id[イド] Rebirth Session – Route C

The murderer is… you!

Following from where routes split in route A & B, we split into route C this time at the same point. What is route C you ask? It’s to become an entirely different faction. Taking Sakura, Shirou takes separate action from both groups and belongs to none.

Now, let’s see what exactly is the truth behind everything, will we be able to discover it all?

With a perspective change, we find out that Sakura accidentally discovered Tuji being “alive” in the cave that she used to trap Shirou in at route B.

Going back to Shirou, Shirou deduces that Tuji must still be alive on the island, at least that’s what he thinks. He discusses his theory to Kisa and Shizuku when they suddenly spot the masked host. Immediately giving chase, he loses sight of the host but instead discovers a corpse, Tuji’s corpse that is.

This ruins his theory as it means Tuji is now dead, who is the masked host then?

As the mystery thickens, later on he discovers the masked host again, this time resolving to immediately shoot the host. Landing a hit, the host still manages to escape with blood remaining at the scene. Hearing the gunshot, the other people arrive not long after and Shirou explains the situation. They conclude that since everyone who arrived at the scene has an alibi, if the person is within them, it must be one of the two people not here, being Kyouko and Saeki.

Communication with Saeki has been broken so no one knows his whereabouts, Kyouko is originally someone who tends to take action alone so no one knows her whereabouts either. At that point Sae interrupts saying that Kyouko was with her when the gunshot happened, meaning that Kyouko’s alibi is proven.

This means that the criminal is Saeki and if not Saeki, it could be… Shirou, who could’ve killed Saeki and staged the entire thing, after all there’s no proof of otherwise.

Tensions get even worse after Kyouko’s arrival, people like Yuudai and Hirabayashi move to restrain Shirou. Deciding that he can’t afford to get restrained at this time, he escapes alone leaving Sakura behind.

How nice, the entire island’s participants have united their hearts in order to hunt Shirou now. Despite that, Sae, Shizuku and Kisa choose to help cover for Shirou, that unfortunately didn’t last long as they discovered the key to the villa in Shirou’s belongings which led them to think that he could be in the villa.

Of all people the ones who found them had to include the most annoying pair, Yuudai and Hirabayashi. For the better or worse Iwatani was among them as well. As a result Shirou judged that Shizuku and Kisa would probably get hurt if Shirou left them behind. Shirou couldn’t find Kisa and there was no time to waste so he escaped with Shizuku.

Successfully escaping, around two hours later he decides to return to the villa and see the situation. He arrives at the villa with no one in it and upon investigating the place, discovers a corpse, Iwatani’s.

Apparently Iwatani realized that Kisa is in danger so he told her to quickly escape, but that effort was in vain as they were discovered by Yuudai. He intended to resist but was knocked down by a stun gun.

Thankfully before anything dangerous could happen to Kisa, Iwatani woke up and barged into the room releasing Kisa and telling her to escape.

As it turns out, Iwatani didn’t quite make it out alive.

Kisa is of course, greatly saddened of the result. Overall because of that, Kisa and Shizuku chose to take separate action from the group. Kuzu decided to leave them alone since something like that happened. Hirabayashi pushed the blame onto Yuudai and as a result, Yuudai was confined to the church with a key only Kuzu holds.

Receiving a message from Kuzu next morning, Shirou decides to meet up with Kuzu.

During the discussion, they decide to go for a truce by disarming all of their weapons in hope that none of them have a hidden weapon somewhere. By negotiation on Shirou’s side, instead of destroying the weapons, they made the gun and crossbow useless by removing the ammo. The physical weapons like knives were thrown into the sea however.

Agreeing on a truce, they decide to try and solve the mystery behind the map given at the start of things. At this point of time they have obtained most of the map pieces, only missing one piece which belonged to Saeki, whose body has yet to be found even now.

As they were investigating things, something shocking happened. They noticed that yet another doll has become missing in the doll house. Unable to figure out who died, they remember Yuudai who is still trapped in the church.

Upon returning to the church they discover the room he was trapped in is unlocked and full of blood, as well as the ammunition stolen which was later discovered near the church in the bushes, everything minus the bullets was found there. Shirou figures it’s because bullets are easy to carry but when it comes to things like bolts, they’re bulky and difficult to carry so they were left behind.

Moving on, when looking around the surroundings of the villa during night, Shirou discovered signs of a fire near the beach. Needless to say he immediately went to the source of it and there he discovered…

A wounded Saeki and Kyouko who is taking care of him.

Shirou asks if he knows the criminal and gets urged to first tell him who he thinks did it. The answer is… Sakura.

He believes that Sakura was the criminal who stabbed Saeki because initially, she was the first person to get crossed off the list of suspects as you could hear the sounds of the sea in the background of Sakura when Shirou called her after shooting.

But then he discovered the radio that Hirabayashi broke before at the shores, it was broken in the sense that it could still send voice but the speaker was broken so you wouldn’t hear anything. This destroys Sakura’s alibi and puts her in suspicion.

Shirou, after discussing things a bit more with Saeki, is asked by Saeki to solve the incident in his stead, since he can’t even move in his current state. Shirou tells him to focus on recovering his wounds and leaves the site. First off the bat, Shirou decides to call Sakura and meet up with her.

There the truth behind Sakura is revealed, it turns out that after discovering Tuji’s identity by accident, she decided that it must’ve been Tuji who killed her brother. Seeking revenge, she hid in some bushes waiting for Tuji to appear and then assaulted her with a weapon distributed to her for self-defense. She asked whether or not she knew her brother but never received an answer. Instead, she used her last strength to draw the “dying message” which wrote “Sae”, likely referring to “Saeki”, thus explaining the misleading dying message.

After seeing it, Sakura decides to call Saeki out to talk. Sakura asks if Saeki knows her brother, Saeki clearly disturbed by the name coming out, denies this. Which led Sakura to believe that Saeki had something to do with her brother’s death as well, she stabbed him and without confirming life or death, she ran from the scene. For the better or worse, thanks to Shirou’s convenient gunshot she was never put into suspicion.

In the end despite how much Shirou trusted her, Sakura never trusted Shirou enough to speak everything. Shirou explains to Sakura that Saeki wasn’t a criminal but someone who arrived at the island with similar circumstances as her, at the start Sakura collapsed thinking that she killed someone completely unrelated to her brother’s death but then Shirou explains that thankfully, what she did was not murder but attempted murder as Saeki is still alive. Feeling relieved by this, they proceed to have sex. Why you ask? Don’t ask me, all hscenes in this game are abrupt and out-of-place anyway, half of them are attempted rape which is as said, attempted because they don’t really last longer than a few lines. There was that one scene with Sakura but the writers decided to skip to the end result of the rape and not the process in between (which notably led to a bad end).

Then the other half of the hscenes were things like masturbation and the sort. There was actually only 3 proper hscenes in the game.

Anyway returning to the topic…

Shirou decides to summon everyone, including Kisa and Shizuku who were taking separate action, saying that he will explain the truth behind the incident.

They gather at the shrine in the center of the island where Shirou began his explanation.

If put simply, the hosts did not lie in their words. They did not lie but instead it was a case of twisting words. “We will not force you to do anything or do anything bad to you” but that doesn’t mean “they won’t do anything at all”.

Things began at Shozo’s death. His death was a genuine suicide. Of course this leads to doubts, what about the dolls? The obviously artificial testament? The moving of the chair?

Shirou explains that those were the acts of the host. In a nutshell what they did was tailor suspicion between the people on the island. Things started when Shirou found the chair being moved fairly suspicious. There were signs that the chair was moved after the rain stopped. The problem with this is that, even if we assume it to be murder, exactly what was the point in doing so?

When thinking on that train of thought, you come to the point that Shozo may have committed suicide but his death was then framed to be a murder in order to make the people suspect themselves. We already know Tuji’s death was faked as well but it’s notable that once those two deaths happened, people were more or less on the edge. In reality it was around that time where they split into two groups and everyone continually suspected each other.

Put simply, there’s no wonder why it was difficult to narrow the criminal down to a single person. The answer to all of the mysterious murders is: the murderer does not exist.

The hosts never killed anyone, all they did was cause suspicion between the people which in turn caused the people to kill each other willingly. Hence the disappointing truth Kisa mentioned in route B. It’s also noted that somewhere in his heart, Shirou was enjoying the entire incident. That’s what caused Kyouko, who saw through him, to put sleeping medicine into the soup. Probably relates to what was being talked about at the end of route A.

They also solved the mystery of the map with a process I won’t bother explaining, anyway they figured out that they needed to dig at a place near the shrine. Upon digging, they find a key to the boat in the cave Tuji hid herself at and also the meaning to the term “Rebirth Session”. Something about Shirou’s father who was diagnosed with cancer and went missing using the last of his life to construct this system to spark the survival instincts of people who came here wanting to die, wasn’t paying as much attention here.

While obtaining the key is nice and all, there’s still an issue. The boat can only fit two people, meaning that they need two people that will definitely call for help. It’s difficult to trust people in the current state of affairs still, just as they were arguing…

A Yuudai has appeared!

It turns out that he faked his death (though the blood was truly his) with the cooperation of Sae and stole the ammunition. He takes Sakura as hostage and tells Shirou the hand over the gun, probably wants the key as well. Shirou hands over the gun which Sae takes. Yuudai instructs her to load the gun.

…But then Sae decided to betray him. With some conflicting, they manage to bring Yuudai down, fortunately no longer alive. Troubles don’t cease there as now Hirabayashi fears for his life and tries to run off with the key and escape alone. Only to be stopped by Kyouko.

Kyouko in turn targets Sakura saying that she has killed someone and nearly killed another. Shirou goes to protect her with his life.

Which reminds Kyouko of how someone she loved in the past died in the same way, she gave up killing and left but… Hirabayashi was apparently not completely dead yet and attacked Kyouko. Shirou comments that even if they did treatment now, neither of them will live so they have no choice but to leave them behind.

They arrive at the secret cave with only 6 people remaining (excluding Saeki who is probably still somewhere resting). They decide that they should take priority to the wounded. In addition preferably someone who has boat skills because of having to take Saeki along. They come up with the answer of Saeki and Shirou, with everything solved Shirou says before they leave, there’s still one thing to settle.

Calling out for a certain someone hiding in the shadows somewhere observing them, a masked host appears.

His identity is none other than Sakura’s brother.

Filling in the problems of who tried to frame Shirou, Shirou explains that Sakura’s brother was still worried about her despite the situation. During the body inspection, he discovered the tapper in Sakura’s hair accessory, taking advantage of that he replaced it with his own tapping, thus allowing him to observe her actions.

He didn’t want Sakura to become the target of suspicion after she killed Tuji and attempted to kill Saeki so he decided to cover for her by turning the suspicion to Shirou instead. He purposefully appeared in front of Shirou so that he would fire the gun, then in order to make it look like the same person committed all of the murders, he also returned to the villa to remove the dolls accordingly.

Sakura’s brother is a survivor of the same thing which happened a year ago. Something about beliefs and fighting poison with poison, don’t remember anymore but anyway basically he did all of this for his splendid beliefs but still didn’t want his sister to turn into the same as him.

Sakura’s brother accepts his death with no regrets and we pan up to the sky with a resounding gunshot.

End result:

  1. Shirou – Alive
  2. Sakura – Alive
  3. Kisa – Alive
  4. Shizuku – Alive
  5. Sae – Alive
  6. Saeki – Alive
  7. Kuzu – Alive
  8. Hirabayashi – Died of wounds and later his dick got bitten off by Kyouko
  9. Kyouko – Alive because she’s a woman that doesn’t die even if she’s killed (not even joking)
  10. Shozo – Died by suicide
  11. Yuudai – Died from the betrayal of Sae in his wonderful plot
  12. Tuji – Murdered by Sakura
  13. Iwatani – Died protecting Kisa

Thus the incident quietly closed its curtains.

In the epilogue Shirou continued his detective work.

Sakura confessed to murdering and was jailed for a year before being released and meeting up with Shirou, now working as his assistant.

Kisa went traveling around the world, only to eventually find that she ran out of money and came back to Japan. She decided to try and find a job under Shirou.

Sae was hired by Shirou as a secretary.

Kyouko and Saeki are still alive and kicking.

I don’t remember if Kuzu even had an epilogue.

Shizuku is alive and well with proper friends and whatnot now.

Sakura’s brother did not die (despite how it was implied) as Shirou decided not to kill him. In the epilogue he died anyway, unable to stand the weight of the crimes he committed suicide.

The end.

That actually wasn’t so bad. Comments considered I entered the route half expecting to get no explanation whatsoever but in the end things were actually explained pretty decently when accounting for the fact that at the end of route B, it was commented that the truth is fairly disappointing.

Well worth the time spent reading I suppose, at the very least it left me at the edge of my seat for most of the story.

Hopefully the other VNs I picked will keep up this pace.


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