no matter what he did, everything ultimately only took place in the arena, there were essentially no attempts to screw with them outside it.

In addition, the second round made absolutely no sense to me. What exactly was the point in making them fight each other? Either way one side would probably win and there’s no chance they’d literally kill each other. If it caused half of the team to drop out of the tournament then that’s okay but in the third battle they came together as one team anyway. Then what? No matter which side won at the second round they’d still end up on third round regardless? I never did understand the logic behind that.


Well basically point being that the story had its imperfections, it was by no means a flawless story. If I had to name a point I enjoyed the most, it would probably be when the backstory of Arawn was being revealed chunk by chunk until we saw the big picture. That was likely the high point of the story for me. On that note, it was also nice to see character development for Arthur as he became a little less annoying at the end of the story. The rest of the characters basically didn’t change much though. I actually question the point in existence for some of the characters since they barely had any scenes of interest (I’m looking at you Octavia) but eh, maybe we could say that all of this was just groundwork for the sequels. After all, in this story only 1/11 of the angels died and funnily, despite all of the talk of the evil holy empire, we never took a single step onto the mainland and instead the angel came along bringing the final battle to the island instead.

With around two weeks to wait until I can play this months releases, there’s actually little for me to do besides going back and attempting to read しあわせ家族部 which I wouldn’t put much hope in. Well unless I find something of interest, I guess there won’t be much posts until the end of the month.


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