Broken posts and Twittering

Hm, it appears that my previous post came up with an error rendering it inaccessible. Well as far as I can see it’s fixed now but while I was dealing with it, I thought that I may as well make a Twitter account for this blog while at it. I’ve been meaning to do so for a while since there’s those random thoughts which don’t quite deserve an entire post for.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m beginning to get hyped for Pastel chime 3. Please don’t get delayed ;_;


6 thoughts on “Broken posts and Twittering

    • Of course, though I’ve honestly been wanting to reread the first two before Rakuen but my backlog is beginning to get larger and larger ;_; not sure what to do, might reread it anyway and watch as my backlog increases further.

        • Mainly monthly releases that I didn’t have time to read before moving to the next month. Or in other words, stories I was slightly interested in but never interested enough to actually drop what I was doing and read it.

  1. Hype HYPPPPEEEE YEAAAH. (There’s a recent incident regarding Alicesoft being hacked into and Pastel Chime being leaked…can only hope there are not too many bad consequences that come with it).

    Also, what’s the twitter account :3.

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