東京バベル – Sorami route

While I was expecting Sorami to come up as the last route considering how fitting it appeared to be, with Sorami more or less rivaling Eve and making Setsuna parallel better with Adam, well that wasn’t the case and that became of little relevance as I continued reading because let’s start with the conclusion:

Cheers for happy ends!

I was expecting to go through the entire story with bittersweet endings therefore this came as a very pleasant surprise.

… Even if it was a bit of a cheap solution.

Feels like many things happened so I’m not quite sure where to start but okay let’s see. For time being in the more peaceful side of the story, it’s revealed how Pandora obtains its supplies. It’s something that if I remember right was called Aqua Vit. To make it comprehensible, just think of it as a mass of magical energy that can magically form almost any material you wish. The main exception is living things, but if you inject something akin to life force you can also create living beings.

… This somehow sounds incredibly amazing yet is being used for something incredibly… normal. Though they lightly created a living ostrich from it and continued on to have ostrich meat for dinner (mind you, separate from the ostrich who became Sorami’s pet).

Well anyway, as expected from Raziel route, every route is apparently unique and there is little common route to speak of (basically limited to introduction). In this route, events played out somewhat differently. The second floor of Tokyo Babel had a different enemy which tied into what came up later. Setsuna did not fight Uriel because he was killed by a certain enemy. As a result he did not obtain his raison d’etre there.

In addition, when they got to the point of Raziel announcing the truth with Geteru’s (?) eyes, suddenly they were attacked by that certain mysterious enemy and everything was made as if it didn’t happen. Or put simply, Setsuna and Sorami vanished from the scene while Lilith, Raziel, Adam and Eve magically forgot their existences.

They appeared at a strange place with nothing there, a certain man appears and basically announces his wonderful obsession for the future. He says that Setsuna is an existence of the past and thus unnecessary so he quickly disposes of him, though for some strange reason he finishes him off by throwing him out of the clouds to fall all the way down. He manages to live however and then winds up receiving help from Leviathan.

On the other hand with Sorami, her existence is revealed. Just like Setsuna, she is also an “artificial human”. Her lifetime is more or less the same as him, just one year. That is why she has no memories of the past, since she has no past at all. The mysterious enemy said that her official name is “Mirai” which translates to “future”, she is an existence of the “future” and is also the “future” Eve. Which basically makes her something like Eve v2.0.

On one hand convinced that Setsuna might be dead, on the other hand having her shocking past… or non-existent past revealed to her, she… wasn’t very happy to say the least.

Returning to Setsuna…

God’s messenger….what was her name? Arrived to finish Setsuna off, he was thoroughly cornered but on a mere whim, she decided to let him off and even kindly offer him some advice.

Leviathan helped Setsuna get back to Tokyo babel where he returned to find Pandora in chaos. It was announced that Raziel is the cause of all disasters and they want to prosecute her. Lilith naturally rejected and well… there’s a lot of chaos. Setsuna meets Lilith but she doesn’t recognize him. So for time being Setsuna runs to the library and talks to Dantalion. During the conversation Raziel appears as she was apparently hiding in the library. Though Raziel doesn’t remember Setsuna or Sorami either, once the topic of Raziel’s book came up she immediately bit the bait.

Well with this and that and the help of Dantalion they escape Pandora aiming to find Raziel’s book. The reason they need Raziel’s book is that certain enemy had apparently “erased his existence” from the memories of everyone. Even if there are records of him, even if people know him, they will be unable to “recognize” him. The only place where his power did not reach is Raziel’s book. That is the advice Setsuna received from the messenger, along with the fact that the book is at floor 6.

Meanwhile at the same time, the certain enemy appeared before Astaroth with the intentions to kill him.

Adam and Eve are apparently already on the pilgrimage so Raziel and Setsuna try to catch up, on the way they find a gravely injured snake who tempted Adam and Eve, whatshername, it’s revealed that she remembers Setsuna but she shortly dies before she could say anything of importance. Raziel investigated and it turns out that she’s not exactly the real snake, she’s basically an artificially made one and that’s likely why memory modifications didn’t reach her.

They were interrupted with the appearance of Astaroth. I have frankly no idea why he is there but anyway, Astaroth is obviously heavily injured and it doesn’t really need to be asked who did it. He ends up fighting with Setsuna during which he discovers his raison d’etre and manages to defeat him. I’m not sure if that was the very reason he appeared before them or not but eh. They move on after Astaroth died and catch up to Adam and Eve at the fifth floor.

Adam and Eve don’t remember Setsuna either so at first encounter Adam wanted to attack Setsuna but thankfully Raziel arrived in time to clear up the situation. They move on and arrive at the 6th floor, where Raziel’s book should be at. A different ruler appeared again this time, holding the book forcing them to have to defeat the ruler in order to continue.

The messenger also appeared informing that after they retrieve the book, she will deliver a message from Sorami to Setsuna.

With the not-very-collaborative efforts of Setsuna and Adam, they manage to defeat the enemy and retrieve the book. Setsuna goes to the messenger and rather than a message, it allowed the two to have a conversation for a while. There Setsuna revealed about how he’s the same as Sorami and comforts her that she needs to find her raison d’etre by herself and not with the help of anyone else. He also declares that he will definitely come to rescue her, giving hope to Sorami once again.

Returning to Raziel and the others, Raziel uses her book to retrieve the names of all of the important angels, even though they don’t remember his existence he should be one of the high ranking ones.

There the name of their enemy is revealed— Metatron.

A “small god” who is the closest being to god itself. Yet ironically gets isolated by other angels because he was originally a human, someone who hits somewhere around the grand child of Adam.

Well throwing religious stuff aside, he’s basically a really bad enemy. Not quite a surprise why he could easily defeat Uriel and Astaroth.

Even so Setsuna decides to continue fighting on. He refuses to just sit and accept that Metatron wants the world to end, therefore they continue climbing.

On the seventh floor it’s the usual fare, Gabriel and Raphael. After that they arrive at heaven— only to find it to have been completely overwritten. Nothing resembling the old heaven exists anymore.

There are various questions but for time being Raziel wants to find god because… well.. you know, their worshiped god couldn’t have possibly been overwritten right? Probably.

Raziel’s book, recording everything in the world, only records the “truth”. Used in reverse, it also means that it can overwrite reality itself as “only the truth can be recorded in the book”. This sort of has the doubt of why isn’t it used more and did they actually just create god rather than finding him? But well small matters aside, they discovered god and his real existence. Small explanation before moving on: god is originally something you’re unable to see and is well in a different dimension entirely. The angels and whatnot can only “feel” its existence and hear its whispers. In Raziel route where they went on to go beat god up, they managed to make it appear in the same place by the use of Raziel’s book. So even if inadvertently, they basically took the same steps as Raziel route.

Moving on, god is indeed fairly robotic. This was already known in Raziel route though I omitted that detail. I’m actually more surprised no one noticed earlier. The voice is nowhere near human and what it does is even more so. I mean, it blatantly went on about REBOOTING, REBOOTING, WARNING, DAMAGED FILES DETECTED, ERROR DISCOVERED! Before proceeding to recognize Setsuna and his merry group as “bugs” to physically erase. This actually makes Setsuna’s raison d’etre chant about the world being made of cogwheels actually true in some level, which is amusing. I should also explain before it’s too late but, Setsuna’s raison d’etre rejects the belief in god and fights against the worlds unjustness. Ability-wise it translates to the ability of constructing the necessary items/weapons/shields and the like to defeat the enemy before him. Under the condition of understanding his enemies raison d’etre and also that his enemy is stronger than him.

It’s a pretty scary ability once activated since well, he can basically construct the best possible weapon to go against an enemy. Legendary weapons, mythological weapons, godly weapons, or hell in Raziel route he bloody constructed a three headed giant robot to fight against Ouroboros, what isn’t possible?

Returning to the story now, Adam and Setsuna fight against god, making full use of their raison d’etres… which I’ll note, Adam’s raison d’etre “blessing” honestly looked and felt like throwing all of the legendary weapons he has at the enemy. Reminds me of a certain other character but let’s not get there.

Just as victory was nearing, a pillar of fire appeared obliterating god. The person who did it is none other than Metatron.

Well… basically Metatron intends to create a world from scratch, hence the existence of Eve v2.0 (Sorami) and the overwriting of heaven. The reason is quite simple, although his life is suffering being basically despised by all the angels despite standing at the seat nearest to god, he still had his faith in god. It lasted until Geteru came crying to him for help, as Geteru with her eyes that see the truth saw the true appearance of god and its existence. Unsure what to believe anymore, she went to Metatron. Through the eyes of Geteru, Metatron also saw the appearance of god and thus he despaired. In a nutshell, he spent his entire life serving a piece of junk, who wouldn’t be pissed? So he sweared that he’d kill god and… well Tokyo babel happened, serving as a perfect chance for him to do just that.

That aside, he states that there’s no reason for him and Adam to fight. After all Adam can also be counted as an existence of the “future”, being created by the angels and all. The same can’t be said for the other three however.

Adam rejected and attacked Metatron, being basically pissed off by the fact that he said Eve wasn’t necessary. However Metatron noted that while all of the angels forgot his existence, he was always in Pandora and he was one of the creators of Adam as well. Not coming as much of a surprise seeing as Sorami was created by him as well.

Naturally, being his creator, there are various safety measures placed on Adam, more simply stated: he can’t harm Metatron.

With Adam out of the picture, he promptly manages to trap Eve and Raziel leaving only Setsuna to fight against Metatron.

They fight and fight and fight, because of Setsuna’s wonderful raison d’etre and the self sacrifice of Adam (let’s note here, he’s still alive, just wounded since he took a blow for him) he manages to defeat Metatron.

Metatron’s life was suffering indeed, although his belief was correct, he wanted to overthrow god and create a world where no one needed to feel sad and everyone could be happy, his inferiority complex and things like that basically made him take the wrong path in methodology. He is defeated by Setsuna and thus dies after realizing where he went wrong. Fundamentally Metatron was actually a pretty good guy. Anyone would want to go and kill that stupid god when knowing the truth, really. All that happened is that Metatron took the wrong method in order to achieve his goals.

And so happily ever after.

No, not yet.

After Metatron died, the messenger basically gave up since there’s no way she could take on Adam, Setsuna, Raziel at once. But before that, she revealed Eve’s little secret. She has a cute little wish, a cute little wish called world destruction. That little wish led to the disaster they see, in other words the true criminal is Eve! To add to the shock factor, Setsuna and Adam aren’t just similar, they are fundamentally the same in a sense. Adam’s blueprints were basically constructed based on Setsuna. Though that might be a little hard to wrap your head around as Setsuna only arrived after. Basically the only difference between Setsuna and Adam is that Adam actually has a heart implanted into his body. Of course originally they were supposed to make a body from scratch, but that was basically thrown out of the window.

Eve, still smiling, decides to reveal the truth. Eve, who was created by Adam’s rib (original Adam, that is) was apparently treated as little more than a meat doll for Adam was wholly devoted to god. After Adam died of old age as he didn’t have the immortality Eve did, Eve began to despair over eternity. In a nutshell, the long life is suffering. After a while, she began to wish the world to be destroyed. That said, she’s not geared towards battle for obvious reasons so going around and conquering the world is… a little impossible.

She wandered and wandered and wandered before eventually coming by Raziel’s book. With hopes that she could find a hint towards her ambition in the book, she read it and eventually came up with an idea. That is to basically teach angels the concept of eternity since angels have a different concept of it. It was her small revenge for the world.

But unexpectedly it was very effective. The angels who were taught it easily broke and eventually, even god broke disappointingly easily. Through that, she induced Raziel to teach others of the concept and… everything went to hell.

The only miscalculation was the existence of Tokyo babel and unexpected factor is the “chorus” which causes people to break and gets worse the closer you get to heaven. The chorus of course made her plan progress much easier.

With a somewhat comedic twist of fate, Eve who arrived at Tokyo babel was placed in charge of the finishing touches of Adam by the unaware angels. There she decided to basically make Adam into her meat doll as a form of revenge. As a proof of this, if Eve orders it Adam will obey. Well everything is over at this point so Eve ordered Adam to kill her— but much to her surprise he refused the order. A touching scene of which Adam accepts Eve regardless of what she did and for that sake…

He steps up to fight against Setsuna.

Well they originally hated each others guts so there’s little resistance to fighting. Adam’s raison d’etre is Eve, to live for Eve’s sake and fight for Eve’s sake. Setsuna’s raison d’etre is not the same, it’s to reject god and fight against the unjust in the world. They may have originated from the same point however they took different paths. Adam created a blade out of his heart, bearing the risk of if the weapon shatters— he’ll die. Setsuna’s raison d’etre amusingly generated the same weapon but in a different color which is basically telling them to fight with their beliefs. The one whose beliefs are stronger will come out as the victor.

Cutting at each other and punching, kicking each other, they fight evenly but eventually Adam’s blade cracked, more accurately his beliefs cracked. Because he was holding a contradiction. While Eve wished for destruction, all Adam hoped for was a peaceful life. To answer that he basically washed everything away with love towards Eve but that small contradiction in his beliefs, ultimately led to his loss.

A touching final scene where Eve stabbed herself with Adam’s weapon and then they died together like a married couple.

Now everything is over… Or not.

Lilith and the others arrive at this point. Lilith basically informs Setsuna and Sorami that it’s time for Sorami to say farewell. Because Sorami is an existence of the “future”, now that everything is more or less beautifully solved, the world will basically try to rebound to the state it should be— In other words Sorami will return to the future. Setsuna is given the choice to follow Sorami and since it’s the true ending, of course I went for it.

They bid farewell to the surviving members of Pandora, Lilith, Raziel etc and pass through the door to the future. Before leaving though, Lilith informed Setsuna of two things. One is that his battle isn’t over yet, though concrete details weren’t given. Second is to not give up.

Arriving at the future he was… “born”.

He was born as a baby and as a price of going to the future of where he originally shouldn’t exist in, he lost all his special abilities, powers and whatnot. He was born as a normal human baby with parents while retaining his memories of Tokyo babel.

To make things worse however, he had a sickly body. Through 17 years he suffered as his body deteriorated to the point of being unable to walk, with little expectations to live much longer. In addition he obviously hasn’t met Sorami yet in his current state since it’s not like they were born in the same family. Just as he felt like giving up, he dreams of Adam and also recalls Lilith’s advice before parting. Yes indeed, his final battle was with none other than himself. There he steels his resolve again, takes multiple surgeries and then goes through intense rehabilitation to get a full recovery. Finally with a small piece of paper he received from somewhere, he went to meet Sorami.

On Sorami’s side, because she had Geteru’s eyes, she was born as a blind baby. Unable to see anything and similarly had a fairly suffering life since she hasn’t met Setsuna and wouldn’t know where to start in her current state. After recalling a certain event, she similarly gets filled with hope again and eventually through a surgery, her eyesight returns.

Moments after she took off her bandages, a certain person knocked on the door to the hospital room, well I don’t think I need to say who it is.

This time, this time it’s a happily ever after end.

Well that was an incredibly entertaining route. Indeed, there was truth behind the truth and we aren’t even at the final route yet. I’m a tad bit worried about whether or not the third route can pass the expectation bar the second route set but at this point, who the hell cares, I’m already sufficiently satisfied even if the story ended here. Cheers for unexpectedly happy ends.

I honestly had no idea how they’d solve Setsuna’s life limit problem, didn’t even imagine they would solve it in this way. Though it feels a bit convenient, well since it’s happy I don’t give a damn.

On another note, in the first route Setsuna defeated god, in the second route he defeats the person who pretty much surpassed god and also defeated his rival. I’m quite curious how high the power levels are going to sky rocket in the next route.

There is still a normal/bad end but I’m not sure if I’ll finish it. I did Raziel’s bad end but for Sorami it feels like I would be better off just leaving things as it is and move to Lilith route, and I probably will.

Anyway I’m happy, only one route remains, though it feels sad in its own way that things are coming to an end I’m also looking forward to how things will be wrapped up.


2 thoughts on “東京バベル – Sorami route

  1. Well if you complete these two first routes in the other way around (first Sorami then Raziel), as nothing prevents you to do that (and well I found Raziel’s personality uninteresting to do as my first route), then Raziel’s route is kinda sucky IMO. On my last route now so I shall read your last post after, but I felt the urge to comment here.

    • Yep, Raziel’s route pales in comparison to Sorami along with her character as well. I reckon it was probably intended for you to go through Raziel’s route first but they didn’t lock you into doing so as you said. I guess it was simply lucky for me to decide to enter Raziel’s route first so I didn’t wind up being disappointed later.

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