東京バベル – Thoughts

My feelings can be perfectly summed up in one word: depressed.

Of course not because it was disappointing but because by the end of it all, I realized that it finally ended.

Well fight poison with poison, it appears I’ll have to go wash off these feelings of melancholy with the next VN.

It was pretty much awesome. Tokyo Babel took my relatively large expectations of it and surpassed them. It embodied most of the elements I enjoy in a chuuni, be it the way they wrapped things up or the power levels breaking the roof. Well to be fair in Evolimit they went off to fight in space throwing around stupidly strong attacks at each other (making the rest of the battles pale in comparison), they didn’t go and sky rocket power levels as much as that in the end but… I would probably call Tokyo babel even worse since Setsuna can basically go around defeating anything in existence and to begin with the story set the bar pretty damned high with Setsuna defeating “god” on the first route.

The story itself was basically based on a triple layered secret. With every route, one layer of the secret is revealed. But behind that back, there’s yet another back. First we pointed at Raziel as the cause but god as the person who influenced Raziel. Then we find out that Eve was the one who broke god and thus causing the entire situation. But things don’t stop there, it turns out that Tiamat was the one whispering to people and causing the entire situation to happen. Meaning Eve was probably induced by Tiamat, who then caused god to break and then god made Raziel spread the concept of eternity far and wide. Meanwhile everyone points fingers at Raziel thinking she was the culprit. Did I mention that the route is based around the fact that Lilith ended up fusing with Tiamat therefore splendidly becoming the last boss of the story?

This is pretty ridiculous but hey, who cares at this point. We’re at the scale of god slaying, what’s a mere triple layered secret in comparison? On the note of god slaying, they finally went out and flat out stated that god is basically just a computer. As Lilith(Tiamat?) mocked Metatron’s ideals as someone who refuses to use a computer and instead tries to calculate things the good old way because it’s more earnest that way. God was basically something formed by the beliefs of humanity, as much as it may not make much sense since technically god is meant to be the person who created the world. It’s notable that in the story, Tiamat notes that she did not get killed by Marduk, she was killed by the god humans created. Therefore her raison d’etre is “fear”, the fear of humanity. She won’t be satisfied until every last human is killed.

Essentially it was a last boss that wasn’t quite a last boss, being fused with the heroine and all. If she was being manipulated it would still be nice, but that wasn’t quite the case either.

And yet amidst all of these ridiculous happenings, they still somehow manage to pull some fourth wall breaking comedy. I paused for a minute when the snake appeared and spoke to the reader about the upcoming Lilith route and then proceeded to steal the spotlight in the story despite it being Lilith’s route. As a matter of fact I want a route for her now. Too bad there’s little odds to see any fandisk of sort. Even more so as this is all ages and wraps up the story pretty well already.

Also Cerberus is cute.

At the end of it all though, Setsuna confronted Lilith(Tiamat) after everyone escaped the world into the “future” with Sorami’s power. Making Setsuna the last remaining human in the world. He managed to separate Lilith from Tiamat, but the world is soon to end and they can’t quite just follow the rest to the future since the door is long gone. The other Lilith’s appeared and with the combined efforts of Setsuna, they managed to make a door to the future. The rest plays out relatively similarly to Sorami’s route so it’s ultimately a happy ending. Though the other Lilith’s weren’t saved.

Looking back, there were a lot of artificial beings fighting. Adam can basically be considered to be a “sibling” to Setsuna as they’re both almost made the same way. Sorami is an artificial human made by Metatron, Lilith is only an illusion of the main body which has her own consciousness and “physical” body.

The analogy taken for Lilith is that the main body is like a “server” which receives information from the illusion Lilith and records it. But these are records and not memories, meaning there’s no reality that the events actually happened, it’s pretty much just like opening a book and reading from it. Because of that, occasionally the personality of Lilith’s differ greatly from the main body. At which, the main body usually sends someone to assassinate the illusion.

The snake which tricked Adam and Eve, named Samael(?) or so in this story was also artificial as the real person was already killed by Astaroth before the start of the story. Of course she’s meant to be immortal, even if she’s killed she’d immediately revive. But after Tokyo babel happened, some people who were meant to be immortal were no longer so. Similarly for that reason, she was simply killed after a fierce battle and did not revive. The one we see is basically an artificially created body with her soul stuffed into it at the price of chipping off her memories bit by bit, hence shes been feeling forgetful as of late. Before the end of the story, to save Setsuna she fused her soul with him, so that they pretty literally became one.

On another point though, it’s probably notable that this final route is vastly different from the previous two routes. The previous two routes focused on the completion of the pilgrimage and obstruction of the antagonists that wait for them beyond the gates of heaven. In this story however, they took a different direction as Setsuna gave up on the pilgrimage, leaving it to Raziel and Sorami as he heads to hell in order to figure out the what Lilith(illusion) is doing. As a result, Cerberus and Samael play a much bigger role in aiding Setsuna. While Raziel, Sorami and the others had to deal with hardships in their own ways. With Astaroth trying to capture Sorami, Eve going along with the plan to destroy everything and ordering Adam to destroy the world, Uriel making another appearance as broken as ever. Essentially every character had his/her chance to shine in the story except for Metatron who died at the start by Lilith(Tiamat) and god who was killed off screen.

I also found it relatively strange how they suddenly started tilting the screen angle, doesn’t really matter that much but I don’t remember seeing it ever happening in the previous two routes so it made the style of the third route somewhat different in that sense as well.

Well essentially the story pressed all of the right buttons for me and as with any other incredibly entertaining story, there’s a feeling of emptiness once the credit roll finishes and you return to the title screen. It will likely be a long while before another story that entertains me as much will appear, hence I’m depressed. Oh well things like this can’t be helped. Next up is 中の人などいない!


3 thoughts on “東京バベル – Thoughts

  1. Thanks for the review. While this isn’t the type of game that I would play nor like (too chuuni for my tastes), it’s interesting to read a review by someone that does. And you’re right: Cerberus IS cute!

  2. This is a Samael route for the first half, and so much better than the rest of the game during those times. Final route definitely was better than anything in the first two. The fights were rather badass, Ceru-chan and Samuel were awesome, and I definitely liked Lilith the most out of the heroines (though she was nowhere as good as Samael though).

    I thought the game was on Evolimit’s level for the most part, which is pretty good, but I was hoping it might end up as good as Ayakashibito. Sadly only the aforementioned part gave me that thrill.

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