月あかりランチ – Thoughts

Well that was good. It actually feels strangely rare for a story to set up a whole bunch of mysteries and actually doesn’t disappoint when it comes to revealing everything.

There’s really a lot to say about the story but it’s hard to go into detail without knowing what the story is about. But well, for time being… ALL OF THE CHARACTERS IN THIS STORY ARE AWESOME! Is something I can definitely say.

After the initial prologue the story immediately goes into routes using a selection menu with Aki’s route locked until you complete the other 3 heroine routes. Though I don’t think there’s any particular order you need to do them in, I believe that Fuyu > Natsuno > Avril makes the most sense. Especially Avril as her route deviates from the other two routes quite a bit, revealing some interesting stuff.

The theme of the story is “graduation”. Haruhiko decided to become a teacher, a guidepost for these girls to recall their wishes and “graduate” from the school. Like that, in every route the girls manage to recall their wishes. But as they recall their wishes, they also have to leave the school and part from Haruhiko who they fell in love with. Pretty bitter endings really.

During the routes it’s also revealed that all of the “witches” are linked to one person, in particular it means that they summoned someone and if they die, the student will also get kicked back to their own world as well. These witches also happen to be from the same exact world that they came from.

When it came to Avril’s route it’s revealed that in Avril’s fantasy world of demon slaying, the witch Kitayama was a legendary figure cited as the person who summoned demons into their world to begin with.

This is later known in Aki’s route but, all witches are people who held the “potential” to ruin their own respective worlds. And all of the heroines are also “witch candidates” as they also have the potential to ruin their own worlds. Be it Fuyu and her invincibility in fighting, Natsuno and her genius inventions or Avril and her charisma that would allow her to rule the entire world.

As for the people who already became witches, Nishino was apparently the cause for Fuyu’s world to end up in a state of constant warfare, Azuma was… if I remember right, the very person who invented the cyber space that Natsuno lived in, Azuma could have returned normally but she chose to become a witch so to not leave Nishino alone. Beautiful friendship ;_;

Kitayama I already said before but it’s revealed that his “goal” was to revive his beloved, for that sake he didn’t care what happened to the world. Apparently that goal ended up becoming the form of his lover becoming an emotionless shadow and familiar of Kitayama. Pretty sad ending but then again, he was the cause for a lot of deaths in his original world.

As for Minami/Aki I’ll get around to that in a bit.

Meanwhile on Haru’s side, he became more of a protagonist than our actual protagonist Haruhiko is. Well they *are* the same person. It just feels rare for someone other than the protagonist to get the semi-time loop treatment. He doesn’t retain memory but he receives a book that has the information of what happened in all heroine routes recorded in it.

It’s also revealed that Haru only occasionally appeared in scenes for a reason: he’s “easily forgotten”. To the point of Haru being capable of vanishing off somewhere and no one will remember who he is until he appears in front of them again. They won’t even doubt why they know so little about his actions. Basically perfect for covert tasks that Haru ended up doing.

Finally in Aki’s route we deal with the big reveals. Other than some details that I mentioned above, it’s also revealed that Haruhiko is… DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.

And if that wasn’t enough, another big twist: Aki is his CHILDHOOD FRIEND!

Well okay, probably anyone could’ve seen that coming. Regardless with this you can probably see where things are flowing.

Haruhiko died and wished for Aki to be happy if I remember right, because of the wish Nishino decided to reconstruct his body in the school and place his consciousness in it. That said, Nishino exhausted most of her magic doing that task which is why despite she boasts of being the “oldest witch”, she isn’t that strong. Of course it wasn’t necessarily purely out of kindness as she had her own plans.

On Aki’s side on the other hand, I don’t think I even need to say what she wished for. She became a witch candidate that has the danger of “overturning the very laws of her world”. Namely that dead people don’t come back alive. While at it it’s revealed that Haru is someone created by Aki’s magic powers. The person in question had no consciousness of it though.

Minami is revealed to be the principal of the school and also the founder of it. Similar to the other witches, she was originally from Aki/Haruhiko’s world, however she is from the future. Her ability is to see the future and eventually she got to the point of seeing the future of the world ruining and because of that, she became afraid and wished for all the factors of the world ruining to begone.

Before she knew it, she ended up in the school in the appearance of someone related to the ruin of the world. The irony that she ended up being one of the reasons for the world ruin. The school essentially became a “cage” for such people. People who have potential to ruin their worlds are summoned to the school and if things go well, they return to their world by recalling their wishes.

When things don’t go well however, they are absorbed into the school and become shadows. Indeed, during lunch time all of the shadows you see are people who once came to the school and failed to leave it.

With most of the truth revealed, Haruhiko came to a certain resolve. That he would become the “wizard of Oz” and let everyone graduate. Yes, even the shadows. After that he’ll just sit around patiently waiting for either someone to help him graduate or for the return of the heroines.

For starters, all of the heroines will have to graduate. Just like in their respective worlds, Fuyu’s dream is to become a teacher in her own world and starting from that, gradually stop the constant warfare her world is in. Natsuno wants to create a dimensional travel machine so that she can meet everyone once again and Avril has a grand dream of not purging the demons but uniting them under one flag.

The graduation was pretty touching ;_;

Well I’m skipping some details but essentially those are the most important parts of the story. After the credit roll you get to see an epilogue involving all of the heroines which was pretty damned awesome.



Natsuno completing a prototype for her machine.

Natsuno completing a prototype for her machine.

Avril succeeded in her dream but there's still a pile of things for her to do.

Avril succeeded in her dream but there’s still a pile of things for her to do.

Aki sort of... became pregnant because of the events in the school. Thinking about it, it must be pretty weird to others. The child of a dead person showed up in her belly.

Aki sort of… became pregnant because of the events in the school. Thinking about it, it must be pretty weird to others. The child of a dead person showed up in her belly.

Haruhiko managed to make all of the witches graduate and got to the point of being able to communicate with some shadows.

Haruhiko managed to make all of the witches graduate and got to the point of being able to communicate with some shadows.
As a nice touch it’s revealed that the person who left Haru the records was this Haruhiko.

Overall although it wasn’t quite the happy ending I expected, it was still pretty happy and a satisfactory story. I enjoyed every bit of it and it didn’t disappoint in anywhere. If I really had to point out something bad then it would probably be that all of their wishes felt pretty cheap. Since they’re from such interesting worlds, I would’ve expected something more complicated. All of their wishes were mostly emotional related. Fuyu wanted to know love, Natsuno… wanted to understand other people I think? And Avril wanted courage.

I swear to god I would totally read a spin off about the witches life though. It just sounds like it could make a great story by itself. Nishino and why she became a cause of the world war in Fuyu’s world, Azuma and her creation of the cyber world, Kitayama and his madness for the sake of his beloved. Minami is… well, less interesting since she came from the same world as Haruhiko/Aki. Although it’s the future.

Despite the story already ending and there’s not much more to tell, I really would want to see a FD with an afterstory with it. Especially in how everyone was basically in love with Haruhiko by the end of the story. Well seeing the past records of the company, it’s probably best not to expect it happen.

In any case an enjoyable story, it gave you a setting full of mystery which kept you wondering what exactly was going on behind the scenes and then managed to explain all of them without the execution of it boring you. I’m fairly happy with it at least.

I think I’ll probably play Natsukumo Yururu as soon as it comes out. Though I may contemplate reading another story in the meantime. Well I’ll see.


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