Strawberry Nauts – Impressions

ミライセカイのプラネッタ was a failure and my attention wandered after about an hour in. Well maybe someone else could find it interesting if they played further than I did but I didn’t like how the story was paced and neither the characters nor story interested me enough to continue reading so off it goes.

And so here I am starting this instead. So far it seems like a decent moege and it’s just what I was looking for to take a break from before returning to Kyonyuu.

For the most part the setting is like your average moege so there’s not much to speak of in that area.

What makes it stand out is definitely the PIT system which is at the same time… extremely distracting. I can’t help but want to open and read it whenever a new message shows up but that would basically result in me opening the PIT window every minute or two. Not exactly a good way to keep my attention on the actual story.

Well it’s overall positive though, pretty nice to have something like that to read on the side.

The comedy is also fairly good and the heroines are…are… average. I’m frankly mostly never a fan of characters whose personalities consist of: her love of protagonist and a random side setting like “childhood friend”. Of course if it’s done well then that’s that and enjoyable in its own right but in most cases it’s just eh… Comes off as a little shallow. I basically dropped Loveressive for that reason. The comedy was good as its reputation shows but the characters weren’t particularly interesting.

As usual with games of this type, I’ll probably go through routes I’m interested in and drop the rest of it.



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