Magical Charming! – Impressions

Worthy of its company name, a story that really is full of sugar.

To begin with it’s a type of story that I’m not quite fond of writing about because of the lack of content to talk about and added to the fact that I would typically just read a route or two that I’m interested in and drop it. Especially so this month as I still have quite a few other things to read but… apparently there’s a true route and some unanswered questions in the background that require answers.

So… despite having 90, no, 95% of the story consisting of sugary love and a non-existent common route it apparently tries to put together some sort of story still. That’s… quite intriguing.

The story, summed up in a nutshell is: The protagonist gets kidnapped to an island, more accurately an all-girls school where he will now attend as an exceptional male student! The twist is that it’s not just a simple school, it’s a magical school that teaches the students magic. Why is our dear protagonist there? Because he’s a unique case of a male who can cast magic!

It’s suspected that the source of his power is his desire to find a girlfriend! Thus begins his quest to find a girlfriend in a magical school with plenty of romcom hijinks.

Really, it’s best not to think too deeply into things. I expected a bit more magic from the summary but aside from having an excuse to collect cards, the magic part of the setting is more or less just placed in the background of the story.

That aside, as I mentioned, the story is structured a bit uniquely. First of all there’s just about no common route so you more or less jump right into heroine choices. But even if we say choices, the game uses a chrono card system for choices which, essentially means that as you go through playing the game you’ll naturally pick up cards.

Then when selections show up you can choose between available cards which you may or may not have obtained at this point. Having the card means that the events may play out a little differently, though in the one route I went through so far the card system is pretty straightforward as I didn’t have much trouble with it.

Frankly though, so far it really does seem like it’s just a lump of sugar with how the events played out. But I’m curious about the truth behind some of the unanswered questions so I decided that I would go through to the true end after all.

But for time being as I don’t see a single ounce of serious story, I’ll just treat it as a sugar packed moege and try not to get diabetes while reading it. At least I found the humor and characters decent enough to keep me entertained for now.

… I’m really worried about taking too long to read the releases though. There’s some pretty interesting releases this month as well so if I don’t handle it well I’m going to end up in an loop with releases piling up in my backlog until I burn myself out from reading too many eroge. How terrifying.


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