Strawberry Nauts – Thoughts

It was a good moege although I only bothered with Houmi’s route so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

There actually isn’t much to say since it was a perfect example of a moege. Alright maybe not so perfect but it does follow what a moege should be like. In other words… empty fluffiness that you sit back and enjoy for what it is. I think trying to make it seem more than it actually is would be funny.

As I noted in the impressions, the PIT system was very enjoyable and it’s definitely the highlight of the game. The comedy was also decently done as a moege since it managed to get a few laughs out of me here and there, the characters don’t feel too special but that’s probably just my tastes.

If there’s one slight disappointment then I would say that it’s a little short. The common route seems to have only lasted for about 12~ days and the individual routes for another 10~ days with some of the days only taking a few minutes to read. Regardless it didn’t feel rushed as some games do so it’s still fairly satisfying.

What I don’t get is why there was a need to push in some scifi elements at the end of Houmi’s route. I mean, what? What’s it doing in my moege? It’s not like it interfered with the enjoyment much but I just found it out of place in a story like this.

Overall it’s a nice little moege to pick up if you’re feeling like some fluff.

From here on it’s finally for the third Kyonyuu Fantasy. (Which I’ve, again, already started at the time of writing). That said, there probably won’t be a post this time since the story and protagonist is more or less the same. The story so far seems to be moving strangely fast which is a bit disappointing I guess. I was expecting the game to be longer since the game was bigger than its predecessors. Perhaps they expanded individual routes so all of the work went there instead. I feel reluctant to go there as in my heart harem ending is the one and only path but I may give it a try if it feels too short.

Assassin A, B and C now looking even better than before.

Assassin A, B and C now looking even better than before.


One thought on “Strawberry Nauts – Thoughts

  1. Haha, I actually just finish that and the quality is still up there for a nukige. Though I need to ctrl skip all the H scene because my body will not stand the number of fapping that I will make if I go through every single of them XD

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