id[イド] Rebirth Session – Impressions

And this time it’s a murder mystery/horror/whatever is in that range.

Well why the hell not?

This summary will (more or less) be based off Shirou’s perspective.. It doesn’t sound exactly fun jumping around narrations when considering how often the story itself changes perspectives.

Our protagonist Shirou is a detective. Being a good detective he is, he helps pet owners look for their missing pets and the like. By using “looking for pets” as an excuse he can even use it as a way to start a conversation with the beautiful women he passes by on the street! As expected from a great detective indeed.

Okay, to be fair, only part of the above is true, it’s true that Shirou isn’t an average protagonist and is slightly quirky compared to the others but fortunately is still a small time detective with a cat as an assistant and not some unemployed guy who goes out hitting on women.

He starts with looking for someones cat, going around asking people if they’ve seen a cat (targeting beautiful women in the process of course), going around the place for an entire day, he comes up with little results.

Returning to his office, he discovers a certain girl waiting for him there.

She introduces herself as Sakura and apparently she’s the little sister of Shirou’s good friend from school days. Although its been several years since he last talked to him.

The reason she’s here is that apparently the good friend of his went missing and hasn’t returned home for an entire year. At first she left it to police but with no results after all this time, she ran out of patience and sought for help. Remembering that her brother talked about Shirou, she came looking for him.

Shirou accepts her request, not much because of money but more because of his good friend being missing. He begins with asking Sakura about the circumstances around her brother. It turns out that before his brother went missing, he frequented a certain café at night. At the time it happened it didn’t draw much suspicion but looking back, it could have something to do with her brother going missing.

Thus they arrive at the café. The cakes and such there are nice and all but while there, they noticed a contradiction. That is, Sakura said her brother frequented the place at night but this café closes at 6:00pm. Shirou attempts to ask the waitress about the café, failing that he tries to ask for someone higher up, like a manager of sorts but fails that as well, it turns out that the owner of the place doesn’t really show up at all. But Shirou notices that there’s bottles of beer and such behind the counter, indicating the possibility of it being a bar at night.

Following that line of thought, the next night they came to the café and despite the “closed” sign, he discovers that there’s faint light in the café. He opens the door and enters to find a masked man (way to be subtle).

The masked man asks him what business he has here and where did he hear about the cafe. Attempting to blend in, Shirou fails and is ultimately asked to leave. Before he leaves though, he manages to set a wiretap in the bar. Given the time, it wasn’t exactly well hidden but would serve to wiretap the place temporarily.

Wiretapping the bar, he hears the rough circumstances revolving around the bar.

The bar ended up being something similar to a place for mass suicide. Many people who intend to suicide meet up together by rumors of the night-time cafe/bar. I’ll note that there was a fair bit of life sucks/WHAT IS THE MEANING IN LIFE stuff discussed here and there to give you an idea of what kind of people are gathered at the place. Generally speaking all of them are prepared to die (probably anyway). The host (masked owner) stresses that nothing will be done against their will. How much truth lies within those words I don’t know. It’s also pointed out at one point that there appears to be two or more hosts as there is a subtle height difference.

According to the host, they are waiting for the 12th person to join them before they begin. After wiretapping, Shirou wants to give the information to the police and leave the rest to them but Sakura doesn’t accept it, commenting that Shirou surely doesn’t want to leave things at this as well.

Sakura proposes that she goes undercover acting as another “depressed person seeking to suicide” to become the 12th person as she has confidence in her acting skills (being in the drama club and all, plus supposedly being praised by a famous person for her acting skills). Shirou caves in and goes with her plan but insists that she withdraws at the slightest bit of danger.

Thus the next night, the plan starts. Sakura successfully joins the group with a wiretap installed on her. Contrary to Shirou’s expectations, the host decides to immediately set out now that there’s 12 people. The host calls all of the participants and soon enough they arrive at the bar. With everyone here, the host calls for a body check. It was met with resistance for the reason of “why do we have to get checked?” but they ultimately gave in to the request.

Shirou insisted to Sakura that she should look for a time to sneak out now but Sakura refused, deciding to go through it to the end. Having no choice, Shirou continues listening to the wiretap. It turns out that the host intends to take them to a ship and move them elsewhere, probably an island with little civilization. Shirou chases after them and manages to sneak onboard the ship.

Before the ship set out, he informs a friend (woman if it matters) regarding the situation, to take care of his cat and to call police if there’s no communication with him for too long. Soon after the ship sets out, due to jamming or some other reason, he is unable to make any more calls.

Shirou now sneaks around the ship and generally contemplates the situation he’s placed in. The participants are 12 people, 6 women 6 men. Most of them seem relatively young but there’s some middle-aged people in there as well. There’s (as far as he knows) two or more hosts.

(missing one below)

Names go later when they’re related to the story, like hell I’ll remember all of their names and much less when they’re old men. The hosts forbid the participants from leaving the cabin and ensures that they’ll be properly fed in the cabin. Shirou sneaked around the ship to see if he could catch the host without the mask but failed to do so. Sakura held some faint wish, or expectations that Shirou may have chased after her onto the ship so she decided to leave the group to the restroom for a bit. She discovers Shirou and climbs out to the deck through a small window. After confirming the situation she returns to the cabin as she’d draw suspicion if she’s gone for too long.

Next Shirou just idles about waiting for some changes while thinking of the situation. Although he wanted to take a nap, hunger made it hard to sleep. As he was thinking he was disturbed by some sounds, he’s discovered!

… by a girl and not the host.

Introducing herself as Sae and one of the 12 participants, she wanted to get some fresh air so snuck out of the cabin through the same window Sakura used. Shirou requested that she pretended that she saw no one here and she agreed. Apparently she knew of Shirou being here because of Sakura(?) and offered him a snack (that she was originally meant to eat herself as a midnight snack) since he seemed hungry.

After parting ways, Shirou returned to his original position behind the crates and continued to sit there, eventually falling asleep until the morning, they have apparently arrived at their destination. Observing the situation for now, Shirou suddenly finds that the boat is beginning to move away from the island rapidly, in a hurry he jumps right into the sea and swimming to the island, he becomes soaking wet. Soon after arriving, he notices the presence of people coming and so quickly hides himself. After some thinking, cue the opening and that’s as far as I’ve gone at the moment. Maybe there’ll be part two to supplement this post later depending on how entertaining the story is.

So far it’s pretty interesting. Seems to be branching right into the path of let’s play detective but according to the comments I’ve read, it’s more along the lines of a horror/thriller than anything else.


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