Magical Charming! – Thoughts

Though I said this last time, I’ll say it again: it’s truly fitting of its company game, if you play it you should expect a lump of sugar handed to you.

However I have doubts, how many people really enjoy chomping on a lump of sugar with nothing else to go with it?

In a similar line of thought, I actually wasn’t too entertained by the routes in this story.

I mean, let’s be clear. The routes were cute, the heroines were cute, the development had no faults and in general nothing was wrong.

They deliberately raised questions only to ignore them entirely however we can probably shrug it off as they were saving it for the true route.

Aside from achieving the purpose of being cute however, I felt nothing else of particular interest from the story. I suppose if you put simply, it’s not quite my type of story. Even if it’s romance, I would like some sort of spice to go with it.

That aside, what’s interesting is contrary to what the routes were like, the true route was dead serious and were pretty interesting to read.

What is the true route about you ask?

It turns out that Orietta has a younger sister. She’s lightly 600, 700 years old and is the founder of the magical country.

She also happens to be maintaining the magical country so that it doesn’t drop out of the sky (it’s floating if you never knew!).

To add on something you may have not known: the entire story is a time loop.

Yep, you heard that right. Canonically all routes happen in the same timeline with some parallel world hijinks at work. At some point in the story, the time loops back to the start and this repeats at the very least 4 times.

The true route starts with the protagonist Ritsu noticing that he held cards that he had no memory of. Better yet, upon closely inspecting them he recalls memories of the Ritsu in that timeline. Eventually he regains memories of all 4 heroines and all 4 of them also recall memories of that timeline.

Apparently the cards weren’t just some meta tool for choices. They literally piled up throughout routes, that was a pretty nice touch.

Following that, we have to ask: When did the time loop begin?

The answer is apparently the non-existent common route. From the very start, the story already entered the loop. Separately, there was a common route where Ritsu became Orietta’s familiar and not long after, her lover. Indicating that Orietta is the true route which wasn’t much of a surprise.

Unfortunately after that, Orietta had to replace her younger sister as a foundation for the country because her younger sister was running out of magical power. During that process however, an accident happened and Ritsu died or more accurately, had his entire existence erased.

In response to this, magic happened and a time loop began.

The true route was essentially about breaking out of the time loop, revealing a large variety of foreshadowing that happened in previous routes, rescuing Orietta’s younger sister from being eaten by a history eater and finally bidding farewell to the magical country.

They return to the human world without any magic, attending a normal school and live happily ever after.

… Am I a bad person for the fact that one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind was: “3P?”

Man, writers sure love their time loops. Anyway, although it wasn’t something like, great it was a satisfying true route. Though the context of the story was of course surprising, I was probably more surprised that the story actually had a more serious side to it. The thing was nearly free of any form of drama and was all about love for every route so this development was borderline genre shift.

Hm though, I don’t actually have much else to talk about. It was just that, love stories and a somewhat entertaining true route. Heroines were cute but nothing extraordinary, though I can see why there’s people who like Fuuka alright.

It really is interesting how imoutos often become one of the better characters compared to others.

It really is interesting how imoutos often become one of the better characters compared to others.

Next up I’m going to start ChuSinGura 46+1. As it has been highly rated at every other place with more or less everyone at least calling it above average I suppose I should put some expectations in it.

Personally I don’t see any appeal in it yet, not that I can say anything seeing as I haven’t even read a summary of the story yet.

Meaning other than the fact that I can guess it’s about old Japan, I have absolutely no idea what it’s going to be about. Ahahahahaha…ha…

Well I’ll find out tomorrow.


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