JQV人類救済部~With love from isotope~ – Impressions

What? You ask what happened to たいせつなきみのwhyisthisnamesolong? Well, JQV has been getting a fair bit of hype and lots of nice ratings so when I actually decided to return to VNs slowly, (still grindan) I found that this month’s releases aren’t out yet and I’ve already paused Taisetsu for a fair amount of time. I decided that there would be little difference in resuming it later and jumped onto JQV. Yes, it’s just an excuse. Yes, there are now decent odds that I’ll never get back to that game anytime soon. But oh well.

So then, what exactly is all the hype about? There’s been plenty of comparisons of this game to Cross Channel or rather, it probably helps that they’re fairly similar because of the writer which most likely was influenced by Romeo. Regardless of what is what, there are definitely similarities as the setting for the game takes place in a world where humanity has gone extinct, well for the most part anyway. Essentially humans went transforming into animals and the like so cities have become zoos with animals of all sorts around. Apparently it’s even possible to transform into oxygen(?) but it’s all (for the most part) against their will because of a scientific experiment gone wrong or at least something along those lines.

Well regardless of the cause, humanity more or less went extinct. I don’t think it’s a good idea to think too deeply into the science of how it’s physically possible for things like that to happen, not to mention in a short period of roughly two years from start to end.

Alright, so humanity went extinct, here we have our protagonist Shimaji.

Shimaji mirrors Taichi fairly well but I guess it helps they’re both protagonists in similar settings. All alone in the world, Shimaji doesn’t exactly come off as your normal protagonist with his eccentric antics and rambling.

Needless to say, we can’t have an eroge without women, if Shimaji is really the only human left then we’d have no beautiful women to look at. As a result, soon after the story begins we find ourselves stumbling into other humans who have managed to survive up until now!

Of course they’re all women.

And Shimaji, being the wonderful protagonist he is, made a perfect impression to Yayahara by walking in with no pants worn.

After she manages to calm down, she says that she wants to establish a human saving club. A fairly optimistic idea considering the situation, after all if there was still a fair amount of humans in the world then rescue would have probably came by now.

Regardless, it’s not like there’s much else for them to do as the few survivors left that are still human. Shimaji ultimately tags along with her idea and following that, it’s also where the name JQV originates from. It stands for J(ジンルイ)Q(キュウサイ)V(ヴ) which is basically the initials of a rough romanization of “human saving club”. For the sole reason that it sounds cooler that way.

Their efforts were not completely futile as they picked up a loli, Nataria that can’t speak human language, possibly a form of partial transformation.

or so that’s what she’d like you to think.

Let’s just say the amount of Shimaji’s multiplied and leave it at that.

As much as a full summary may be desirable, I don’t think an empty summary like such would do the characters justice so I’ll just leave things at this.

All in all, the game is fairly promising. I have no idea what will happen in the end though I somewhat hope we won’t be walking into the same direction as Cross Channel for the ending. I find it relatively strange that I seem to be reminded of the art style of Grisaia as well as the system of it when playing through the game, of course a much less refined one. Besides that the art isn’t very consistent and there’s nothing of interest to talk about so far in the music area. I suppose for a doujin game it’s decently made in any case.


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