Zero Infinity -Devil of Maxwell- – Impressions

There’s two things to say here. The first is that it’s as good as I expected it to be so far. The second is that I don’t have any motivation to write a summary because of how it keeps jumping to other characters left and right and talking mysteriously, somewhat typical of stories in this genre as well as previous Light games but still.

And so because of that there will only be my personal thoughts on it. If you want some context you can perhaps try… uh… I don’t know, looking at vndb?

Okay fine let’s put the bare minimum then.

The time is 1968, Ryouga is a student with a somewhat queer philosophy but is otherwise a perfectly normal student you can find everywhere. He lives with his younger sister Takane in the now prospering city of Yahiro. His philosophy essentially revolves around balance. For there to be justice there is evil. For there to be winners there has to be losers. For someone to pick up money it means for someone to lose money. He seems to like the idea of standing the middle of these two points and trying to live a calm life.

His peaceful daily life should have continued. But then one day, he meets a certain depressed man in a playground.

Omitting details, he is actually amnesic and lost in life. Only knowing his name is Rei, he is very uneasy about himself. To begin with, is that really his name?

There Ryouga enters and tells him about his wonderful philosophy and managed to help Rei back to the right track.

What was left unsaid is that Rei is not only an amnesiac, he’s also more or less a weapon of mass destruction being chased by an organization consisting of more weapons of mass destruction. Rei of course didn’t want someone like Ryouga to get involved so he quickly left the scene once noticing their presence.

Battles happened here and there and Ryouga being the wonderful protagonist he is, somehow managed to end up at the scene of the battle after parting with Rei.

And like every other good protagonist, he chose not to leave the half dead Ryouga alone and run away, he chose to stand against the people who would easily kill him like a fly and buy time for Ryouga.

His efforts were not in vain as a third party arrived and interrupted the battle. Alas by the time they arrived Ryouga was already dead.

There, Ryouga is revived and becomes an “Imaginator”. To omit details just think of it as becoming a cyborg. A cyborg? In 1968? Well… it’s science fiction, what the hell. To make things straight however, it’s essentially technology that suddenly popped out of nowhere and even to the people who use it it’s a complete mystery. A black box basically, they know how to use it but they do not know the principles of how it works.

… Also if there’s more than 47 of them in the world, the 48th will magically break down, the organization chasing Rei is the regulators for the above black box technology while the organization that saved Ryouga and Rei is an organization that rebels against them. Called Robin Hood. Heh.

Now Ryouga must strive to get back his peaceful and calm life!

By the way Jun gets killed and revived as well, involving her in the battle too



Overall it’s about as expected. Fairly chuuni heavy which is fine since it’s also to be expected. What I didn’t quite like is how long winded talks were at certain times. But I suppose it can’t be helped either considering it’s the start of the story.

Furthering my complaints however, I don’t like how Jun ended up in the important role of second to last route. More accurately, I never liked archetypes like her getting involved in chuuni stories because there’s a tendency to get all teary with “normal person involved in supernatural events, what do i do what do i do”. On that note, Ryouga is a good protagonist and other protagonists should learn from him. Mostly thanks to his philosophy, he managed to remain perfectly calm after being revived and told the harsh truth about his future.

It feels like he just managed to cut down the fuss that you normally have to go through in these situations by half thanks to his attitude. Though there still had to be explanations of the situation, that much can’t be helped. Amusingly the story also makes jabs at how “there will probably be a future where most things are mechanized” and how “convenient it would be if there was a wireless communication device”. Yeah, indeed.

Returning to the topic of routes, I also didn’t like how Mishio ended up in the first route which is (usually) the least important route. A situation akin to Rain being the first route in Baldr sky while Sora who I couldn’t give a damn about from start to end had to be that grand and final heroine. God damn that had to be the worst combination I dealt with in a VN. At least the gameplay was nice as well as story if excluding my issue with the heroines.

If Mishio and Jun switched places in route order I’d be a happy man… sigh.

Overall my impression is positive though, few issues here and there but I can deal with it for now. For above mentioned reasons there will be no route to route cover with summaries so next post will be final thoughts.



Caren, Mishio

Our dear antagonists (battle maniacs)
… Well the one on the right is a heroine I believe though…

Leader of Robin Hood (to get things straight, while it may be flat chested and short it’s still a girl)


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