SINCLIENT – Impressions

To be honest I ignored the trial and picked it up hardly even knowing anything past what the cover looks like.

That’s probably a good thing… well it makes me prone to stepping onto landmines however but anyway. We’re off to a fairly nice start of September releases.

This is usually the type of story I would properly cover but it’s honestly somewhat… confusing. The protagonist Tooru starts up amnesic and then we promptly get thrown into a situation where we have no clue what on earth is happening.

Tooru wakes up in an ambulance. He realizes that he has no memories, namely memories of his personal information. He still remembers all of his knowledge, it’s just that any information related to his personal life is unknown to him. In other words, the standard plot convenience amnesia which conveniently just about never covers things that would cause trouble in daily life.

That’s still fine. Moments after waking up in the ambulance, suddenly the ambulance crashes. Well shit that’s some bad luck. We move on and the door opens up, people in sun glasses and black suit (read: generic baddies) appear and proceed to kill the doctor and whoever else was in the ambulance for that matter. They go to capture Tooru but he awakens to secret powers that allow him to kill them all with ease easily takes care of them by defeating the first person unarmed, robbing him of his gun and proceeding to shoot them all to death. Reinforcements came along in a car but Tooru proceeded to make it crash into the ambulance and go up in flames. All while still being amnesic.

That was smooth and felt pretty nice actually.

Nevertheless his troubles do not end there. Escaping a life endangering crisis is nice and all but first of all, he has no idea why he’s targeted nor does he have any idea who he is. While strolling around he discovers a cute girl boy surrounded by generic delinquents who clearly only want to treat him to a coffee. Being the amnesic hero of justice, Tooru steps in and promptly defeats a dozen or so of them and saves the boy… and since he was troubled with no money, he borrowed 10,000 yen from him promising that he’ll definitely return it.

… Later he realized that he forgot to introduce himself as well as ask his name.

With money on hand, he gets some clothes and new batteries for his then-dead phone in hopes for some clues. He also picked up a knife for self defense. Looking around his phone, he found nothing of interest outside of names and numbers of a certain 7 people as well as a hotel name which the key in his pocket possibly relates to.

Arriving at the hotel, he opens the room and finds…

… Well there’s no need for explanations I guess. Let’s just say that at this point suspicions are up in the air. Why does he have the key to the room of someone who was freshly murdered?

Continuing on, he manages to trace his steps to the dorms where he finds someone in her room and promptly holds her at gunpoint, questioning if she is also one of his “enemies”.

This and that happened and he ends up trusting the girl in his room. Apparently he was in the school as a perfectly normal student and this girl in question is… supposedly his girlfriend of which he already robbed the virginity of.

Of course she has no idea that he was actually an assassin not a normal student. Nor does she know that his room had 7 wiretaps and weapons hidden all over the place. For time being while he trusted the girl, Mina, the rest of the dorm members are still suspicious as there’s a high possibility of them being the culprits that set the wiretaps.

From here on everything went to hell as they went on and constantly introduced characters left and right, the perfectly-normal-dorm-members-who-are-actually-spies-observing-Tooru, new organizations, CIA, snitches, BABEL, ADAM, a prime minister of Japan with an ever so shocking 80% approval rate and the list goes on.

However to make things more confusing, supposedly he had another “girlfriend”. Who he told that he broke up with Mina already. In addition she’s the daughter of the prime minister. It’s later noted that after her mothers death, her sister also died of an heart attack. Apparently for that reason, the school nurse asked Tooru to play the role of a boyfriend and support her. The reasoning seems flawed seeing as he technically already had a girlfriend but… eh we’ll leave that alone for now.

Because of the various circumstantial evidence, Tooru is convinced that, gasp, he may be the culprit behind the infamous Seven Deadly Sins murders going on around in Yokohama at the moment. The context is that people are being murdered and well, every corpse came along with a sin written in blood. Incidentally the corpse Tooru discovered at the beginning would be the fourth death. Leaving three more to be killed. Out of the 7 names on his phone, four of them ever so happened to be victims of this murderer. In other words, all suspicion points towards Tooru. It’s also revealed that this isn’t the first time the murder took place. It also took place once in Rome.

At this point of the story I was pretty irritated. They were spinning all sorts of developments left and right, introducing new characters and so on but… we still don’t know how the protagonist fits into this. I sure as hell didn’t want to read a story where we spend the entire time trying to figure out who the protagonist is.

Anyway, anyone who has actually read a mystery would know that, whatever the writer throws at you in the face is false or at the very least not the entire picture of the truth.

As such, after all 7 people died, finally the truth gets revealed.

Tooru is an agent of… what was it called again? CI-XXX? Intelligence agency from Britain consisting of only top tier agents,  dispatched to Japan to sneak into the school in order to dig information about the organization ADAM. ADAM is basically a club within the school. By entering the club you’re granted the rights to ask the “oracle” one question which will definitely be answered. In other words, it’s something like a suspicious religion.

The old man isn’t just an old man either, he’s an infamous ex-KGB agent which helped Tooru up until he lost his memories. At that point, while he realized Tooru lost his memories almost on the same day, he decided to spectate for a while for a reason which will be bought up later.

The two other dorm members are also agents dispatched to the school to investigate ADAM— as well as keep an eye on Tooru as he’s very suspicious. Mind you, they had no knowledge of him being an agent from Britain.

Tooru himself relates to a certain professor that is a genius physicist who claimed to have “discovered the truth” and “has the world in his hands”. The younger brother of him for that matter. The said professor vanished after leaving that letter. Usually you’d shrug it off as someone going mad and running off but all of the intelligence agencies around the world didn’t quite look at it in that way. Thus agents around the world were looking for his brother. It should probably also be noted that he was adopted by a higher up in the intelligence agency and the person below would be a non-blood related sister of his.

With the truth revealed, that would make the dorm members his allies. A sigh of relief I suppose. Moving on with the explanation however, it’s said that there’s someone in the shadows pulling the wires behind multiple countries. Despite the fact that nowhere in history was there a time that the world was conquered by a single person— this person is the one currently closest to the seat of ruling the entire world. From the shadows, that is.

That person would be the person that is supporting the prime minister from the shadows. According to the prime minister, as a price of receiving his seat to improve the country, he was given a certain task to show his loyalty. That is to poison his own daughter. Indeed, the mysterious heart attack was actually murder by her own father.

That’s all explanations to note I can recall at the moment. The story continues and Tooru realizes that the criminal behind the Seven Deadly Sins murders of Rome is the very doctor he had been visiting before completely losing his memories as he had memory problems before that.

Tooru manages to find him only to discover that he’s a splitting image of himself Tooru pulls the trigger only for the bullet to be repelled by a mysterious force. Tooru gets defeated and his gun taken from him. He takes his gun and decides to play Russian roulette with Tooru. Apparently luck was with his side as he didn’t die. Shrugging it off, he left the scene, if I remember right he revealed something but… I can’t quite remember it right now.

Moving on with the story, Tooru gets a phone call from a mysterious person. Oh no, Mina got taken as a hostage!

We must immediately help her! But how would we! If he cuts the phone for even a second, Mina will die. Having no choice, he follows the instructions of the criminal, and Tooru is forced to plant a bomb in the dorms in order to kill the old man. In addition he is then instructed to go and snipe the prime minister using his wonderful abilities as an agent. Are we headed towards a bad end?!

Well it was all a lie anyway.

We switch to the real situation, Tooru managed to trick the criminal into thinking that he did all of the things he instructed him to do when in reality none of it happened. If I recall right, he had two phones. So he could use the other phone to get help and stage the entire thing.

Now it’s time to arrest the criminal— Mina.

You know, like, when stories blatantly present you with an ally so easily, you can’t help but suspect her in reverse. She was far too caring to Tooru and butted in with various matters in order to help him. Minutes after she was introduced I pretty much decided that she’s going to show her true side at one point or the other. I mean think about it, the dorm practically consisted of undercover spy agents. There within the dorm, you find a perfectly normal girl. Yeah right.

Mina sacrificed her virginity, or body for that matter, in order to coax Tooru into trusting her. His memory issues were also generated by medicine that she secretly made Tooru eat. The fact that Tooru lost all of his memories were out of her calculation but thanks to that it made it easier to manipulate Tooru into thinking that he was the criminal behind the Seven Deadly Sins incident in Yokohama.

When in reality, the true culprit was Mina all along.

She certainly revealed quite a bit of information but she refused to speak much further. Poor heartbroken Tooru as he truly loved her… Cough.

Time for the climax in reveals as Tooru meets his brother who is being chased by agents worldwide. What exactly was his research that caused the entire world to go on a scramble to find him? Why is there someone who looks like a splitting image of himself and of all things why is he the criminal behind the murders in Rome?

Here we step into the region of science fiction as it’s revealed that his research was to create someone omnipotent— In other words someone quite close to god. Typically you’d shrug off someone with such a crazy idea but he achieved it. As for the reason to why he looks like a splitting image of Tooru, it’s because he tried to use good genes for the project. For one reason or another, Tooru’s genes were chosen and as a result of this, he took the form of Tooru.

The thing is, not everything went according to plan. Soon after being born, he decided to rebel against his creator. As a sign of this, he did the Seven Deadly Sin murder event in Rome and then vanished. It’s revealed that while his preferred weapon is a long katana, the problematic bit is not there. He has the ability to perform “miracles”. Which is why Tooru was unable to kill him.

There was also stuff about ADAM and BABEL and how they refer to the same “mother” (oracle?) but there’s not much to be said about those organizations yet. Though the next chapter appears to be the BABEL chapter so I presume that will soon change.

A strong start to the month, though I don’t know if it can meet up the expectations with the ending, I’m pretty happy that Tooru recovered his memories before entering the main story. I was afraid they intended to drag on his memory loss until near the end, I wouldn’t be particularly happy if they went with that route but they didn’t so that’s that.

It’s a trap! (in a different sense)


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