夏の終わりのニルヴァーナ – Thoughts

Whoa… The individual routes were decent albeit cheesy but that true route made up for everything… it honestly took me by surprise even though I vaguely expected some of the developments.

Let’s see… this story greatly fits the whole “fate”, reincarnation cycles and whatnot into things. In a nutshell all of the characters have a certain bond with each other. These bonds persist even after they’ve died and reincarnated.

Unfortunately knowing this actually only makes some of these heroines all the more tragic. Especially Nayu. Though I think, or rather hope it isn’t so, it seems to imply that these characters have the terrible fate of getting winded up in some tragedy with every reincarnation they go through. At the very least, history repeats itself with the story beginning and 1200 years prior to the story start.

First you have Mihaya committing suicide out of depression. The reason varies but… yeah.

Then you have Nayu being born with a weak body and inevitably will die a young death.

Don't mind the hair color. There didn't seem to be the best picture for this in the CG recollection so I had to makedo.

Don’t mind the hair color. There didn’t seem to be the best picture for this in the CG recollection so I had to makedo.

Finally you have Leia and Nono in a master-servant relationship with Leia stuck having a terrible father and Nono getting the short end of the stick because of that.

By the way, I’ll mention here that in this scenario Nono was revealed to be a dog. Well considering her actions it’s not the slightest bit surprising so it’s hardly even a spoiler.

Thankfully with the protagonist powers we manage to send all of the heroines towards a happy ending… Well, Nayu is inevitably going to die anyway but at least she’ll have a slightly happier death…?

That’s the individual routes revealing their wonderful lives.

And then came the true route.

That honestly came off as one big middle finger to all of the heroines and gave the individual routes a meaning beyond being a cheesy drama.

Our protagonist, Karma isn’t human so hes been alive for well over 1000 years. And so, when he was still little, he was taken to the human world at some point to look around. Being the young boy he is, he immediately escaped and went to explore. That’s where he met the (human) main heroine, Kuon. Not long after this encounter he had to return back but skipping forward 10 years, he sneaks out and once again arrives in the human world, meeting a more mature Kuon.

Things are all romantic up to here but this time around, Karma spent a longer period of time in the human world and encountered various people. Namely, the past lives of the other heroines. Well I’ll skip past the setting and frankly state that this is where the tragedy all began.

I don’t really want to remind myself of the details so to explain things simply…

For certain reasons Kuon is going to be murdered by a bastard who also happens to be Leia’s father. The entire village that Kuon lives in is burnt to the ground, everyone is murdered. Leia arrived at the village in order to stop her father, only to be killed by him.

Nono, who served Leia was shocked hearing about this, alas…

She was unable to do much as she lost her head. (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

She was unable to do much as she lost her head. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Thankfully Karma managed to get to Kuon in time to protect her from a barrage of arrows.

… However a single arrow got past which proved to be fatal for Kuon, inevitably she dies as well. (Karma of course won’t since he’s not even human)

Nayu who was at the capital during that time, heard the news of this and dragged her sickly body back to the village.

… She did not make it and died crawling her way there.

Mihaya who was conflicted by the situation and “did not do anything” or rather made things worse in some points of view, after seeing Nayu’s corpse on the roadside despaired and chose to commit suicide.

The art was actually pretty good around this area

The art was actually pretty good around this area

Karma, enraged by the events tried to kill the root of the entire mess, however he was stopped and could not do even that, it’s forbidden for them to interfere with the lives of humans, much less killing them.

And that was the past of Karma and the heroines. The only thing I have to say about it is well, fuck you too.

On the bright side the story actually ended up on a pretty happy note. Not an all around happy ending but still relatively bright to what the ending could have been. After all, the story cornered Karma to a position where, after recalling his past with Kuon and the others, he’s forced to erase Kuon’s existence from the world by his own hands. Of course in the sense of complete erasure, zero, nothing, nada.

In any case, I’m glad I bothered to give this a chance as I honestly wasn’t expecting much out of it. In the end I received a fairly decent story. Much better than the average romance you find here and there at least.

Next up is Leyline, let’s see if it has gotten any better, though it won’t end. Actually forget that, I don’t mind that it’s a multi-part story but the way the previous one ended was just stupid. Look at Grisaia, Ikusa Megami, Rance or any other of the stories that consist of many different VNs, you never get an abrupt ending out of nowhere leaving you hardly satisfied. That’s pretty much how you should handle things like this seeing as there can be well over a year in between releases.


3 thoughts on “夏の終わりのニルヴァーナ – Thoughts

  1. I liked the individual routes, eventhough the story in the first half of most of the routes felt for me a little dragged but the reveal of every heroine’s tragic life was done very well for me and i felt really bad for all of them.
    I didn’t expect the true route to be very different from the other 3 routes (since it was entirely about Karma’s past with Kuon and the past incarnations of the current main heroines), but nonetheless i agree that it was done very well.

    • I found the tragedy to be a little stereotypical if not somewhat silly because every other route consisted of the heroines throwing a huge tantrum over it. But the reveal was indeed pretty well executed and to some level understandable so it works just fine. For the true route I was already expecting that Kuon is holding her own little problem, I just didn’t expect it to be in this form, not to mention that the other characters played an important role in it as well. The past story really struck me by surprise though, all that tragedy bundled up in one go and the old man doesn’t even get what he deserves (though he probably gets it after he dies).

  2. The tantrums were in my opinion their bottled up emotions and frustrations from their past lives after Karma has awakened their memeories.
    Like Mihaya’s was triggered on her “cursed” birthday , Nayu because of Mihaya’s attitude of not cherishing her life while Nayu could not live a normal life and Leia’s reason was after she lost her eyesight , which was something that happened in her life after she not being able to trust people anymore.

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