ChuSinGura 46+1 – Thoughts

Ah… now that I actually get to the point of writing the final thoughts I find myself without as much to say about it.

Well it certainly lived up to its reputation, that’s for sure.

Summing everything together comes off as a pain but frankly, the causes are pretty retarded to begin with. Essentially all of the resentment from the antagonists are because they’re the supposed descendants of people who played tragic roles in the story.

For an example, Shimizu is the descendant of Kira who is, needless to be said, more or less a victim of the entire event. Apparently for being the descendant of Kira, her family suffered quite a bit so she wanted to change history as a result. Not that I can particularly picture people getting bullied for having a family name like that. People in Japan must take history pretty seriously.

However Shimizu wasn’t the real wirepuller behind everything. The real wirepuller was someone else but her reason was even more stupid. Especially as it was apparently based off a misunderstanding in the end. Not to mention even her plan sounded retarded as she wanted to somehow make it so that history records the cause of the earthquake their fault.

I mean, what? 300 years later people are supposed to be teaching children: “you know that large earthquake that happened 300 years ago? It was all the fault of these samurai who decided to take revenge for their deceased lord!”.

Unless I misunderstood something, I don’t even slightly see how that’s supposed to make sense. Shimizu’s idea of simply changing history and not letting Kira die sounds far more realistic even if perhaps an impossible feat.

I did find it hilarious that generic girl #59285 was actually the wirepuller in disguise though. I thought they looked the same just because it was a generic character model and didn’t pay heed to it. Who the hell would’ve known that she was the wirepuller.

Still, setting aside the antagonists in question, the story itself was pretty well told with many of surprises on the road so I have no problems in that area of things.

The ending was an overall happy ending with the efforts of Suguha succeeding in saving everyone while officially in records they all “died”. Essentially the history didn’t “change” but the people involved happily lived their lives in an isolate island near Ako. The only remaining doubt at the end is what happened to Suguha. Seeing as Suguha is from the future and is meant to return at some point of time, you’d assume that he would, indeed, return at some point.

That means bidding farewell to his loved ones in that age, not quite sure how things in that area will work out. Maybe FD material? Other than that area of things, it’s an overall happy ending and more or less a harem ending on top of that. Though it’s less harem and more everyone is fighting in a war for Suguha ending. Whether or not Suguha has the ability to twist it into a polygamy… well who knows.

In the end Chusingura stands definitely in the above average area. Despite the historical elements of it you can definitely enjoy it whether or not you’re well versed in it. In fact, if you are well versed in it, you might actually end up seeing some of the twists coming and in reverse it might be less enjoyable. Well in that sense perhaps ignorance is bliss. Though on the other hand if you’re well versed in the history you might be able to catch some things people like me didn’t. Looking at it in that way, it can be enjoyable either way.

The story itself is not exactly kamige level as some had hyped it to be. This is made especially true due to the final two chapters and the retarded antagonist motivations. It felt like the story more or less climaxed on the third chapter with the last two being an extra to settle the miscellaneous matters. To be fair, these miscellaneous matters set the story into an all around happy ending which I had greatly desired but it just feels like the third chapter pulled on my heart strings more.

With that said, it might be unfair to compare it to proper well developed companies. For something that started from a doujin group it’s amazing that they got this far. Hopefully they’ll continue pumping out stories unlike some which produce one good work and then vanish into oblivion.

It's a shame she only appeared in the last loop. She was a pretty fun character.

It’s a shame she only appeared in the last loop. She was a pretty fun character.

Next up is 月あかりランチ. Truthfully I still have another story to read this month but… it’s relatively unimportant and I don’t think I have time for it unless this EX-ONE game is relatively short. Speaking of which, EX-ONE games have been pretty questionable in quality. The setting in their stories tends to be interesting but the execution isn’t as interesting. I wonder if this one is going to be any different.


3 thoughts on “ChuSinGura 46+1 – Thoughts

  1. Suguha should bring his harem to the future with him and the problem is solved. lol
    His harem was officially stated dead anyway, so no problem if they suddenly lost

    *Pray for FD
    I would like to know more about Asaemon, Mogudayu, etc

  2. Sequel on the way this november. with the harem problem and suguha and the akou roushi gets to go to the end of tokugawa shogunate during the shinsengumi, probably the boshin war. and it also said in the site that at the sequel the time leaping thing will be explained in the sequel.

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