ChuSinGura 46+1 – Impressions

So far from reading the first chapter it seems pretty fitting of its reputation. I can definitely see where the popularity is coming from at the very least. Whether or not it’s really the eroge of the year I don’t know though.

Thankfully I don’t need to sum up much because the story more or less completely follows the events in Chusingura, you can just lightly look over the Wikipedia to get the gist of what happens really.

There is, of course, a difference however.

Aside from all of the ronins being gender bent to become cute women and one of them frequently switching between being a loli and a well endowed woman, we still have a protagonist that we follow.

Our protagonist Suguha is a perfectly average person who lives in the modern age. He’s supposedly very talented in kendo but because of an accident where he seriously injured someone he quit practicing it.

One day on new years he went to visit a shrine with his older sister but somehow ended up fainting and waking up 300 years in the past, briefly before the start of the events in Chusingura.

He had apparently replaced a person who held the exact same name and looks the same as him in the past, at first he was of course confused and was convinced that it was merely a dream. Within a week he realized that it was without doubt reality that he was thrown 300 years into the past, during that period he was treated as someone who somehow lost his memories.

Of course he began thinking of ways to go back home to his age, but no clues of that sort showed up. Eventually the events in the Chusingura began with the death of Asano and Suguha gets mixed up in the mess.

At first all he could think of was how to keep himself alive in the situation but gradually as time passed, he familiarized himself with the surroundings and to some extent, gave up hope on returning home as he took a liking to the people around him.

He began training and eventually it bear fruit as he protected his lord, Oishi from the threat of assassins. Essentially from spending 2 years living in the environment, he completely shaped himself to become one of them despite being originally irrelevant to the entire affair.

Unfortunately not a single bit of history changed. History still traced the path he knew and it resulted in them raiding Kira’s mansion for revenge. Despite the unexpected surprise of Kira turning into a monster and rising all of the slain guards from the dead as zombies, they still succeeded in taking his head and thus accomplishing their objective.

However then Suguha is ordered to part from them, because he still has the future to return to and not to mention he’s not truly a samurai, so he shouldn’t die with them. Unfortunately Suguha completely had the samurai spirit ingrained into him at that point of time, so regardless of what Oishi said, Suguha decided to die on the same day the rest of them did.

However even that did not exactly go as planned. Before he could commit suicide, he found a sharp pain in his stomach. Looking back he finds the assassin that he repelled 2 years ago back for revenge, he “dies” and then the credit rolls.



The credit roll, as if to rub salt in your wounds, features all of the characters smiling in traditional seppuku clothes and a background with some fresh blood stains on it.

Fortunately the story doesn’t end here. Suguha later wakes up again at the time when he just arrived in the age, so apparently it’s time loop time after a time slip. Pretty interesting mix.

This marks the end of the first chapter of the story.

Overall my impression has been generally positive. I wondered how they intended to progress the story seeing as everything went according to history but I didn’t expect Suguha to die at the very end and loop right back to the start. It’ll be quite interesting to see how Suguha handles things from here on.

The only negative point I have with this story:

If purely following the order of the CG view, it seems to imply that the most uninteresting heroine is being saved for the very last chapter. Not exactly pleasant to know but it’s not concrete so I can only hope it doesn’t go in that direction. Then again this story isn’t particularly romance oriented to begin with so I guess it won’t matter much.


2 thoughts on “ChuSinGura 46+1 – Impressions

  1. gotta appreciate the little details in this VN

    like wounds and dirt on the character sprites and the damage on the blade of katanas and spears

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