Dolphin Divers – Impressions

Hagure Yuusha is fairly entertaining and I hope it follows the path of where Kaze no Stigma went. Pretty rare to see animes like such so it’s refreshing in its own way. The SAO anime, I’m not exactly interested in but the first episode actually set things up fairly well so I might keep up with it depending on how I feel. The true meat of the anime season would have to Horizon with little doubt though. As noted before, I have a sweet spot for extensive world building and Horizon falls straight in the center of it. The first episode of the second season greatly surpasses my expectations as well. Which further depresses me when thinking that we will likely never see the full series animated and thus no proper conclusion. How unfortunate, how very unfortunate (for me at least). Finally Jinrui wa Suita Shimashita ended up being a surprising hit as well. Wasn’t really paying attention to it until I saw people talking about it. I tried it myself and I’m quite glad I did. By the looks of I won’t be bored in this anime season though I with such a great line up of things to watch, I’ll be fairly sad when everything ends— now what were we talking about?

Oh right this isn’t an anime post but a VN post.

Let’s see… Dolphin Divers really does meet up to the expectation bar. I don’t know if it’s because AXL tends to reuse character archetypes or something. There tends to be at least one or two characters that I like in AXL stories. The story and setting tends to be done in a sort of, not bad enough to rant about yet not good enough to heavily praise way. Perhaps that description is wrong though, overall most of the stories could be said to be slightly above average considering what some stories are like. Overall they are enjoyable in their own way which is why I keep reading their new VNs.

I guess it’s somewhat comforting that the quality of their releases don’t really change much, unlike other certain companies where reading their new games are more or less a gamble. It could turn out to be a masterpiece yet simultaneously it could be a series that I decide to throw into the trash bin within minutes of reading it.

In this particular AXL game, it turns out instead of the usual fare we’re in a setting where the protagonist and the heroines basically want to become lifeguards in a world where humanity has began expanding civilization towards the sea. Though that may be a little off the mark as the training seems closer to marine training, anyway it’s taking a slightly different path from most of their games. Though the fundamental bit of guarding people doesn’t seem to change That seems to follow AXL throughout most if not all of their games.

Though the idea of lifeguarding doesn’t quite interest me much, being an AXL game it is still fairly pleasant to read through in its own way.

In other news my VN reading speeds are still sluggish as my time is getting split in all directions. Hopefully I can restore things by the end of the month.


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