恋剣乙女 – Impressions

Koiken OtomeI’m not happy.

While I’ll play it to the end anyway and I’ll probably enjoy it to some level, I’m not happy.

I vaguely expected it, I saw various signs pointing to it, but I chose to ignore it, I chose to look away from reality and hope for the best. Alas things went in that direction anyway. Now all I can do is sigh and siiiigh.

The setting is nice enough, the girls are…are…

… You know I can’t really say they’re all good. With Akane getting called hetare so many times I’m beginning to nod to that statement as well. Well excuse me for being a little cynical since I was disappointed in how the story went.

Let’s see for time being let’s start from the beginning.

Our dear protagonist Seiichi attends a school for people who have awakened a special esp ability. Be it manipulating flames, helping recover wounds, creating ice, causing thunder and well various things, it’s a school for people who have awakened to such powers to learn at.

On his first day he encounters some deliquents from a rival school causing trouble with someone from his school, Akane. He intervenes and tries to end things without a battle breaking out but… he gets beaten up and Akane shows off her sword which manages to make the deliquents back off.


Alright this is still fine. I’m beginning to see where this is going but let’s ignore it.

Because of that event, Seiichi got along with Akane right off the bat, especially after she found out that they were classmates. Soon after arriving at school they were gathered to perform a power examination. To explain things briefly, the school is divides classes depending on where your powers rank, alternatively there seems to also be a division of classes for people seeking to research and invent equipment for these powers but we can set that aside for now.

Akane ranks at SC(C rank among S class), she wasn’t quite satisfied with the results as she wanted at least SB and when it came to Seiichi, before even using his power he was ranked SSS in terms of ability, the maximum value for the machine. There’s one, just one catch.

He can’t make use of his large amount of power.

Great I’m really seeing where this is going but I chose to ignore it regardless.

Because of reasons like that, while Seiichi made it into S class he was the only one who wasn’t capable of even using his ability, leading to him being looked down upon by other classmates. Akane is revealed to be a heir of a famous family and some tl;dr history is done regarding the esp powers. Essentially…

Omitting some maybe important and maybe not important details… A few centuries, or a thousand or two years back, aliens called “Kotona” invaded Earth. Humans struggled to repel them but then suddenly certain humans who wielded these mystical powers appeared, they were capable of defeating the Kotona and ultimately saving Earth. From there humans lived peacefully ever after until now.

While at it with explanations, there’s also heroines, Seiichi’s childhood friend and various fun side characters introduced here and there but I’ll set them aside as well.

Side characters can often be the best characters in the story. I wonder why.

Side characters can often be the best characters in the story. I wonder why.

Now here’s where the important point starts.

There’s an annually held tournament between their school and their rival school. It turns out that Akane’s rival and childhood friend attends that rival school and is looking to fight Akane. However she’s greatly disappointed by the fact that Akane is only SC class in terms of power since she did all that training only to discover that Akane is that far behind her.

Around this point I was still feeling bad for Akane.

Akane does her best to find team members to attend the tournament but makes no progress because no one wants her due to her low power. Thankfully Seiichi made effort to help Akane and eventually her team gradually came together. However they were still lacking the final member on the last day of the team submitting period. Akane went to the point of even trying lower class students but returned with no results, on the verge of tearfully giving up or rather she really did give up, Seiichi decides to enter the team despite being incapable of using any ability.

Thanks to that they can now participate, yay.

From there a training arc happened… Off screen.

And now it’s tournament day! (that was pretty fast)

They defeat 3 teams and advance up in the qualifications battle… Off screen.

And reach a battle against a team formed by side characters who belong to the elite among their class.

They’re losing, losing and… losing. But wait, at the end Seiichi tries to protect Akane and through those strong feelings his power awakens. Yes, that’s right! His power to…


That is.


Look, it’s not like I have something extremely against a protagonist getting the role of a buffer. Look at Toori in Horizon, he may be a buffer but he’s still awesome. However why are there so many cases of which they make the protagonist special because he’s the only one that can go and buff the power of others, making him some sort of indispensable part of the team who has an excuse to get very close to the heroines because of the necessary skinship for the buffing and yet simultaneously a damsel in distress because he can’t hold his own alone.

At this point I think it would still be better if they just made the protagonist a god damned cleric. At least there’s still potential for improvement in that area.

To name some of the reasons I hated this path…

First of all, after all that talk about getting stronger it honestly felt like they pulled a fast one by just having Seiichi buff them to SS/SA class. That’s still fine but the main point that I hate this sort of role is that it comes off to me as an excuse to push the protagonist to the sidelines while simultaneously giving the protagonist a reason for staying with the heroines. Because, you know, he’s a portable plot device. Need that sudden OP power buff which usually occurs during the time of where they combine love, friendship and various other things? You have the protagonist for that. As an added bonus, we all know that skinship is necessary for buffing therefore you have an excuse to make the protagonist get close, very close to the heroines now. I enjoyed cases like Kamikaze Explorer and Hyper→Highspeed→Genius more as, even if their abilities (arguably) aren’t broken, it at least makes them a more subtle walking plot device instead of a blatant one.

So in the case of TL;DR:

I have a personal grudge against writers who randomly make the protagonist a buff machine because it comes off as a cheap way to advance the story to me.


With the ranting said and done the story so far has been pretty nice. I also like the UI it has as it flows very smoothly. While it’s not really that great, the setting is reasonable enough to keep me reading and the girls are all sufficiently attractive.

I don’t quite like how the story has a tendency to omit details and skip along but I’m hoping this is because they want to fit an arc of which the evil aliens appear and threaten humanity again. I mean, I’d be more surprised if they don’t appear. Not sure what they put that in the setting for then. But for time being I’m still in tournament arc so that’s that.

All in all it’s not a bad start to the December releases, seeing my lineup for this month it’s shaping to be a pretty good month. On that note, why the hell is Minori’s new game 10gb?

Akane's route is up first... I don't have that much motivation for it though.

Akane’s route is up first… I don’t have that much motivation for it though.


4 thoughts on “恋剣乙女 – Impressions

  1. Don’t worry about the first training arc happening off screen, because there will be a pretty boring training arc shown that is meant to train the magic amplifying power of Seiichi >_>

    • I reached that part, it’s not too bad although in the end I don’t know where they want to go with Akane being a hetare because I didn’t see much of an improvement for her.

  2. I also just played this game last night and i had reached before the battle against eve
    The plot is so so, but cute personality of heroine makes me continue to play it

    Btw, I think Alien Kotona won’t appear in this game
    I can’t imagine this cute story like this turning out to be alien battle like MuvLuv

    • I’m not saying it’s going to become a MuvLuv v2.0 unless it’s going to pull a genre shift on us, but I don’t see why they would deliberately come out with the Kotona setting and then write it off as “it’s only a fairytale at this point because of how long ago it happened”. I imagine it’s going to take a role in the story at one point or the other but well, we’ll see as we read it.

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