fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nächsten Phase – Impressions


When I think of it, it has been a while since I last wrote an impression.

For the most part it is, no matter how you look at it, a typical and generic chuunige.

The protagonist Reiji is living a peaceful, normal life. He returns to his home town(island, rather), he reunites with his brocon younger sister Sayuki, makes a beautiful girl take a 180 turn in personality and fall in love with him on first sight and she also happens to be his classmate and the list goes on.

Eventually the said girl, Momiji asks him out on a date and just as she confesses… the world changes! The situation changed! Now Momiji tries to kill Reiji instead (yeah, quite a turn in atmosphere).

At that point, Sayuki appears to save him. Unfortunately because chuuni logic, the battle goes back and forth where every time someone is convinced of victory, the other side will respond with “HAH, DID YOU THINK THAT WAS MY FULL POWER!?” until Sayuki is pushed into a corner. I have to admit, that part was actually pretty amusing to watch.

Anyway, at that point Reiji takes action to save the day, he awakens to his power and his power…



While you can argue this to fall into a “summoner class” thing, I really want to see a character whose power is solely to summon mahou shoujos to fight for him. Just think of all of the possibilities hahahaha.

Ahem, anyway thanks to the absurdly powerful humanoid weapon, Sakura that Reiji summoned his life is saved. In the meantime we get a tl;dr explanation of the situation.

They’re stuck in a magical ritual with 12, 13 participants. All participants can use magic and are essentially immortal. The only time they die is when their “magic” is destroyed by the opponents magic. When someone dies, their power is absorbed and by the last remaining person would have the magic of all participants combined.

Supposedly it accumulates to be a very, very large amount of magic power that is enough to do most of the things you wish for. In addition once the battlefield appears, it does not vanish until either one participant dies or 13 hours pass. After 13 hours if no one dies then the world ends.

Needless to say, there’s plenty of familiar faces within these participants played out for drama I suppose. Reiji’s mindset is for the most part to find the person who created such a crappy ritual and beat him up while crushing anyone who stands in his way.

During the ritual period they cannot use magic outside of the battlefield therefore the story still manages to somehow push in SoL in between serious chuuni battles. Honestly a strange way to mix the two together as it feels a bit forced.

The story sounds to be quite stupid just by looking at the setting so I’m honestly not expecting any surprising twists and turns from it. I am, however, quite satisfied with how the battles are handled. Who needs logic anyway, as long as there’s plenty of shiny explosions.

The heroines are passable, Sakura is definitely the best, Momiji is… somewhat likable but it feels like her personality takes too many twists and turns. She practically confesses on the second day of knowing Reiji just to turn around and try to kill him the next minute. If she stabilizes a bit later on then she’ll be a lot more likable. Sayuki has felt pretty plain so far as I haven’t seen anything from her personality outside of her devotion for Reiji.

It's really a shame that they decided to kill off one of the better male characters right off the bat.

It’s really a shame that they decided to kill off one of the better male characters right off the bat.

In any case, as long as the battles remain funny with the tides constantly swinging back and forth, I’ll be happy with this. Not expecting anything more than a cheap story behind the scenes and it remains up to be questioned whether or not I’ll bother reading Sayuki’s route as her character hasn’t impressed me so far.



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