なつくもゆるる – Impressions

It begins! And it doesn’t disappoint!

Unfortunately there’s no longer a surprise factor for when the story goes from cute moege with lolis everywhere to a story of death and doom.

Regardless of that, I still chuckled a bit when watching the opening that felt ever so obviously pure and gentle with an oddly low amount of cgs shown within it. Yeah, perfect display of what’s coming alright. Though it’s not as if they totally lied to you. It also meant that there were no story spoilers within the opening so I was fairly happy with that.

It starts off as a perfectly normal story with the protagonist Shin and his roommate getting stuck behind in school during summer vacation because they were infected by a new form of disease. They had a fever for a few days but after it was cured they were forbidden from leaving the school in fear of a pandemic outbreak.

On the night marking the start of summer vacation, Shin gets kicked out of his dorm room by his roommate who intended to go on a two hour masturbathon with milfs as material while shouting it out, loud. Needless to say, no one wants to stay in the same room during that time.

Having nothing to do since it was in the middle of the night, he decided to go insect observing. On his way to the forest he discovers a silver haired girl carrying a shovel.

I have no clue how to go about saying this but let’s just say… she’s pretty pure and amusing alright. Shin ended up having to teach her, Shiho, how to dig with the shovel and later on that somehow developed into teaching her how to masturbate. No comment.

Well after that we get to see the other characters, heroines with the cute younger sister of Shin, Himeka, visiting him and getting “infected” so that she could prolong her stay in the school, the energetic club president Rine and the distrustful, blunt student council president Kashima.

Subtracting the younger sister, all of them were left behind in school because of the infection and a handful of teachers are present as well.

Well they got along more or less fine. At that point of time there was no real element of danger yet, I mean what could go wrong? All that’s wrong with the setting is that… like…

The entire school is walled up.

Or well, like how they casually mention multiple cases of students committing suicide.

Or how Shiho mentioned that when she saw a tiger at a young age, she intuitively understood that she was the same type of being as a tiger.

And like how it’s mentioned that the school is in a sense a garbage box.

Just like that, in between light hearted antics there were very ominous signs building up all over the place.

… I somehow feel that I’d like to see the sprites replaced by the SDs instead.

This eventually led to the reveal that the school was built in order to gather all of the people with a certain disease that leads them to be prone to kill themselves. To manage them easier, they decided to gather all of the people into one school. For that reason, the teachers and other staff dislike getting familiar with the students as they casually drop dead the next day. Not very pleasant from the standpoint of a normal person.

For students like Shin however, their sense for it has more or less numbed and an interesting point noted is that they can “intuitively” understand whether or not a person is the type to kill themselves and they seem to be good at seeing in the dark.

It is also hard to shake off the fact that all of the women remaining are lolis as something that is “merely” a coincidence.

Just like with Harukuru, after a while of happiness a bomb dropped.

One night the power in the men dorms went out. However things didn’t stop there, they couldn’t find the teacher in charge of the dorm. Looking out of the window they find that there’s no lights in the other parts of the school as well. Which is usually impossible unless it’s a large scale power cut.

After gathering together they go up and look out of the window to see the situation of the town and just as expected, the town is completely dark as well. Also all of the teachers have vanished. It would be nice if it was a mere power cut and that power would return soon enough but Shiho comments that something seems wrong about the sky and happily wonders if the world is going to end.

The next day came and the situation did not get better at all. The teachers are gone and the electricity is not back either. They finally decide to leave the school and explore the town.

Unfortunately wandering into the town proved to have not helped them at all. In fact, it only caused further confusion as there was no one in the town. Not a single shadow was to be found, there weren’t even signs of life. As if everyone simply vanished.

Entering a supermarket they discover that the food there is still fresh. Indicating that at least up to the day before there was still people living there.

In search for some records possibly showing what the situation is, Shin goes to the office but instead discovers the corpse of a middle aged man who committed suicide by hanging. He decides to leave the place for now so to not let his younger sister know and move on with the exploration.

Next they arrive at the sea. Unfortunately what greeted them was not a beautiful horizon but a giant wall. As they found stairs leading up, they decided to go up and get a birds eye view of things for time being.

The town had no signs of life at all and when looking over the horizon, Shin discovers a giant ship. In hopes of getting discovered, he decides to wave his shirt around to get attention. Well it was successful in a sense, but what came back was not a friendly greeting. It was a giant explosion presumably caused by the ship attacking them.

Obviously disturbed, Shin and the others leave the place for time being and return to the school. Overall the situation they found themselves in is:

  • There is no longer any electricity, network, cellphone, water service or anything of the sort.
  • All of the teachers have vanished, there is absolutely no signs of life in the town.
  • Going over the circumference of the town, they find that it’s completely walled up preventing them from simply walking out of it. While some parts of it appear climbable, it does not seem like a good idea when looking at the attack they received by simply drawing attention from a ship

For time being they called it a day but after night fell, Shin decided to return to the supermarket in order to investigate the corpse. Accompanying him is Kashima, they discover a smartphone in the body of the corpse but unfortunately it’s password locked.

Before they could try to crack the password, it suddenly began a video chat. The person who appeared there is Shin’s older sister, someone who is a trauma for Shin because of a variety of events in the past. As a result he’s horribly shaken up after seeing her appearance even though it was through a smartphone.

She complains about how they did some terrible decision-making and concludes that the experiment is over. All that awaits them now is death.

Unfortunately before they could get very far in saving everyone or even saving themselves, the person appears in front of them and they both die by her hands.


It’s more or less exactly as expected. Anyone who went in seriously thinking it would be some moege with a large cast of lolis will be shocked. Then again, it was leaving around some ominous hints even without the twist so anyone paying attention would probably notice that something isn’t quite right.

I’m quite happy with where things are going so I have no complaints whatsoever, although I have absolutely no idea what’s going on in the story. That’s only natural though. Not sure what sort of crazy twists are going to pop up this time but I’m waiting in expectation to see how things unfold.


One thought on “なつくもゆるる – Impressions

  1. but the SD sprites were by Ichiri… if you don’t know him/her (i’m inclined to her part) check… the dojins… its disgustingly adorable territory doujin circle 23.4do

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