One more VN to go for the month, one more… Looks like I won’t be late to November releases at this pace.

As the title implies, the story revolves around heroines with a bad case of Chuunibyou. This… may or may not sound familiar depending on whether or not you are keeping up with this season’s anime.

With that said, contrary to what the title implies, the chuuni heavy bits are pretty much limited to the beginning of the story. With the exception of a certain heroine, the cast mostly came off as simply being a little quirky at best. Which I suppose is a good thing as I’m not sure if I could handle turning my head away from second hand embarrassment every 5 minutes but it feels like the title is misleading because of that.

Despite losing the chuuni bit of the story however, the comedy was great and the art was above average (though I feel the quality was somewhat inconsistent). The only problem is that they tried to stuff in drama into every heroine route but I don’t feel they handled that very well…
The story begins with our protagonist Ogami missing school because of getting hospitalized for reasons I’ll leave out for the sake of protecting his honor. Returning to his wonderful school, he encounters strange people left and right, be it a delinquent of justice, a dark (omitted) magician, a rich girl whom I didn’t find too strange compared to the rest of the cast and her maid who proclaims herself to be an android.

Arriving at school, he is informed that he lacks attendance because of his hospitalization and may be held back a year at this rate. In order to make up for his attendance, he is forced to attend class 2-C. First a doubt comes up, which is that his school should not have a C class. In order to explain that, we will have to go into the school system.

Obligatory loli teacher

The school gives grading based on your physical and academical abilities. Therefore even if you’re hopeless in terms of studying, you can make it up in winning sport competitions and vice versa. Depending on your grade, you will be placed into one of three classes S, A and B. Now for the C class, it’s essentially a gathering of troublemakers which don’t integrate with the rest of the class very well (whether or not they are conscious of it is questionable however). Following this flow, it goes without saying that the students of the class are the people Ogami encountered on his way to school.

In order to make up for his attendance, his job is to reform the troublemakers into better students… but immediately after entering the class he gets completely ignored by everyone.

After the first day in the class, he resolves himself to change. In other words, since they’re ignoring him he decides that he has to become chuuni as well.

Like such, he modified his uniform, bought colored eye lenses, dyed his hair blonde and returned to the class once more the next day!

… Let’s just say it went well and leave it at that.

Now that he can communicate with the heroines, the story can finally begin.

The story branches out fairly soon, though the beginning of the route split is actually somewhat mixed up into the common route which was pretty nice even though it didn’t stop me from skipping irrelevant parts on my second route and beyond. There was a lot of comedy with Ogami serving as the straight man and more importantly anime references, some of which I didn’t quite expect to show up (the ever so infamous toothbrush scene and Nisio, Horizon, Nyaruko several times). It also helps that there were good expressions to compliment the comedy, though in the end it wasn’t used all that often.

As mentioned before, while it’s all fun and play for most of the story, once you hit the latter half of heroine routes the drama suddenly kicks in. I frankly don’t really think the drama was handled very well for the most part so that ended up as a negative for me.

Also was I the only one who felt something was wrong with most of the routes kicking off the relationship between Ogami and the heroines through a hscene? It was even a source of drama in one of the routes. There’s a proper procedure for things dammit, you’re meant to confess, go through a happy yet embarrassing kiss, hscene and then the final stage— hold hands. Not really complaining though, just found it funny how they skipped a few steps. Then again, I suppose it helps that Ogami is as thick headed as a standard harem protagonist so if it weren’t for that, we may have been stuck in a stalemate in terms of relationships.

In the end I would say it’s a tad bit above average VN, was definitely enjoyable to go through but I wish they just threw the drama out of the window. When you focus on comedy for the entire story, mixing drama in at the end tends to feel pretty out of place.

Clearly the best heroine.

Next up is 月に寄りそう乙女の作法.


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