恋剣乙女 – Akane route


While I had no intentions to post until I was finished, forget that.

Alright, for time being let’s look at the positive side: the routes aren’t really long but many things happen here and there so it’s actually pretty nice. Better than stories of where they get to the point of confession, throw in some hscenes, some random drama and then end.

p902 p903… On the other hand, I went from feeling bad for Akane to… flat out hating her by the end.

No really, I’m not exactly sure where they were going with her character development.

From the start Akane is showed to be fairly… clumsy to say the least. Her power is weak, she tends to lack the brainpower to make up for it and well, all in all a template that leaves room for improvement. That’s fine, usually if you put up with it for a while their characters can improve for the better… usually.

In this case…

Akane is weak alone so Seiichi boosts her power and she can use awesome SS/SA class flames.

… While this does make her “stronger” it doesn’t serve as a fundamental solution since she’s still weak alone.

For the better or worse she actually realizes this half way into the story. Therefore she goes into her own little secret training arc… off screen and out of bloody blue.

In addition she revealed that she has a dream of succeeding some… legendary… something… I wasn’t really paying attention but essentially some honorable position which requires you to defeat (kill) other candidates and pass a trial. Of course for story convenience the one and only rival for this role is Eve and… she challenges her to an unofficial duel so that she doesn’t have to kill her precious childhood friend and adds the rule that she won’t borrow Seiichi’s power because understood that she needs to become strong alone!

That battle didn’t really get anywhere since half way in after some touching speech Eve just left and forfeit the battle.

In addition nothing really changed as… well Seiichi is an amplifier with no drawbacks, you’d be more retarded not to make use of his powers when you can. In addition it was hard to tell if Akane really got that much stronger, seeing as all we really got is some commentary from the people on the sidelines of how Akane became stronger. I’m pretty sure that was supposed to be a scene where I’m meant to be touched by Akane’s resolve but it frankly didn’t achieve its purpose in that area for me.

And as with the tournament, suddenly the day of the trial arrives!

On the day of the trial…

… Yuzu (Seiichi’s childhood friend I’ll note since I left her out) gets kidnapped by a mysterious criminal because she invented a magical device that can increase the basic power of a person by simply wearing it (yes, because Seiichi as a plot device wasn’t enough).

What the hell, sure there was some foreshadowing but still, what the hell? Anyone can read the development from here.

Seiichi and the others tells Akane to go ahead to the trial while they’ll deal with Yuzu’s kidnapper somehow, this and that happens, they end up in a pinch and Akane saves the day by (unsurprisingly) throwing out the trial.

Akane gets depressed since her dreams were crushed, Seiichi cheers her up (with sex, of course), they suddenly decide that things are not over and Akane shouldn’t give up just because she ran out mid way, she should go back (in the middle of night) and try anyway!

While I question why no one had the brains to ask them to delay the trial to begin with seeing as, you know, lives were at stake. If that wasn’t a good reason then I don’t know what is. In any case they arrive at the building…

… But they don’t get the permission to meet the people in charge so in response Akane and Seiichi decide to barge in and forcefully meet the people in charge of the trial.

Why? Why are th- ah whatever let’s just continue for now. They run around here and there fighting until Seiichi gets taken hostage forcing Akane to give up. Fortunately before Akane was captured their merry friends appear and save the day.

Some ominous old people appear and essentially judges that it’s okay she’s late and they’ll even shrug off the fact they went around destroying the building and defeating guards to meet them because they got refused at the entrance (seriously, what the hell?). However they refuse to let her pass the trial because… Seiichi amplifies her power, it’s unfair, she needs to rely on her own power!

They’ll only let Akane pass if she parts with Seiichi.

… What the hell is this retarded reasoning, am I the strange person or does everyone in this bloody story have a few screws missing here and there? In addition Seiichi and his merry friends get captured by magical devices that null their abilities completely. At this point I’m pretty sure this writer is just pulling convenient plot devices out of nowhere as necessary.

Thankfully Yuzu manages to help them so that they can rampage around the building and force their way to the ominous old people again.

They make it back there and briefly get into a fight with the ominous old people because… well I don’t bloody know, because they attacked first?

Finally with this and that happening the story reaches a closure by the climatic solution of… “why not just marry?” then there’s absolutely no problem (apparently).

At least she was still cute when she was unintentionally spouting flames because of love.

Put simply, I have some serious issues relating with Akane and/or the cynicism from the first part of the story is getting at me but regardless, that was stupid.

For time being I didn’t feel the slightest that Akane got anywhere with her character development making it very hard to say there was any redeeming parts about her character. Worse yet, the last part where everyone’s brains suddenly short circuited made things further painful to read. To be fair, it’s typical to go around barging into enemy territory and make their way up to the boss with the power love, friendship and etcetera at the end but in this case… They aren’t even fighting evil bosses.

Well I mean, they may look a bit evil but they’re not really antagonists. They’re just busy old people who spared time out of their schedule to meet with Akane but Akane decided to run off before properly meeting them only to come back in the middle of night and proceed to destroy the building as she made her way to them. Who’s the bad guy here, really?

As a conclusion… Worst heroine? Worst heroine.

Hopefully none of the other heroines can top Akane.

Next up is Touko route.


6 thoughts on “恋剣乙女 – Akane route

  1. As for some things not making entirely sense or appeared out of nowhere, there seems to be hints for the route of the non choosen heroine in every route. In Eve’s story there are hints why Touko is hesistant to get serious and Yuzu also invents that device.
    (i still haven’t read their routes yet though)

    • That sort of stuff is fine, I imagine each heroine has their own little problem which will only be solved in their own route, Touko not getting serious is a good example of that.

      I was mainly talking about how it felt relatively abrupt for Akane to show up with secret training and challenge Eve without any noticeable foreshadowing to it. That said, it’s possible there was foreshadowing and it was just that I failed to pay enough attention. Somewhat possible since I didn’t really like her route past the confession but in any case, I think it would’ve benefited from some different PoVs.

    • Wasn’t that magic nullifying device something that occured before the actual tournaments. Which means it’s not Touko specific but something from the common route.
      Yuzu did make an incomplete magic amp device in Eve/Yves route , without spoiling anytthing because it was incomplete it had a different effect.

      • That should be common route, yes. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough with it but when I said nullifying their abilities I was referring to some sort of magical item that completely blocks them from using their abilities, probably not an invention of Yuzu seeing as the one Seiichi uses has restrictions on it.

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