Lovesick Puppies – Impressions

Ahh that was a fairly good start for things.

WLO is one of my favorite VNs of its genre so when hearing about Lovesick Puppies I wasn’t very interested until I heard of the writer. Then well, I came to hold some sort of expectations for it. Since they share writers, it could be good…right?

Well those expectations were properly met, at least so far.



Though thanks to the title, I can’t help but view the entire situation as: “The protagonist Kotarou and his women(puppy) taming adventures”. I haven’t been able to shake off that view of things ever since the start. But in any case, the heroines so far are all cute. I’ve only finished the first chapter so I haven’t quite seen them all though but hey, they managed to make a good childhood friend. If they can do that then the rest of the characters should be pretty easy. It’s sad how many generic childhood friends there are.

It’s not all fun and play though as this chapter had its fair share of drama as well.

Regardless of that, I’m fairly happy with it at the moment and considering the writer in charge, I don’t think I have to be too worried about the quality deteriorating in the middle. The only drawback is that, contrary to what WLO was like, this story (apparently) isn’t very long. That could pose some problems in the future if it ends up too rushed I guess.

In WLO Arisa’s route was probably the only time I stopped and wondered when the heck the story would end in a VN because it was just that long as an individual route.


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