Re:birth Colony -Lost Azurite- – Impressions

Well this is a pleasant surprise.

I played the other game (Fake Azure Arcology) which is related to this game in the sense of the same setting but different arcology. In both cases, the setting is that meteors caused Earth to become inhabitable and what remained of humanity escaped into arcologies— essentially self sufficient cities. While both games have the same setting, I would say that this one put a much more interesting spin on things.

To be frank however, Azure barely left much of an impression on me so I can hardly remember the details anymore. The only bits and pieces I can pick up is probably… the protagonist had an obsession with flying but being in an arcology and all, the sky is limited in height. A mysterious blonde girl came crashing in front of him one day and…and… I don’t remember much else.

Well at least I remember the plot twist ending which was relatively interesting. Details aside as I wouldn’t remember them, I do remember that it seemed to have been revealed that despite what the setting claimed, the arcology was not located underwater nor underground and not even in Earth at all. It was located at the moon.

… Besides that I don’t remember much so… eh… this is why I don’t like stories with same settings, aside from comprehensible ones like Ikusa Megami, it’s difficult to remember details unless the story left a decent impression. Well Azure was by no means a bad story though. Anyway let’s go to the main topic.

There’s not much to say at the moment about the progress of the story because after basic introductions were finished I got thrown into a tl;dr explanation of the setting which felt like it lasted hours on. Somewhat exhausting but since I like world building I’m not really complaining. Throwing so much explanations at you is a somewhat questionable way of doing things though.

Oh well the general gist of things is that the story starts with the protagonist Souji walking around the red light district of the arcology Aquaris. A place he’s faaairly familiar with. Besides him is his cute younger sister trying to tempt him.

He was apparently called here by her and eventually gets dragged into a love hotel by her to do… various things.

Namely to check the security and such.

It’s revealed that Souji is a hacker and the girl who is tempting him is not really his sister but a boss(?) of a… well let’s just say not very good organization named Gentian. Managing the district and all, you can get the idea.

Souji would technically class into her subordinate but at the same time, he’s also the adopted child of the family, making them family members. The fact that he’s adopted is a secret only few top executives of the organization knows.

Then you may ask, doesn’t that make them non-blood related siblings?

Well no, I said adopted, namely adopted by her.

Yes, she’s not his younger sister but his mother.

I raised an eyebrow at the relatively unexpected turn of events but moving on they discuss about how knights (they seem to be like robots that are ,in this scenario, commanded by aristocrats but I didn’t bother paying much attention to that part) have been lurking around the district looking for something. It goes without saying that it’s not exactly something pleasant to have lurking around in your area so Souji was given the job of looking around for information.

As he had some programs running, noting that it may take a bit of time…

… in the meantime his mother began tempting him and eventually he was (relatively) forced into a hscene.

Splendidly, 30 minutes into the story our protagonist is having sex with his (non-blood- related) mother. While I know it’s not all that unusual for this medium, this isn’t exactly the place I would be expecting it to show up at.

Ahem, after the sex the programs came up with some alarms indicating that results showed. And an unexpected figure came up.

He leaves the love hotel and finds a certain aristocrat which is a relatively big name in the arcology, Seruria along with her (ninja) maid Cyan.

As it turns out, she’s investigating the same thing as Souji and is seeking information. While they were talking, the situation escalated but regardless of that, more importantly he spots a certain blue haired girl that he knows and gives chase immediately.

While the specifics aren’t quite revealed, it’s someone he knew in his childhood who vanished 10 years ago in an incident where mostly the entire arcologies computers and whatnot (temporarily) broke down. Whether or not they’re related is unknown but… well there’s little doubt for the reader in this case.

He is led to a place which is notably not even recorded on confidential maps which he obtained through not-very-legal routes and finds machinery, a capsule and… nothing else of interest I suppose. With of course, no one in sight. He shouts the name of the girl— Azurite but receives no response. Instead, the facilities begin rumbling. At that point, Seruria and Cyan who chased after him arrived. They noted that while he was running here, the same symptoms as what happened 10 years ago occurred.

After some talking, suddenly the rumbling stopped and the capsule began to open, revealing a (naked) girl who looks exactly like Azurite.

Unfortunately they had little time to ponder about the identity of the girl as knights rushed into the facilities. With the aid of the mysterious girls power, they somehow manage to take care of the knights with Souji losing conscious soon after.

He wakes up back at the love hotel with his mother by his side requesting an explanation. To cut things short, the girl introduces herself as Azurite. She was in cold sleep and was supposedly awakened by Souji because… because it’s Souji. The meaning behind those words aside, she has no memories to speak of therefore nothing more than her name is revealed. One point is however that Azurite insists on being by Souji’s side just because she needs to be.

Well like such, at the high class school Souji attends (let’s mention here that he’s technically an aristocrat even if adopted, and the adopted part is a secret anyway. Though it’s noted later on that he has no succession rights to the house) it was decided that Azurite would follow Souji there… as his maid.

It appears that she received influence by Cyan and she’s rapidly picking up knowledge of being a maid despite having little common sense in the world but… somehow this direction of learning seems to be in various ways… wrong. Well let’s not mind the small details and move on.

At the school it’s suddenly announced that Seruria will be transferring into his class, causing more stomach pains for Souji whom, at the school, pretends to be a perfect honor student and obviously doesn’t flaunt around being a hacker.

Later on after school he’s invited to have tea with Seruria which leads to the discussion of leaving Azurite into her care. Naturally he refuses, though in the end he agreed to at least leaving her in the care of Cyan during school in the name of training, partially for training and other part because he easily gets a reputation as a playboy. Mainly due to his father having a relatively infamous reputation of that.

Anyway Seruria and Souji end up in an interesting relationship and explanations happen regarding the school and the political system of the arcology. For the most part it seems to be (oddly) run by something along the lines of a monarchy system. Essentially all of the aristocrats, once they succeed the family as the head, will get the role of managing various parts of the arcology.

As with every other stereotypical monarchy system, it’s not quite the ideal system for equality. Well it doesn’t seem like any political system is but throwing that aside, essentially it’s described that the arcology isn’t exactly an equal place to be at. Anyone who has read stories involving a monarchy setting probably knows what it’s talking about.

Later that night Souji gets called to the capsule that Azurite woke up in and she goes on about how she needs to go out to the outside world. And also goes on to talk about how humans can’t live in the arcology forever, though in the current age most people feel comfortable living inside the arcology and hold little interest in returning outside. Souji notes that it’s the same things the Azurite he knew spoke of before.

They’re interrupted by someone showing up to attack them, which is then blocked by the appearance of Cyan and Seruria which… I’m not quite sure how they showed up. Then shockingly Cyan gets easily defeated by the mysterious attacker. Thankfully with the mysterious powers protagonist has received he manages to make the attacker retreat, after using the power however he loses consciousness again.

And that’s all I’ve read for time being.

So far it’s a pretty nice spin on Azure’s setting. Much more interesting to have a setting and protagonist like this than the standard type. I’m not quite expecting a thrilling story considering the previous track record but hopefully things will end without much frustrations.

… The first two VNs of this month gave me headaches in two different directions. I pray that it won’t chain to three.

And now to decide who to go for first…


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