id[イド] Rebirth Session – Route A & B

How headache inducing… Will start off with talking about route B (and common route in combination with it).

If you’re wondering why it isn’t route A, it’s because my wonderful detective skills locked me out of route A.

Fine, so I’m not suited for detective work, but hey if you could figure out the criminal in minutes then it wouldn’t be as fun would it?

Summary is going to be incomplete because god damn even I hardly know what’s going on. Also there are too many details to note if you want to try and solve the mystery itself, unfortunately I lack the patience to sit here giving a 10,000 word tl;dr to properly explain all of the circumstances so you’ll have to live with an outline.

Continuing off from where we left off, the 12 participants and the unwelcome 13th person Shirou are now trapped on the island as the masked host drove the boat away, which is seemingly the only method to get off this island. Before the host ran off, they were directed to a villa on the island.

They decide to go to the villa and find it to be fairly well stocked with enough food to at least last several days when including Shirou, there are also sharp kitchen knives and farm tools around the place which could likely be used as a weapon. Have a map of the villa.

There are 12 rooms, meaning one for each person. It wasn’t particularly the holiday atmosphere to go and happily decide on who will take what room so essentially everyone just picked a room by themselves. Shirou gets in contact with Sakura and discusses things with her, they were interrupted by someone who discovered them.

Kisa, A little strange, unemployed and anti-social girl who seems to have mostly came along for curiosity.

The person in question is Kisa who Shirou had questioned at one point when seeing her leave the bar at night. Taking the chance, Shirou decides to have Kisa and Sakura help introduce him into the participants.

Obviously the participants were both surprised and suspicious of Shirou, after all he would be an uninvited guest, there would be a fair chance of him being on the side of the host placed there to observe them but ultimately he was let off the hook for now.

Now for character introductions.

As said before, including the protagonist there are 13 known people on the island. There could be a host lurking somewhere as the 14th but we don’t know. Omitting the people we already know like Sakura, the other people are…

Shizuku, a relatively timid girl who later tries to play detective by investigating the house and such. It’s revealed later that in her past she has stabbed a classmate several times (fortunately not enough to kill them) but was ignorant to doing it until she was told about it.

Saeki, revealed to be a police officer of sorts who came here on “personal business”. The police already gave up investigating this case but in the past his partner tried to go undercover to find the truth alone. He was never heard of again and the police were only frantic to push responsibilities of his case around. Unsatisfied, Saeki came here alone in order to find the truth.

Kyouko, an extremely sharp woman who is later revealed to have only came to ridicule the people who want to die. Seems to have a tragic past of sorts but not much is revealed at this point of time.

Iwatani, probably the physically strongest of the participants. A relatively carefree attitude but apparently acquainted with Kisa and was (maybe still is) in love with her. Has apparently murdered someone(?)

Kuze, A calm and composed man. Not much is revealed about his past or why he is here but apparently he has some degree of medical knowledge.

Tuji, A gentle middle aged woman

Hirabayashi, someone who should go die for attempting to rape the heroines at certain points and also being blatantly the stereotype of a coward who hides in the shadow of someone who is powerful, agreeing with everything the person says then jumping ship when the tides turn.

Old men, two old men. The old man on the left, Shozo seems pretty much just like a generic grumpy old man. The one on the right, Yuudai is Sae’s father who bought her here. An abusive father with little doubt and seemed to have also done some not so good things in the past. It’s worthy to note at this point that Sae has an exceptionally good ability to read expressions, which almost makes you question why they don’t just go through interrogating everyone with Sae as she’s practically a lie detector and is used as such occasionally.

With introductions done, let’s move onto the story.

For time being they decided to basically treat it as a vacation as, without any clues from the host themselves there’s not much else to do but loiter around. The only thing that could be a clue is that in the living room, above the fireplace they found a doll set.

Conveniently there are 12 dolls, just the number of participants involved. Coincidence? Probably not.

One doubt that may be raised at this point is that, since everyone here is to commit suicide, why does it even matter that they were abandoned on an island? Well if you set aside the fact that half of the people aren’t even there to die, we are apparently running on the logic of “it’s fine if you willingly killed yourself but it’s unpleasant to be killed by someone else”. So like, even though I’m here to die I don’t want to be killed by anyone else, I want to kill myself and as a result, everyone fears the worst anyway. In hindsight this is actually pretty funny.

The next day all of the participants receive a basket. The basket contains… sleeping medicine and a note about its usage, saying that taking more than 5 doses can be fatal but varies person to person. They were given a total of 24 doses each. On closer inspection, there’s actually another paper. It’s apparently a fragment of a map. For time being all of the participants gathered and discussed the situation. It’s clear now that the host is hiding here and observing us, either within the 13 people at the villa or as a 14th person outside it. For what reason we don’t know but the host essentially gave them the choice to die. Fortunately no one chose to commit suicide with it yet.

On the next topic, there’s the partial maps which came with it. It appears to be a map of the island but nothing much more can be said about it. Shirou came up with the idea of everyone handing over the maps to figure out the big picture but the idea was essentially rejected. How fun.

In any case it was made clear that the host definitely did not invite them here with good intentions, having that said the meeting was dissolved.

That night, in order to “test” the medicine, Kyouko who was doing the cooking for the group, decided to dope the soup with sleeping medicine. Fortunately not enough to kill but she apparently wanted to see if it was really sleep medicine. When asked about it, she nonchalantly admitted that she doped the soup with medicine, shocking the group.

Investigations of the island progressing aside, basically nothing notable happened after that, at least as far as I can recall.

And then at a certain morning, Kisa discovered a corpse!

Apparently Kisa took a stroll outside early in the morning. She at one point passed by Shozo but didn’t think much of it as it didn’t cross her mind that he was dead. Later it began to rain so she ran for cover somewhere. After the rain stopped she passed by Shozo again and found it a little strange that he hadn’t moved a single bit since then. On closer investigation she finds that things aren’t exactly normal and then called for the others.

Kuze did a rough autopsy of the body and said that there were no external wounds, the cause of the death is likely the said sleeping pills. It’s likely that it’s suicide.

Shirou found things a little strange when investigating the body as there were signs that indicated that the body was moved to the position after he died. Later they find an unsigned “testament” that’s written by a computer which may point to suicide but then there are some other suspicious points. Last night before sleeping, Shozo invited Tuji to go fishing. A person who intends to commit suicide isn’t very likely to think of the schedule for tomorrow.

In addition the testament is unsigned, not handwritten and worded very vaguely. It doesn’t touch on to main points of why he’d commit suicide. Generally speaking the testament could apply to every person there and still look fine. The digital part could be explained to that in this day, typing is far more convenient than writing but Shozo belongs more to the analogue age, if anything he should be more familiar to handwriting.

And as a final notable point, one of the dolls went missing, there are now 11 dolls in the doll house.

With all of that combined, there are decent grounds for thinking that it may have been a murder. Except who and how did he get murdered would still be a mystery.

In a different place, it’s noted by Kyouko that Kuze lied a bit about the autopsy. Kyouko majored in biology so she knows a bit more about bodies than the average person so she noticed Kuze’s lie. But she has no interest in revealing the lie so she’ll keep quiet about it. I don’t recall ever hearing what exactly the lie was but ah well.

Now that someone has died, the tensions within the participants have surged. It’s probably fairly difficult to sleep knowing that there may be a murderer under the same roof as you.

Following those events, Sakura discovers a box of 12 radios and a fair number of batteries within the storage room of the villa and goes to tell Shirou about it. When Shirou arrives, they find that there are only 10 radios remaining, meaning that someone took a pair. Taking the box, he calls for a meeting and tells everyone to take a pair of radios if they want. Basically the radios are fixed on a frequency meaning that each radio can only communicate with one other radio. 6 pairs, it is up to them to decide who to pair up with.

Hirabayashi attempts to pair with Sakura but Sakura chose to pair with Shirou. Then he tries to pair with Shizuku but Shizuku ends up pairing with Saeki. Kyouko ignored him and went for Kuze leaving Hirabayashi with Sae who… flat out rejects him. In a rage, he throws the radio onto the ground breaking it, goes blabbering on about how everyone there is plotting to embarrass him and storms out of the room.

I’m not actually sure who paired with who again but if my memory is correct, it was along the lines of:

  • Shirou and Sakura
  • Tuji and Yuudai
  • Iwatani and Kisa (they were also the ones who originally took the radios)
  • Kuze and Kyouko (?)
  • Saeki and Shizuku(?) could switch places with Kyouko, I don’t remember.

As Hirabayashi broke the radio, he and Sae don’t have any radios.

Shirou and Sakura take the radios and go exploring the island and the likes to see if they can find any clues. They find that there used to be people living on the island as there are burned down buildings and a church that is still in tact.

After hearing about the burned down buildings, Shirou decides to go meet up with Sakura when communication with Sakura is broken. Realizing something is wrong, Shirou immediately runs to where Sakura is.

It turns out that the bastard Hirabayashi attempted to rape Sakura but thanks to our cool protagonist Shirou, he manages to save her in the nick of time.

Letting him off with a shot in the leg, Hirabayashi limps off in fear.

It is now revealed to everyone that Shirou holds a gun, Hirabayashi unfortunately didn’t die of blood loss and the like because the villa is fairly well stocked in medicine (antiseptics etc) which drives more suspicion to Shirou since he hid the fact that he has a gun. Kuzu points out at one point though that it doesn’t matter as much because if he uses the gun to kill someone, as the only person they know who has a gun on the island, suspicions would automatically fall onto him.

Moving on, night arrives. Shirou manages to modify the radio to try and tap on other radio frequencies but it doesn’t work as well as he wished because there’s a lot of static. As he was about to give up, he suddenly heard a scream from Tuji’s radio. Shirou immediately rushes to action and runs into her partner, Yuudai. In addition Saeki wakes up because of the fuss, Shirou asks where Tuji’s room is and goes there with Yuudai, telling Saeki to go to the courtyard in case the criminal escapes in that direction.

They rush into Tuji’s room to find… Hirabayashi. Confused, it turns out that Hirabayashi changed rooms with Tuji. (it’s later confirmed that Hirayabashi requested it because his room was originally next to Sakura’s and that was made a problem of since he just attempted to rape her).

Partially forcing Hirabayashi to guide them to his room as his leg is still wounded, they arrive and barge into the room to find blood stained bed sheets but no one present.

The criminal must still be somewhere, they look all around the place but fail to find anyone like a criminal, much less someone carrying around a body. Failing to find anyone, they decide to look outside. Splitting into two sides with mostly the women continuing to look around the villa for people and then the men acting in pairs to look for Tuji in the outside. Shirou is paired with Kuze, they set out and search for a while with no results until they hear Iwatani’s shouts about finding her.

… As a corpse, that is.

On Iwatani’s advice, they decide not to investigate the corpse yet after Shirou confirming with him that it really is a corpse and not just a pretense. They return to the villa first to inform the others. They find that another doll has vanished leaving 10 remaining.

With people seriously fearing for their lives now, they came up with the splendid idea of everyone sleeping together in the living room and everyone taking turns sleeping. Making it more difficult for the criminal to do something as there will always be eyes watching.

The only problem is that Sakura hasn’t recovered from the incident from before, putting her together with Hirabayashi doesn’t sound like quite a good idea. Shirou goes to ask Sakura about it but as expected, she wants to left alone in her room for now. As a result everyone except Sakura take turns sleeping in the living room.

I assume at one point Tuji’s body got washed away by the water or something but anyway there wasn’t any proper investigations on her cause of death and the like. The main mystery revolved around how the criminal can kill her and take her body out of the villa without a single person noticing. Not to mention from the blood on the sheets, there should’ve been considerable blood loss.

On daybreak, Shirou went around the villa investigating for clues. Notable points probably include that the criminal likely didn’t use a flashlight as Shizuku comments that she was awake at the time and she would have definitely noticed the light from her room. Tuji’s partner, Yuudai tells Shirou that apparently Tuji noticed who the criminal is but was afraid of telling Yuudai who it was yet. In the end she died without ever telling him, Yuudai says that he was talking to her through the radio only a few minutes before the incident happened.

Upon looking at the storage room, he discovers that all of the kitchen knives and other things that could be used as a weapon have been taken. He leaves the villa to investigate the outside until he receives a call through the radio from Sakura that an incident is happening in the villa.

It turns out that Kuze has formed a rebellion. He discovered that the weapons in the storage room have been taken as well and that was the last straw, therefore he wants to break the group into two, with Kuze basically leading the side that leaves and Iwatani leading the other side. For the better or worse, depending on your choices from before, Shirou is given the choice between the two groups.

  • Group A (villa)
  • Iwatani
  • Yuudai
  • Sae
  • Kyouko
  • Hirabayashi
  • Group B (church)
  • Kuze
  • Saeki
  • Sakura
  • Kisa
  • Shizuku

Of course food and supplies would be split evenly. There was obviously a fair amount of tensions between the two parties but it was settled in the end. Depending on which side you go with, you’ll enter route A or B. Haven’t got around to the final route, C so I don’t know what happens there. You can probably call this to be the end of the “common” route.

As mentioned before, due to my great detective skills I was… locked out of route A so I could only side with the villa group, pushing me into route B.

Though it’s nice and all that we’ve entered routes, it’s actually fairly questionable on what to talk about as things basically went full “what the hell is even going on?” during the routes and I don’t even understand half of what happened myself. To name some notable points however, first of all Kuze didn’t like the idea of being able to communicate between the two sides through the radios so he decided to restrict the use of radios, cutting the communication lines between the two outside of for emergencies.

During route B we had some relatively forced hscenes through the doping of drinks for Sae and Kyouko by Yuudai and Hirabayashi. For one reason or another the target always ended up being Shirou. In addition, Saeki forced Shirou to hand his gun over to him by forcing him to the edge of a cliff and going on about how he lacks the resolve. During incidents like that though the church side made a shocking discovery.

Eventually Shirou hears of it as well, it turns out that they found Tuji’s corpse (again).

As you can see, It would appear that Tuji did not die back then and worse yet, those clothes she’s wearing and the mask looks awfully familiar. If that wasn’t enough trouble, soon after the discovery Hirabayashi escaped the villa with most of their food supplies, driving them to go on a search for him.They look for him and during that time, Shirou discovers a shrine in the middle of the island and also decides to check out the place Tuji was murdered at. He finds that on the ground there’s a so called dying message which seems to write “Sae” in katakana. Deducing that it’s probably Saeki, things still don’t quite match up. He also discovers a fragment of glass (Kuze’s?) which when mentioning it, he wasn’t wearing any glasses the last time he met him.

Shirou has no luck finding Hirabayashi and decides to return to the villa for now. On a different perspective, Hirabayashi has been running around the place seemingly chased by a masked person, the host which guided them there. He suddenly wakes up in the middle of the forest wondering if what he saw was a dream and questions what he’s doing there. Regardless, deciding to move for time being he discovers Kyouko. He chooses to assault her on the count to 5, we’re cut off at the end of the count.

Kyouko later returns to the villa with the food supplies. She prepared a great feast for them that night which raises some doubts, Shirou asked Kyouko about the food and she easily admits that Hirabayashi is dead. Yuudai raised the doubts of whether or not the meat in the soup is human meat which I honestly had doubts as well but Kyouko laughs denying it saying that she has no interests in cannibalism.

Following those events, it’s revealed that this time around Saeki has died. They gathered at the church to discuss things which eventually leads to dangerous tensions between the two groups with both sides accusing each other of things. This, unfortunately led to a fight over the gun Saeki had taken from Shirou with Kuze managing to take the gun and shooting Iwatani in the arm. Kuze tells them to go away from their place, with no choice Shirou and the others obey and return to the villa.

With this, the points I can still make sense of have more or less stopped.

Beyond this it’s oh god a cluster of what is what. Yuudai betrayed the villa, seeking to find the reason why the maps were distributed to them, all of the girls are going full yandere, people dying, things breaking, tensions between the two groups reaching the limit, I don’t even know what so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

At the end, Sakura took Shirou to a cave hidden near the beach with a boat there that she discovered by coincidence. Poking him to check out where the ropeladder leads down to, he finds nothing of interest and looks back to find the ropeladder gone and Sakura smiling before leaving the place.

Looking around, he finds food supplies for a few days but no equipment he can use to climb up. Eventually four days pass with him trapped there and just as hes given up all hope of rescue, a rope ladder appeared.

Climbing up he finds Kisa, outside of the cave the entire forest is burning. Kisa comments that it would’ve been good still if the mastermind was someone detestable but in the end, everything was disappointing. They hear a helicopter(?) which discovered the island because of the fire and Kisa tells Shirou that it was Sakura’s wish that she helped him so don’t hate her. Kisa proceeds to walk into the burning forest.

Shocked, Shirou is the sole survivor of the incident, none of the 12 participants are ever heard of again.

And that’s the end of route B.

I actually thought I hit a bad end but then I looked at a walkthrough and found that it’s actually how it was meant to be so eh, quite a shocking ending I guess.

If only route A was as entertaining. When it comes to route A we’re met with actually a relatively peaceful time.

As mentioned before, with route A Shirou joins the church group. The same events happens like before except this time we are given more details about the deaths. In Tuji’s case, at one point they decided to rejoice thinking that since the host is dead, they’re safe from at least being murdered. Now all they need to do is figure out how to escape.

Until Saeki died anyway.

On Saeki’s death, the suspects were narrowed down to Kisa and Sakura as they were the only two in the room. Tensions rise all over again with Kisa and Sakura both denying doing it. Thankfully contrary to route B, a full out war between the villa and church group was narrowly avoided. The only part I don’t understand about route A is that at the end of it all, from what I understood, Shirou was tired of everything and decided to confess that he did all of the murders (?) though at the epilogue of route A, the news notes that the person who confessed to the crimes is a woman so… I still don’t know what is what. Perhaps I should reread the ending of route A to get a clearer picture of what happened but it’s all in all confusing. For the lack of summary at route A, have some pictures instead.

Well… this is probably the most headache inducing VN I’ve read in a while as it doesn’t seem to put much effort in explaining how the murders happen and what exactly is going on, also why every single damned girl there is broken somewhere. Ironically the men actually seem easier to understand instead.

Regardless of things like that, hey it’s entertaining enough so what do I care? Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint in route C.


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