Futsuno Fantasy, Namima no Kuni no Faust

… Welp, ended up getting sick amidst everything. Not exactly well yet but I’m feeling somewhat better at the moment so let’s catch up on what I’ve been doing before I got sick.

I’ve finished both Futsuno Fantasy and Namima no Kuno no Faust, both were fairly decent VNs, though I don’t think they’ll be all that memorable in the long run. Have yet to start a single VN this month, mostly because of getting ill.

First off let’s talk about Futsuno Fantasy. The story revolves around our protagonist who is a demon lord within a classic RPG. Hearing of his fate to be slaughtered by the chosen heroes, he decided to fight against his fate and thus set out on a journey to find and kill the heroes.

Only to be confused by the world surrounding him as it is the first time he actually left the castle.

Why does the hero talk to every single person in the town before setting out?

Why do the “people” in the town only speak the same things over and over?

What is with that strange combat interface which shows up whenever a battle begins?

How does a slime carry a chest bigger than itself?

Or before that, how does the hero carry around hundreds of potions and weapons inside a small bag?

Why does the hero party have to walk in a beeline when adventuring?

Like such, we warmly watch on as our protagonist discovers more and more oddities of the world he is in.

Overall it was entertaining despite supposedly losing all of its FF references due to Square Enix. The downfall was that routes are practically non-existent and it never did go any further than being a comedy. It’s said that the demon lord is from the “outside” world but it never elaborates further than that as far as I know, so in the end it was just a bit above average in my eyes.

Who knew that the game came with the sequel packed with it

After finishing Futsuno Fantasy I went on to read the last VN on my list for the month, Namima no Kuni no Faust.

For the record, yes this is our protagonist

In this story our protagonist is an investor who has returned to his home town after 3 years of being abroad. He reunites with his various childhood friends, some still as allies and some now as foes.

It sounded like it may throw in a lot of economic babble but in the end I found it to be relatively tame in that area. Not that it didn’t exist at all. Though to be honest if looking at other stories in the genre (not like there are many though) I found World End Economica and the likes to be more fun to read… ignoring the ending which I don’t want to recall. Speaking of which I wonder when part two will come out…

Ahem, regardless of that, it was quite a good story from the start to the end. Beginning from the philosophy of money is everything and then watching as the protagonist and the characters gradually change their views ever so slightly as the story progresses. The story is notably linear with no choices to be had. Though it’s split into chapters that are normally centric on one heroine.

Hscenes for the other heroines still exist in the form of recollections after finishing their chapter but otherwise they get little romantic developments during the story.

Next up I plan to try 時計仕掛けのレイライン, probably once I’m no longer coughing my internal organs out on a daily basis.


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