東京バベル – Raziel route

First route down, about two to go I guess.

Before I start I’ll mention something that I left out in impressions. Which is that every character has their own raison d’etre. Depending on their raison d’etre, they obtain various abilities to warp the world basically. And because of how powerful raison d’etres can be, even the strongest characters may be able to be defeated using it.

With that aside, let’s start.

I don’t quite plan to go into details but to sum up what we learned in Raziel route it would be that, as expected, going to heaven isn’t quite a solution after all.

First a bit about Setsuna’s past. Setsuna is an artificial human. Which didn’t come as much of a surprise when you consider his actions so far. In his world he was basically made to be a false god. In order to create something to surpass god itself with the power of science and hopefully give hope to the world. Originally after being born he was meant to take 3 years to gradually learn things related to the world and the likes before appearing publicly. However the higher ups decided to push ahead things to just one year after Setsuna was born.

Setsuna comments that if things went to plan and he had 3 years, perhaps he would have the resolve to become a god, but that did not happen. In face of shouldering the beliefs of the entire world, he crumbled to the pressure and shouted in front of the crowd that he is not a god, he is just a human! And then running away from the scene.

His remarks would however be the spark of chaos in the world. After raising the expectations of the people, he dropped them which only caused for further despair. To put things simply, the 10 billion population of the world died despairing and Setsuna is the indirect cause to the deaths. Well if you assume their cause of death to be “despair” then Setsuna is the murderer himself as he calls himself so.

After the last person in the world died, Setsuna decided to just rot somewhere until he ceased to function. That was when Lilith appeared and invited him.

Speaking of ceasing to function, Setsuna does not have long to live. He was designed as an artificial human that sacrifices his lifetime to a mere 4 years in exchange for power. The original plan is that when his body is about to die, they will transfer his memories and whatnot into the next artificial body and keep him alive like such. However with the world ended and all, that is no longer possible. As a result, in a few years if not shorter depending on how much power he uses, he will inevitably die. If you ask me this basically puts a stamp on the story saying that it will never end (completely) happily, even if Setsuna himself dies happy.

Well I would hope for something to happen so that Setsuna can live longer but we can only wait and see. I wouldn’t put much expectations into it though, it’s just the part of me who wants a happy end shouting in a corner.

Returning to present time, Setsuna needs to find his raison d’etre if he wants to stand a chance against strong enemies and he eventually does find it in his battle against Uriel. Before Uriel dies, he teaches him that they shouldn’t desire to go to heaven, the reason everyone broke seems to have relation to that, the stronger the desire the worse it will be, and we will soon find out why.

It is also revealed that the current leader of the leaders— Astaroth doesn’t quite hold the same objective as the rest of Pandora and because of that, he falls under suspicion of plotting something. By the time the main characters get to it however, it’s already too late as the plot already ended.

Going through this and that, Setsuna and his merry friends hike up to seventh floor where they discover Raphael and Gabriel, already dead.

Adam and Eve is apparently ahead of them already so they decide to move on. Upon opening heaven’s gate they were greeted by the beautiful scenery of heaven.

… well, there may be some skewered corpses, blood all over the place and angels crazily murdering each other while having fun but that’s perfectly normal in heaven right?

Raziel eventually recovers her book and learns of what happened to the world. Essentially Raziel was the “cause” of the entire thing. At the very least she was the spark that began it all. Put simply, she taught the angels of the concept of “eternity”. Angels and demons, essentially even if they die, their souls still exist so they can just be reborn. Therefore they are basically eternal beings. However by teaching them the concept of eternity, they realize that they will basically spend an eternity just watching over the parallel worlds. Unlike humans who live and die, the angels simply watch over the world and that’s all.

Unable to escape from the system either, it is the concept of an eternal prison. Because of that, the angels broke and everything went to hell from there. However then there’s one doubt: for what reason did Raziel teach the angels the concept of eternity? Or to begin with, who taught her it?

Needless to say this traced back to God. That is to say, God itself broke and went mad. Raziel was taught the concept of eternity by God and in turn winded up teaching it to the other angels before discarding her book and sealing her memories. Therefore it’s god killing time.

As for what happened to Adam and Eve… well… Eve received a tearful death as shown while Adam joined the pile of corpses behind the throne of God.

They fought against god, this and that happened before they finally defeated it and everything is solved.

I omitted a fair bit of details but generally that’s the truth revealed in this route. Although it leaves me wondering what else is there to reveal seeing as we already know the cause behind the entire incident. Or do we?

Setsuna met his death some months after everything ended, he died with Raziel by his side.

Meanwhile on the bad end side..

Basically Setsuna died and Raziel broke. Raziel constructed a world similar to what the angel did at the beginning of the story. An eternal world where she can be with Setsuna forever, or at least that’s what it seems like.

I find this end kind of funny because… In the good end we had hand holding and something similar but not quite equivalent to a love confession before Setsuna died.

But in the bad end before opening the heaven’s gate they already confessed to each other. And they even went to the point of kissing. They actually had more romantic developments in the bad end for some reason.

Had this been 18+ I imagine that the bad end would also be filled with more hscenes as well. Speaking of which I still have mixed feelings about that. In stories like Evolimit the hscene placement was incredibly awkward, at least to me. I don’t usually complain about there being hscenes but in Evolimit it honestly made me question why they even put the hscene there, felt pretty out of place most of the time. Now that Propeller produced an all ages game, it feels like something is missing from the development instead.

Anyway, so far so good, I’ll be pretty happy as long as the truth doesn’t stop at this point. If this is everything to the back story then it would be disappointing.


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