Re:birth Colony – Thoughts

With that, the story finally comes to an end.

Everything went better than expected.

Splitting at the same point as usual, the route was actually… fairly similar to Neueblau route except a few steps up from it.

The same old case of danger nearing them after a year time skip (It’s questionable why every route finds the need to skip a year) and in response to that Souji who has been working hard during that time tries to solve the incident once and for all. Of course a little before the real story began, they wrapped up romantic developments with Azurite.

This time it’s revealed that Seruria’s grandfather was the wirepuller behind Seruria’s fiancee as he killed him (let’s get this straight, it’s her grandfather killing the fiancee, unlike the reverse happening in the routes before) and became the last boss of the story.

Proper background story was also revealed, solving why Azurite, despite being a “program”, has a physical body. Apparently Azurite from what I understand would technically be a “natural” cyber walker as she was born with that ability. The Azurite technology was built with her as a model. She was originally discovered by the head researcher (Ruri’s mother) and bought to Aquaris before they shut themselves in the arcology due to the disaster.

From that point experiments here and there happened and generally progress on the research was smooth. Needless to say it didn’t last forever, once it was discovered that everyone needed to shut themselves in the arcology Ruri’s mother was elected to be sacrificed as the queen and because the Azurite technology was deemed very dangerous in case of the situation that’s exactly happening now, she was put into cold sleep until one day where she can hopefully awaken again and live normally, she did the same for Ruri hoping that she won’t get used as a spare part for the arcology in the future.

Apparently she was in cold sleep, the program Azurite seems to have succeeded the “wish” of the person herself, to get out and see the world everywhere. Naturally its been somewhat twisted thanks to the incompleteness of the program. Unexpectedly however, when Azurite woke up because of the long period of time with the influences of the program, she could no longer remember her own memories, which is why she had no idea about the situation.

It’s noted however that within the forecasted future of the Azurite (program), they expected Souji to either unite with everyone and happily all hit a bad end or pick someone to side with, be it Seruria, Ruri or Neueblau, tracing the events of their respective routes. Contrary to their expectations however, in this route, Souji stood against them alone without siding with anyone, thus ruining their predictions and causing some chaos.

With the background story for the most part over with, all that remains is to go against Seruria’s grandfather to save the arcology. Seruria’s grandfather broadcasted his plans of getting rid of the queen from the arcology so that humans can rule it, Ruri also found out about her background in this route and resolved herself to replace the queen and Neueblau is captured just like in her route. The plan is that Seruria will stand against her grandfather, likely in a political meaning and Ruri will go along with her, meanwhile Souji will have to save Neueblau and likely have to ultimately go against Seruria’s grandfather at the end.

While it couldn’t be called smooth sailing, things essentially went according to plan. Souji managed to rescue Neueblau (almost killing her in the process though which she briefly complained about). Seruria took care of her grandfather with her deviousness, ultimately leading to his death.

But unfortunately it was a little too late, as Azurite already began trying to spread to a surviving satellite, from there it could spread worldwide potentially sending all of humanity into a coma. Neueblau decides to use the plane she arrived in to go to the satellite herself and prevent it from happening and Souji decides to tag along.

Unfortunately on the way they received attacks from their own arcology, Aquaris. Apparently it had defense systems installed in it, being a research facility involved with dangerous research and all.

There, the characters from Azure appeared in communications and lent a hand in escaping the attacks. That was a nice touch on things.

They arrive at the satellite and instead of deleting the Azurite program like in all other conclusions, Souji chose the bold decision of accept Azurite into himself. The tool has no crime after all. Things would have been settled at that point but… It was decided that Azurite was too dangerous and before the entire incident settled, they already fired missiles to blow up the satellite before the program could spread.

Finding out this, Souji sends Azurite and Neueblau away and dies with the satellite as he can’t quite leave the place, ignoring Azurite’s insistence of staying with him.

Credit roll and in the epilogue Souji’s funeral is held (though there’s not a single piece of him in the coffin) while showing how the other characters have fared after the incident.

R.I.P Souji you will be missed…

As if.

That’s what happened in public, in reality with full command over all Azurite’s, Souji managed to deal with the missiles enough to run into an emergency capsule and escape the satellite and then was secretly recovered. Although he wasn’t completely “safe” as he had several parts of his body replaced, generally he’s safe in the context of being alive or dead.

From there, he can’t quite live in Aquaris anymore so he’s technically registered as a citizen in Neueblau’s arcology, more accurately registered as a younger brother of sorts for Neueblau and he has a mission to fly around all arcologies in the world in order to further investigations on the Azurite technology.

This is because Azurite wasn’t only installed in their arcology— It was something installed in every other arcology. Though it’s doubtful there are any arcologies that got as bad as their case, it’s still something to root out before things get troublesome. For that, there’s no person more suitable to do the job than Souji. Of course he won’t be doing it alone.

The end.

Well all in all it was a happy ending while leaving room for Souji to appear in future stories if they decide to create another one.

Looking at the story overall I feel it’s definitely above average, but not really extremely memorable. It’s just something you can nod to and say it was a pleasant story when looking back at it in the future. I have doubts about how memorable the details of the story will be considering how Azure played out in my head.

More than anything else though, I’m happy that this story ended with little frustration to speak of, it’s somewhat painful for the first two VNs of the month to give me that much trouble so this one came as a relief.

Alright now with this VN done, before going to the main story of the month I think I’m going to play 門を守るお仕事.


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