Re:birth Colony – Neueblau route

Much better than Ruri route, hope they’ll continue the same pace for the final Azurite route.

While entertaining, there’s actually little to speak of regarding Neueblau route. Mainly because it barely revealed any new information and just dealt with the things you already knew and to begin with, Neueblau doesn’t have much of a dark history to reveal and make a fuss over. Well it gave some information but that sort of stuff was already known in earlier routes so it’s not a surprise unless you chose Neueblau route first.

Maybe that’s why it felt nice. I didn’t have to deal with much long winded explanations in this route. On the other hand however, Souji was much more competent in this route taking a more proactive role in the story.

It won’t be very long but to briefly sum things up:

Route spliting at the festival, everything goes along peacefully with romantic developments here and there until the assassination of Seruria’s grandfather. This time, the culprit is suspected to be Souji as his face reflects on the camera slightly and the weapon used to kill him was the same weapon Souji used against Seruria’s fiancee.

Luckily Souji accidentally came by information about knights coming out to catch him and immediately evacuated his room, seeking protection at his home. From there he began investigations and soon after Neueblau arrived to help him as well.

As it turns out, the hospital used to take care of aristocrats and other high ranking people who fell to the coma disease was showing fake information. Despite it being shut down, it was displaying as “everything is fine and functional”. Hacking into the cameras, they discover that all of the staff fell into comas and just one patient is missing from the place— Seruria’s fiancee.

Unfortunately they unexpectedly got hit by a trap and Neueblau got marked by the culprit, however thanks to the trap they could also trace back to the location of the person who did it. Whether or not that was intentional is to be questioned though. They take separate action from there with Neueblau going to the culprit and Souji going to inform Seruria about it (somehow managing to dodge the guards with the guidance of Cyan of course). Reason being that Souji would be fairly useless even if he tagged along anyway.

Predictably, Neueblau gets defeated and taken over by Soa after she killed Seruria’s fiancee… I should really remember that guys name but I don’t want to. Referring to him as Seruria’s fiancee every time is awkward though.

From there it became a situation of rescuing Neueblau from the clutches of Soa. In a nutshell Souji managed to receive the help of Azurite combined with some tricks Neueblau laid out beforehand, they managed to successfully delete the existence of Azurite (the program in general) from the arcology, putting an end to the incident.

That said, while the incident is over, their trouble hasn’t ended since as a result of this, from the outsider view it seems as if Souji killed two important people and then sneaked all the way to the room where the queen resides in.

Thankfully at that point, the queen made her appearance and cleared up Souji’s name.

Credit roll and in the epilogue Souji apparently got caught up in some sort of disease because of all of the uninstall/reinstalling of Azurite during the period and moved to Neueblau’s arcology in order to receive treatment. The good news however is, from investigations it turns out that a large portion of Azurite (the person) remains in Souji and Neueblau’s body. As a result of this, the child they have will likely be Azurite herself.

The end.

How nice it would have been if Ruri route was like this as well.

With this all that’s left is Azurite route tomorrow. I pray that Souji will stay as competent as he is in this route if not even more so in Azurite route but well, generally writing only improves when it comes to the final route (save for the times where the “final” route really means an epilogue that lasts 5 minutes and wraps up some things).


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