Justy×Nasty – Thoughts

I went into this half expecting to drop it before finishing but it wasn’t actually all that bad. Not really that good either for some common reasons.

The story begins with the protagonist, Kiyoharu being thrown into a school to study and become a great demon lord. Why you ask? It’s because his father wanted to become a hero but could not become one. The reason being that during that time, there weren’t any evil demon lords to defeat, it was a peaceful age. If there’s no demons to defeat, then he couldn’t possibly become a proper hero.

Then he thought— If there’s no enemy, all he has to do is make one. As such, once Kiyoharu was born, seeing his “great potential” to become a demon lord, his father began training him severely day and night before eventually throwing him into the school to study. This of course, leads to him meeting the various heroines and characters of the story.

For time being, the comedy and setting is pretty good. The setting is pretty similar to Futsuno Fantasy in the sense that it’s parodying retro rpgs, the school that they attend is also split into various classes going anywhere from architects that repair buildings that the heroes and demons destroy overnight to npcs that have to practice repeating the same lines over and over and over again without stagnation. In this case, Kiyoharu belongs to the “demon lord” class which only elite students attend. Another point of interest is that Kiyoharu’s ability consists of being able to talk to various animals, insects and the like. This also allowed for some funny moments, though I have to say, doesn’t that make things somewhat awkward if it comes to slaughtering animals for food?

Unfortunately not everything was good, outside of the setting and comedy the story was otherwise generic and more plainly put: boring. In addition, the story isn’t very long so everything ends before you know it and probably because of that, the story was also fairly disjointed at a few points. The story pacing in general is pretty fast and all of the heroine stories pretty much follow the same formula.

Overall it was enjoyable for a bit here and there but isn’t anything all that great either.

Now I’m currently debating amongst myself whether I should start up Kimisora next or go for some gameplay with Hyakki. Well… Probably the former when I get around to it.


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