Re:birth Colony – Seruria route

And that’s the first route down. Nothing particularly frustrating to speak of which is a relief.

Eh well, to be honest summarizing things sounds like a pain so I’ll probably omit various details. Seriously, while I don’t mind world building, all of the explanations scattered across the story along with a section to explain terminology and even a Q&A corner to explain the arcology and such they live in further is fairly… harsh to go through. I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong if you spend half of your time detailing the world and not moving the story along simultaneously.

To be honest looking at the number of things to read makes me believe that by the time I finish reading the tips I could’ve finished an additional route. Therefore for time being I omitted that, though I honestly feel I should read it for a better understanding of the story. It’s somewhat hard to bring myself to spend an hour or two to mindlessly go through those things unless I feel the need to. Would much rather advance the story in the meantime.

Enough with ranting about the explanations, picking up from where we left off…

After being assaulted, they’re surprised to find that the person who attacked them has transferred to their school.

Introducing herself as Neueblau (questionable romanization but officially it goes that way so… whatever flies for them) It turns out that she’s from a different arcology which, mind you, is a pretty big thing seeing as arcologies are basically closed environments. The arcology is based in Germany and excels greatly in technology. Since all of the arcologies basically advanced differently with different people placed in them, the difference in technology is pretty large. If I’m not wrong the main heroine in Azure originated from the same arcology and arrived at the arcology over there for similar reasons. Anyway let’s move on.

To be straightforward, she wasn’t an enemy and the fight breaking out was simply a misunderstanding. Her position is something similar to an ambassador who has also been given an additional mission of finding a certain “software”. The gun-like thing she pointed towards Souji and Azurite was actually an all purpose scanner. And the reason she tried to scan them is because it was unthinkable for someone in this arcology to easily break through her stealth mode, differences in technology level and all.

Well if anything she’s an ally. It’s also later revealed that the reason she could easily defeat Cyan is because she’s a cyborg made with the lastest technology of that arcology. While Cyan herself isn’t completely human, in that area I suppose it’s differences in technology involved.

All in all, at this point everyone is suspecting each other, namely Souji who has a personality that suspects every other person and Neueblau who finds Souji suspicious to some level as well because of his unreasonable ability. It’s said that while her abilities as a cyborg may be ridiculous, it’s the result of technology and has proper logic to it. Souji’s ability on the other hand is used by a pure human body and is practically like magic.

Well ignoring the fact that rumors have been flying out about Souji and Seruria becoming close and all, they begin investigation into a certain rumor going around about a “petite blue girl” who will teach you anything.

Thinking usually you’d look at Azurite but it’s doubtful that she’s the source of the rumor. It’s noted that it was incredibly hard to chase down any detail whatsoever about this “blue girl”. In the process, Neueblau mentions an urban legend that goes around in other arcologies (though it apparently hasn’t spread into this one) which talks about a “cyber walker”. Essentially a human who has, through evolution or some way, gained the ability to manipulate programs with his consciousness. Closely describing the ability Souji has. Of course it’s an urban legend and there’s no confirmed cases of it.

Continuing their searches, eventually they manage to find a clue— someone used the blue girls power in order to stalk a certain person. This person happens to be someone Souji is quite familiar with.

This person, Ruri, is a relatively famous singer and at the same time, also a sister figure for Souji as they both grew up in the same orphanage. Though he usually stays away from her in school in order for strange rumors to not spread (Souji’s fathers reputation and all). In reality they were adopted by the same person though so well, in general it’s a relationship chart that the public best not know.

They continue chasing the clues of the blue girl and eventually find the blue girl herself— in a cyber world of sorts that Souji, being a cyber walker, can access. This is essentially a system designed to help with the size limits of the arcology by allowing people to interact in a virtual world. In the end however, research came to a halt 500 years ago because of political trouble and never advanced since as everyone had their hands full simply managing the city. Therefore it’s essentially a half finished project left alone to rot.

There, the identity of the blue girl is shown to be very similar, or rather exactly like the Azulite he knows of.

Although they look the same, the personality is quite different so you can still tell the difference.

Well in the end Souji couldn’t do much and “logged out” from the place, the relationship between Azurite and… that Azurite is fairly vague. Later on they called the other Azurite “Soa” for convenience so I’ll refer to the other Azurite as such.

In any case, the “antagonist” of sorts has finally been revealed, the characters introduced and the story can finally begin moving. Clearly Soa is up to no good and appears to be behind the mysterious coma “disease” occasionally inflicted on residents of the arcology. As there’s no cure and there’s no record of patients waking up, it’s essentially a hopeless case. They’ll lie on the bed until they weaken and die.

From here on I think details are going to vary route to route and in this case, Seruria route is go. It’s revealed that Seruria… actually has a fiancee. Though she says fiancee, in reality it’s more of a pest repellent because of her position as the daughter of the pretty much highest position in the arcology, many people of all ages (and married or not) seek to marry her. Unsurprisingly looking for the power which comes with it. Thus they decided to give her a convenient fiancee which she can break up at any time she wants and because she has a fiancee, people won’t keep bothering her.

As with every other stereotypical fiancee of a heroine, the guy in question is arrogant and refused to even look at Souji when they met because… uh… differences in position! (while Souji is technically an aristocrat, I guess anyone who did their homework on him know that he’s adopted and has no succession rights, making him not all that different from a commoner).

Ah well in any case, rumors of Souji and Seruria begin spreading around the school, negatively, Seruria isn’t particularly happy as she doesn’t like all of the pretentious stuff aristocrats do and as a result of this Souji tries to distance himself from Seruria, making her mood worsen.

Eventually Souji finds the rumors strange therefore began investigating and discovered that as he thought, the rumors are not natural but purposefully spread.

Following that, while this and that happened we’ll omit them and go straight to the result.

He calls out the culprit and proceeds to strip him of his aristocrat position by revealing various inconvenient information eventually leading to his withdrawal in school and also blackmails his girlfriend into doing some other stuff. All with a perfectly nice smile on his face.

Pretty cool protagonist we have.

After that during a dance party he makes up with Seruria and that’s one case closed.

Skipping some comedic antics here and there as there’s no use explaining here and leaving some details for Ruri route, the festival celebrating the activation of the queen, beginning of the arcology is approaching.

Souji’s father(in law). It’s probably worth mentioning that he’s perfectly fine with giving him the succession rights to his position since he has no intentions to raise a heir, meaning once he dies there will be no one to succeed him anyway.

Because of various business motivations as well as the arcology having declining birth rates at one point of time, this festival is also simultaneously acts as something similar to valentines. Essentially a day for couples to go out and where sex with no protection is encouraged.

More importantly however, it’s revealed that Seruria is scheduled to get engaged to her fiancee during the festival. By getting engaged, it makes it difficult to secede from the marriage afterwards, therefore well… complications. The day before the festival, by chance, Souji and Seruria met up and chatted for a bit. Before parting however, much to Souji’s surprise Seruria kissed him.

The next day, while Souji received an invitation to the place, he didn’t quite want to go and chose to search for signs of the Soa with Neueblau as notably, signs of her has been increasing recently.

Souji is obviously fairly bothered by the engagement but well, before anything came out of it, something serious occurred. Soa appeared. Except not one Soa but an entire swarm of them.

Worse yet, at the scene of the engagement Seruria’s fiancee gets mad at how Seruria clearly doesn’t want to do the engagement at all and then a Soa appeared, asking what he wants. Well once the Soa understood his desire everything went haywire from there as he essentially broke somewhere along the way, took Seruria as hostage, hacked the security system and took down Cyan, leaving the scene quite chaotic.

Then the queen appeared at the scene, who if I didn’t mention by now, is an artificial intelligence designed to manage the arcology. It generally doesn’t interfere with human affairs unless it endangers the survival of the arcology. However when it does interfere, its been noted that it can heartlessly involve innocent humans as long as it judges that the arcology can continue surviving even without them. Most notably, Seruria’s parents and Cyan’s parents died in an incident like that.

Soa tries to take over the queen, well essentially she wants to take over the arcology and make everyone “become one”. Whatever that is supposed to mean.

However the hero of … not really justice but Souji arrives at the scene! He proceeds to take out a gun, shoots Seruria’s fiancee and then Azurite— realizing who Soa is and who she is, sacrifices herself.

Soa vanished from the arcology and Azurite fell into a coma. From that day, a bit passed.

Souji can no longer use his abilities as a cyber walker, likely because the existence of Azurite is no longer there, he is confined in Seruria’s house because well… even if it was under the pretext of self defense and so on, he did go ahead and shoot an aristocrat. He didn’t die though (tch). Well eventually the complications of the event passed and things began returning to normal…but…

Then the news that Seruria’s fiancee went missing from the hospital came up. I guess the troubles haven’t quite ended yet. That said, with Azurite in a coma and all, Souji has little abilities to counter Soa if she appears again. Which well, if it wasn’t obvious enough with that guy vanishing, rumors of Soa continued flowing in the arcology.

From there we go through a one year time skip, during that time Cyan trained Souji in the arts of ninjutsu and he essentially acts as another attendant of Seruria. At least that’s how it looks like to the public. The reason behind this is that Cyan felt that she couldn’t quite protect Seruria by herself. While Neueblau is stronger than Souji now that he lost his cyber walker abilities, she is an ambassador and not a resident of the arcology. Meaning at some point of time, she will likely have to leave. That’s why Cyan decided to put all her trust in Souji and train him like such. There’s probably intentions to have him succeed Cyan as well.

One year of peace and that guy is still on the run. Needless to say, it’s about time for something to happen therefore… first off the bat, Seruria’s grandfather raises death flags here and there and…

… dies.

Seruria’s grandfather dying is essentially on the level of the president getting assassinated therefore it goes without saying that it’s a large and chaotic incident. Because of this, Seruria can no longer be a normal student and must succeed her grandfather’s position.

Now the issue of the culprit. Suspicions unsurprisingly fell onto Souji as he’s one of the few people who would have been capable of killing him. Though it’s obviously not him when speaking from the perspective of Seruria. However going with the current flow, Souji would get arrested for false claims therefore Seruria makes a big claim that Souji is her lover.

Eh well this and that happened, Souji and Seruria’s relationship finally gets somewhere. Probably because incompatibility with personalities, the relationship never did go anywhere at all before. Feels like two tsunderes paired together.

With their relationship established and Cyan essentially permitting Souji, the story finally reaches the climax.

Here we’ll pause a bit and send in some explanations.

It’s revealed that Azurite is a certain software. The software is what Neueblau came here in search for. It’s a software that this arcology researched until the meteors hit and all research went to hell. Essentially the software is what gives Souji the cyber walker abilities, using the human body as the “hardware” and Azurite as the “software”. So essentially you can think of it as installing a new OS on your brain.

However this research is ultimately “incomplete”, after all research went to hell 500 years ago. Unknown to them however is that the research results were functioning regardless. “Azurite” is the name of the project and that’s what she mistook for her name. Essentially we can say that Soa is a bug of the software which mistook what she should be doing and is not quite working as intended. In addition, that’s not the worst part. The “coma disease” mentioned before is the result of a failed installation of Azurite.

Essentially being incomplete, the software isn’t compatible with everyone, or rather it’s incompatible with mostly everyone for that matter, making Souji quite lucky to get away with it fine. Those who don’t have aptitude for Azurite fall into a coma as it’s the equivalent of the brain freezing up. Well just think of it as a BSOD in Windows after installing a faulty program.

It’s not a surprise why no one was capable of finding a cure to it.

With some explanations done, let’s advance the story.

To cut things short, Seruria’s fiancee is back, after killing her grandfather and this and that, he essentially announces his wonderful plan of taking control of the arcology back from the queen, in other words to no longer be under the control of an AI. When he’s not brainwashed by Soa, he actually makes a reasonable argument of the questionably of the queens management and it seems the queen herself notes that the day where she corrupts probably isn’t so far. He at least admitted that if it wasn’t thanks for the queen, the arcology would probably be in an even worse state with more power struggles.

Well this and that happened again, Souji runs in to the rescue!

That said, it wasn’t really a spectacular showdown or anything as by the end, he managed to retain sanity for a moment and allowed Souji to easily kill him. You know, it’s kinda funny how much emphasis they put in hacking (with Souji’s profession being there and all) but in the end when it comes to killing, we return to using the good old gun.

Azurite herself vanishes along with Soa putting an end to the incident and happily ever after.

In the epilogue 10 years later it’s shown that Seruria and Souji’s daughter could see Azurite and succeeded Seruria’s strong personality. Was a little tired so I’m not quite sure what that’s meant to imply but I guess Azurite didn’t get that much of a bad ending in any case.

A pretty decent route, the pacing felt a little awkward at times but for the most part I have no qualms with the story. Souji and Seruria’s relationship progressed a little too slow but when thinking of both of their personalities, you sort of feel that it couldn’t be helped.

My main disappointment would probably be that, while Souji is described as very capable and all, his only real glorious moment is when he blackmailed the two in school. Other than that, it feels like he’s reliant on Azurite etc for the most part and in multiple occasions curses his lack of ability, at the end of Seruria’s route, rather than him killing her fiancee, it felt more along the lines of him regaining sanity and getting himself killed instead so… despite how he’s depicted, it honestly doesn’t seem like he accomplished much in the story. Perhaps that will change in Azurite’s route.

As I’m relatively tired that’ll do for this post. Didn’t do any proofreading so hopefully there’s no terrible mistakes in this post.


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