ガンナイトガール – Thoughts

Overall a good story from start to end, definitely one of the better VNs of the year.

To be honest, what was revealed in terms of the antagonist wasn’t all too surprising as you could vaguely get an outline of what’s going on from the previous routes, especially Tamaki’s route as that revealed quite a bit on things. There were various interesting tidbits about the story that you wouldn’t notice until after you read the final route though.

Basically, Sayako was always next to him, holed up in the supposed-to-be AI robot because of an experimentation to link a human with a computer gone wrong. This makes perfect sense seeing as, following her disappearance, the AI tends to simply magically get a step up in intelligence and in various routes it showed vague signs of being strangely jealous of the heroines. I was under the impression that it was Sayako that did all of the harrassments in the other routes because of how possessive she is but… surprisingly it wasn’t. Well I suppose it couldn’t be helped though, we practically knew nothing about the antagonist until this route.

In a nutshell there’s a group of orphans who were picked up to do human experimentation on, in order to create the perfect soldiers, the same old story really. However while you could say that the project was a “success”, it was judged that it costs far too much for what it is worth and the project was scrapped with the new project coming in to replace them, in other words what the heroines are doing. In this experimentation, just as it’s emphasized countless times in the story, the experiments aren’t too dangerous. The objective of the experiment is to create weapons that are essentially capable of reading the thoughts of a human and immediately acting. In other words the machine, or weapon will become an extension of your body. Even an amateur will be able to do movements like a professional on their first pilot, that’s the objective.

The old, scrapped orphans (the ones that managed to survive that is)… didn’t really care all that much except one for the most part. As the story describes, she’s mad. Like, really, there’s a screw loose somewhere. You’d call her a generic antagonist #9682962 but at this point they’re practically making fun of the generic antagonists by acting like one. In any case it’s a mad woman, there’s probably no use in making sense out of it.

That said, revealing that there’s one crazy woman as the antagonist as well as her character really sheds a lot of light on the previous routes and makes you look at it in a completely different perspective. Looking back at things like Renka’s route you realize that it was the antagonist who tried to mimic Sayako and play the role of the big bad guy as it perfectly fits her personality. With that said, that one time where the “AI” got heavily damaged in order to protect Ayato in Mashiro’s route also looks a lot darker now. They said that it was impossible to restore it to before, that’s less because we don’t have the money to or we lost precious data to do so but more along the lines of Sayako probably died at that point.

Another point is that whenever Ayato goes for another heroine, this would by itself imply that Sayako probably gets pushed to the shadows and lives her life as a “missing person” who is right by Ayato’s side the entire time. Somehow looks like a NTR story if you think from her PoV.

Finally in Shino’s route it’s notable that the enemies committed suicide by shooting themselves after their machines were defeated in combat. Thinking normally you would comprehend this as something along the lines of rather than being captured and interrogated, we should just die! But after knowing the truth behind the things, the only person who really should’ve died is the antagonist as the rest of them are really quite innocent.

In any case, it’s only after reading this final route that you realize in the previous routes there were various dark implications for the characters, only that they happened without you understanding it properly. A pretty nice touch in that area, speaking of nice touches, the reveal for Ayato’s mother and his past connection to Sayako was also interesting. So apparently Sayako is an illegitimate child. Whose you ask? Of course of Ayato’s family. In other words she’s half connected to blood with Ayato, surprise incest!

Frankly however, I didn’t really like Sayako all that much. Watching her yandere obsessions over Ayato was pretty amusing bu outside of that I liked Mashiro and Renka more. Oh right and there’s one more person…

… She was unexpectedly cute (fandisk route where? Not that I’m actually expecting one). In the end we didn’t get to see what her face is like though, what a pity.

On the topic of women, I think this story has a strong point that it wants to tell us, that is…

There are many women in this story

There are many women in this story

They're scary

They’re scary

Fairly scary

Oh shit turn 360 degrees and immediately get the hell out of there levels of scary.

I don’t think there’s many stories with that many scary women like that stuffed in one story. Not that I’m complaining.

Overall it was a very enjoyable story, there wasn’t any extremely shocking plot twists but at the same time, it handled the mystery well enough so that the entire picture isn’t immediately obvious from step one as some stories are like. I mean really, sometimes I wonder if they understand that foreshadowing is meant to be subtle and not thrown right at your face. Is the reader even supposed to be surprised in that case? Isn’t it just intentionally letting you know how everything will turn out at that point?

The character chemistry was also very enjoyable to watch, it’s an all in all good story with little to complain about unless this isn’t your sort of story. Will probably take a bit of a break and then move to a bit of a light hearted story before going into the main meat of the month, Liar-soft’s newest work in the beautiful series.


4 thoughts on “ガンナイトガール – Thoughts

  1. I downloaded this game a few months ago just for the porn, but despite the fact I can’t speak one bit of Japanese, I actually REALLY wanted to know the story of this game and I actually skim over your thoughts because I want to avoid spoilers and I also almost can’t really play the game now because I’m hoping one day someone will english patch it and I can enjoy it in a much better way…..T.T

    Also, doesn’t Tamaki have a route? Are you going to do her as well?

    • I did finish her route, I just didn’t bother going out of my way to blog it since she never felt like a proper heroine to me. That and I wanted to go to the finale without waiting.

  2. Alright fuck it, I don’t care about spoilers anymore because it will probably take years for a translation to come out and by that time, I’ll forget about this game, so I’ll just ask my last question, why do you think Tamaki isn’t a proper heroine? Does she not have a good story or character development? Or is it some other reason?

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