ChuSinGura 46+1 – 百花魁編

Dammit this story ;___;

Being quite depressed, Suguha chose the path of staying away from interfering in history and just letting things flow as it should. Following that, he avoids contact with everyone but contrary to his efforts, he ends up being dragged into the mess against his will.

In this case Suguha ends up somehow becoming the fiancee of Chikara as he made her fall in love with him on first sight by saving her from a pack of wolves.

However unwilling to interfere with history, he escapes and leaves Chikara alone. During this time, his aimless travels around Japan leads him to meet Shinpachi who joined him in his travels. Or more accurately, took a liking to him and followed him wherever he went.

Notably you’re given a choice to go through a hscene with Shinpachi but…well… that leads straight to a bad end right after it. What a pity.

This persisted for several months until one day where Shinpachi vanished to do something and by pure coincidence, Suguha finds out that Shinpachi is actually an assassin related to Kira and she left in order to assassinate the people in the mansion. Hearing this, Suguha rushed to the scene and somehow managed to save Chikara from being killed.

After some more peaceful days with Chikara, eventually the fun begins once again, as it turns out that the reason one of them failed to attend the revenge is because of their death, by the hands of Shinpachi no less. At this point you might as well assume that everyone who has a face and didn’t attend the revenge was murdered at some point of time. That isn’t really too far from the truth anyway.



After some fuss with Suguha practically getting PTSD because of the death and all of the events before that, Suguha finally gets over his depression and walks forward again with the help of Chikara.

The events following that once again traced history more or less with some truth we previously didn’t know being revealed along the way.

On the day of the revenge, Kira was killed as scheduled.

Despite the condition of killing Kira to return back to the future, for some reason Suguha did not return back to the future once again. Just like the first time, Suguha is shut out from dying with everyone else and is told to simply “live” and return home to his age. As with last time it happened, Suguha is extremely depressed until he hears of a certain rumor floating around Edo. That Kira is “not dead”.

As he unravels the truth that the Kira they killed was actually an imposter and the real Kira escaped the day before, finding an objective Suguha immediately goes into action.

Suguha and some others assault Kira and his guards as they were traveling to another place where Suguha encounters Shinpachi for a final showdown with her.

Somehow it feels like a bit of a pity that she ended up as an enemy.

Somehow it feels like a bit of a pity that she ended up as an enemy. I actually quite liked her yandere antics.

Though Suguha is inferior to her in ability and talent, he manages to defeat her with his wit and then goes to corner Kira.

This time, this time Kira truly is killed and their revenge is accomplished. Of course, officially the “real” Kira was killed by the others and the Kira Suguha killed was the “fake” Kira. Otherwise, quite frankly, all of them died for no reason.

Suguha returns to the future 300 years later, takes first place in a Kendo championship but generally feels life to be quite empty compared to before. Different from his days in the past where he had to live treading the line between life and death and frequently encountering situations where he could have died at any moment. Or rather, in reality he *did* die two times.

He goes through the sites in relation to the Chusingura and eventually arrives at a place where he discovers something that Chikara carved which managed to survive these 300 years in tact:







I really wish this story would just end in some harem end with everyone happy but it’s extremely doubtful, especially with the final route being the worst girl. I still don’t see things turning out well in that department. Well moving on…

Finally losing his regret and resolving himself to move forward for the sake of the ones he loved, he returns home only to encounter a certain person from the past and also the person who is supposedly the mysterious wirepuller in the past.

After remarking that Suguha failed to change the past, she boldly declares that she’ll change the past and won’t let the people from Ako be recognized as “heroes”. The chapter ends at this point.

Hm, the pacing for this is more or less like the previous chapter. The middle is a bit dull but the ending packs a huge punch, making it quite enjoyable.

I felt that this chapter alone beautifully wrapped up the story with the exception of some holes but there’s still two chapters to go so we’re clearly not finished yet. I suppose for the most part we’ll be dealing with the reason Suguha was thrown into the past to begin with and the intentions behind the wirepuller trying to screw with Suguha.

I’d assume that it has to do with Kira technically being a “victim” in this entire story but we’ll see.


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