Sidetracking, Dolphin Divers, Joker

Currently level cap has been raised therefore I’m back to grindan. That said while I did slow down on reading VNs, I continued pushing through anyway. Simultaneously I’ve become fairly busy with other things causing my already small amounts of time to become even smaller. Blogging was more or less pushed out of my schedule for that reason but after finishing Joker I decided that I need to, or no, I’m obligated to write something about it.

First the less significant things aside, Dolphin divers was relatively normal, average story and I have no qualms about it whatsoever. Fairly pleasant read as expected.

Then I started Joker.

Oh man that was a story full of suffering from the start to the end with every potential “heroine” introduced just to let it walk into a tragic end with suffering and more importantly, NTR every single time.

See, for things like these (at least for me) once it happens a little too many times, you become numb to things. When another NTR happens all it makes you think is “ah it’s happening again”, that itself lacks much impact. No I’m not here to write about how terrible and bad NTR is, or rather I frankly don’t even care. By the end of the story they bought up how one of the very first victims met their death which our protagonist desperately tried to forget. My actual reaction to this shocking revelation was: “… who was that again?”

Now, by this point Joker has built up a fair amount of suspense, exactly who is the “Joker” behind the entire death game, how will they survive? How many more NTR scenes will I get to see? Will this story cause me to become even more twisted than before?

Then we skip right to the end

You know like, they never actually stated they died, in order to keep hopes up they made things vague, perhaps they’re still alive.

The thing is, usually you’d presume them to be dead because well… aside from becoming a toy, for what bloody reason are you even keeping them alive?

If you don’t see where I’m going yet, let’s be blunt: half of the ever so tragic characters who got raped were happily found in a jail underground waiting to be rescued.

Yes, after all that build up, they actually try to pull a “hey actually, not everyone died!”.

And then what made things all the worse? A bit before the finale they decided to murder the two particular characters I found to be the more likeable people amongst the cast. The finale is telling me that the story writers decided to make them one of the few actual deaths which mattered to the story (we’re excluding anonymous faceless deaths that probably no one cares about).

That was painful, that was very painful to know. It’s one thing for characters to die in a tragic story with tragic deaths, it’s another for the characters you liked to be one of the only ones who get the short end of the stick.

If we set aside my personal feelings of being betrayed by the story however, I suppose you could say it was a fairly fun ride… sort of.

The ending ruined things for me really, as soon as they revealed that half of the characters were still happily hanging out in the jail and for some reason mentally fine because, heck if I know, I somewhat gave up on the story. Not that I’m some sadist who wants to watch characters to suffer but come on, they basically built everything up just to throw it out of the window at the end.

I’ll admit that there’s some bias here just because of the characters I didn’t want dying ended up being one of the few that actually did though.

Overall, the story is extremely NTR heavy and not recommended for those who can’t handle that kind of stuff and in reverse, perhaps recommended for those who do like that kind of stuff. For me while I was surprised at the first one or two rounds, after rinse and repeating it some… 6, 7 times over? It does get predictable so I stopped caring after a while. It more or less ended up consisting of me watching in anticipation what sort of horrible endings awaited them this time. Especially considering there was even a yandere mixed in there.

But the last two pairs were out. No, they shouldn’t have died and more importantly they shouldn’t have become one of the few victims of the story I mean god da—

Ahem in any case, personal vendetta aside, it seems my choice for a dark and gloomy story was a correct one. That said, as with every other story of this type, one is sufficient for a while. Therefore I’m off to a more light-hearted story— Futsuno Fantasy is up next. Hope it won’t disappoint after what happened to it with copyrights.


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