JQV人類救済部~With love from isotope~ – Thoughts

For the length, it sure took me fairly long to finish. Having difficulties balancing my schedule at the moment, tends to lean towards one direction or the other, luckily today I came up with a fair amount of spare time so I managed to finish it one go.

For the most part I believe it meets up the expectations, it’s definitely above average but at the same time it’s not really some sort of beautiful perfect masterpiece of a story. It’s a good story and definitely worth the read regardless.

So once Nataria was introduced, we begin to get treated to the main meat of the story, screwing with your head, jumping to flashbacks and then returning to the current timeline to slowly reveal the truths as well as moving the story forward until everything is revealed and the story merges the two together into the ending.

In the process we get to see a relationship develop between Yayahara, how abnormal our protagonist really is, and Nataria not dying when she gets killed. There’s also the matter of Nataria with… heh.

In any case, there were a lot of mysteries. Namely, even if we write off the extinction of humans as “failed scientific experiment that somehow caused the end of the world”, how are we supposed to explain Nataria who showed superhuman abilities?

And then explanation time began.

Let’s be blunt here.

I was fairly disappointed in explaining everything off with quantum mechanics as it’s a pretty overused plot device. What the heck is with Japan and Schrodinger’s cat anyway. Then again, I don’t think you can make any other logical sense out of it regardless so no matter how things went, it would probably still be disappointing anyway. In this case the story followed more of a… science fiction route or so, tries to keep things realistic by throwing in all the quantum mechanics and whatnot but in the end doesn’t come off as very real, at least to me. Well around this time I decided to shut off my brain so that I don’t start nitpicking my way through the rest of the story and then continued, excuse me if I failed to pick up some implications.

So put simply, now that most of the humans have died, as (more or less) the only “observer” in the world, it also means that essentially the world is subjective to Shimaji’s thoughts. Following this train of thought, apparently everything flies.

That’s nice and all, for time being we’ll just treat the result of the PLOT as a not so bad end result. Hey at least it tried to reason things through, a step above from those stories that throw things at you because “things are just like that, shut up and accept it” but then we move onto the heroines.

JQV has no choices and thus has no routes. Predictably for a story like this, it’s just a straight beeline to the true ending. For Yayahara I was vaguely expecting her to take a bigger role since she’s the cover girl but… not that she took a small role but I suppose it was somewhat underwhelming since she basically got thrown out of the picture half (or at least 2/3) the way through the story. That and in a story with crazy women all over, Yayahara didn’t really stand out very much.

And then it’s for Nataria, how fun. A crazy blonde loli, what could possibly go wrong anyway?

For the most part Nataria was enjoyable with all of her hinting towards Shimaji until the great reveal of the truth. And also Shimaji trying to outsmart her just to find her suddenly appearing, I’ll admit that at one point it made me jump since I was reading in the middle of the night and while the situation is tense, suddenly she appears with no warning.

Everything was good until the ending where Shimaji reveled her true nature as…. just a normal human who wanted to observe people in a world with no one left and so proceeding to brainwash Shimaji through drugging and the likes in order to achieve that innocent objective. And then she vanished. Basically the story sold her off as a crazy women and at the end we’re told “hey she’s still very humanly” and Shimaji escapes being turned into her toy because while she’s crazy, Shimaji is a step crazier with his splendid past.

On that note, it was pretty nice to hear a detailed description of the transformation process.

I’ll just leave the ending of everything to your imaginations.

In the end while JQV was an above average story, it feels like it built up towards something big then when actually revealing things, it came off as relatively disappointing. If comparing to Harumade Kururu which basically follows a similar storyline, I feel that the setting for Harumade was far better made thus making the things they throw at you easier to swallow. The same could not be said for JQV. In return JQV did a somewhat better job at setting everything up and building for the ending, so both sides had their merits in my eyes.

Though, with all these stories predicting or rather writing off the world end because of global warming, I wonder how the future is going to turn out like really. I’d laugh if the world really gets thrown into chaos by global warming.

Alright, though I feel I’m a little late to the party, It’s time to delve into the releases for this month (or rather last month). First up the line is Gurenka, let’s see how this goes.


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