Lovesick Puppies – Thoughts

Hmm… for the most part good, though the quality seemed to vary a bit.

Whether or not these puppies are lovesick or not aside, it’s true that all of them give some sort of puppy feel. That said, all of it is more like a cute trait the heroines have which you can vaguely link towards it. The only exception to this would be… Maruna.

From the moment she appeared, or rather when the entire development took form, it gave a feel of Kotarou picking up an abandoned puppy and taking it home. Even after picking her up she seriously came off feeling like a pet. Frankly it’s not exactly appealing to do the route of a pet so I didn’t go with it.

Character-wise Orie seems to be the most important, or rather, developed. But my favorite character was probably Yuki. She’s probably one of the better done childhood friends and had great chemistry with Kotarou. The pacing in her route was also done much better, particularly when comparing to Orie. It was especially bad in the sense that I could practically count the number of times a character other than Orie appeared during her route. Interestingly, even in Yuki’s route Orie had a fair bit of character development. Probably contributes to why I liked her route over Orie’s as well.

Other heroines vanishing after route split isn’t particularly unusual but it felt like the story fell apart at that point seeing as part of the charm I felt in the common route was because of all the heroines running around. Though to be honest all routes were a bit unsatisfying. It feels a bit like they spent too much time dealing with the heroine problems.

Then again, the routes were pretty short to begin with so I guess it couldn’t be helped. The common route felt relatively long though… perhaps they ended up spending most of the money there instead. Well that’s not something I would know in any case.

Overall it was an enjoyable read, though I’d call it slightly above average or around that territory. It was enjoyable but that’s about as far as it gets.

As per the results of a coin flip, I decided to play 巨乳ファンタジー next. Although I say that I’ve already started reading it at the time of writing so eh. You really can’t judge a book by its cover can you? Harumade also went under my radar until I heard recommendations about it. Though, heh, calling it a “Kyonyuu fantasy” isn’t so far off the mark either.

As a side comment the art in this game is pretty nice

As a side comment the art in this game is pretty nice


2 thoughts on “Lovesick Puppies – Thoughts

  1. I only read from the erogamescape crowd that Lovesick Puppies is a ‘decent’ game and pretty much concur with the childhood friend sentiments. But the art is nice. :Q

    And I completely forgot all these years that I have played Kyonyuu Fantasy and it was a hell of a lot better than I thought it was. Just have to clean my eyes out regularly from all the MAMMARIES.

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