ChuSinGura 46+1 – 江戸急進派編

Poor Suguha ;_;

It doesn’t look like he’s going to get a happy ending anytime soon.

Continuing off from chapter one where Suguha looped back to the start, the events this time played out a bit different historically and much differently in Suguha’s perspective.

This time, because of subtle differences in history such as him arriving in this age a day later (thus missing important encounters) he ultimately failed to gain the trust of the person he loved in the first chapter.

He thought that in order to prevent everyone dying once again, he would defeat the “antagonist”, Kira by himself and solve everything. That was cut short as it was proven to be an infeasible task for him alone to do.

As a result of some twists and turns he ended up following the events in the Edo faction, the faction which he simply thought of as extremists who wanted revenge at all costs before.

There he met a variety of new characters and learned what sort of situation they had to deal with themselves, Suguha once again grew to relate to their hardships as he passed his time with them.

In this chapter we essentially learn about the other side of the story that we had no idea about before. Though it was fairly interesting to link the two stories together to gain a bigger picture of what happened, that’s as far as it went.

No matter how Suguha tried, essentially the history remained mostly unchanged…

Until we started nearing the end of the chapter.

Well at least he doesn't have to worry about dying by her hands this time.

Well at least he doesn’t have to worry about dying by her hands this time.

At that point it was as if all of the time spent up till that point was simply to place the dominos so that the writer could topple them in one go as the story takes one dark twist after another. All sort of things went wrong with the plan and it’s revealed that there’s a mysterious woman manipulating the story to make Suguha suffer further.



As a result of the manipulations, there was traitors who sold information, people dying, kidnapping and worst of all: the mansion became a literal monster house the minute they stepped into it. Unlike the first time where they had to cut them all down and then watch as they were revived.

Essentially all hope looked to be lost for the plan. However mostly thanks to the efforts of Suguha, things return back on track before it actually became a hopeless situation. As a result of this, however, Suguha dies once again before Kira was murdered.



Following the events of the previous chapter, Suguha once again loops back to the start. However this time, before doing so, he is warned that there is something big in the shadows manipulating his surroundings.

That said the person in question more or less gave up hope. Well I don’t really blame him, anyone would be pretty tired after being thrown 300 years to the past, adapting to the past despite that, falling in love, failing to save her and then dying to an assassin on top of that. Returning 2 years back, for obvious reasons no one remembers him at all. But even then, he tries to change history so that he can save the people he likes.

However he fails to change history (at least in a positive manner), everything he did essentially backfired on him, he falls in love once more with someone else but that didn’t get anywhere as he dies once again.

I typically don’t like when protagonists end up moping around but in this case I honestly feel that it can’t be helped when considering the circumstances around him.

That said, with this we get to see that there’s a bigger shadow in the background trying to make Suguha’s life hell for who knows why. Because of this shadow, it looks like Suguha is going to have even more trouble trying to change history.

What is interesting, I suppose, is that he retains his fighting experience with every loop. Although his physical body gets reverted back to 2 years before, he keeps all of the experience he gained during those 2 years. It makes me think that if it keeps up, he might become some monster at fighting. Just maybe though, depends how the story wants to play things out.

In any case, chapter two has been great as well. Though it’s understandable that he’s like that, I hope Suguha manages to cheer up soon enough in chapter three. I think that unless the story manages to screw up terribly towards the end, this story will solidly rank in the above average area.


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