fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nächsten Phase – Thoughts

There was world destroying, concept breaking, dimension severing and immortal killing. About what you’d expect from a game of this genre hahaha.

Yep, chuuni games are definitely fun just to see how far out they get in terms of power levels. In that area of things, this game really did try to stretch things as far as it could go.

Basing things off the true route alone…

As the time passed on, more battles happened and slowly all of the fodder side characters kick the bucket after getting some time dedicated to getting the reader feel some attachment for them.

To be honest, it’s really funny how much of the characters, particularly the women, have a tendency to take a 180 degree switch in personality. This does make the story go in directions you wouldn’t have quite expected it to but at the same time it just feels like something that came out of nowhere. Who would have really expected the student council president to suddenly be revealed as a participant and as a yandere for Reiji, really?

Anyway, I held pretty mixed feelings during the middle of the story as the story progress was next to zero (their way of searching for the mastermind, Odin, essentially amounted to wandering aimlessly around the island) and characters were always given a miniarc to introduce us to them so that the author could kill them at the next chance.

The first time it was entertaining enough but several times later it gets tiresome as the result is predictable.

Of course, there’s not that many participants and many of them are characters that belong to the “good side” thus once we hit the latter half of the story it became an internal battle.

That’s around when the real plot finally began moving. We essentially received one backstory after another, revealing the identity of Odin to be… Reiji’s FATHER! And Sakura’s appearance is of Reiji’s… MOTHER! Which is… quite bothering in a sense since that means the main heroine is a duplicate of Reiji’s mother (at least in appearance). Whereas the goal of Odin, Reiji’s father, is to revive his mother. There was also some love drama with Reiji’s ex-gf shoehorned into the story for god knows why.

Things were much more interesting in the latter half with some intimate deaths (Sayuki, Momiji) and finally a showdown between the two protagonists Reiji and Ryuichi as well as (later on) Sakura against Nagisa.

With all those battles over, finally the time for some father-son confrontation came. Against flat out immortality, what could Reiji possibly do you ask? Following the logic of all chuuni battles, of course obtain a power that surpasses it!

As expected, Reiji obtained an absurd ability based on his original one. He essentially still rewinds time, he just does it on such a scale that he rewinds things to “not exist”. Using this ability he surpasses his father and brings closure to the long, long battle.

At that point one question remains to be asked, which is… although surviving is nice and all, what about the entire cast which is now dead?

You can probably guess what happened from there, everyone gets revived, happily ever after. He literally just went along and cast magic to make a happy end. Heck, later on in Momiji route you get to see that he even jumped to create happy ends in parallel worlds. Although if you ask me that rendered the efforts of the Reiji/Momiji in that dimension pretty pointless.

I think the origins of Momiji’s hat bothered me more than wanting to find out the identity of Odin.

The antagonist could have possibly won but then he comes along from another world and screws him over. When he shouts that he won't accept this I could actually agree in a sense. Who would be happy about getting their plans screwed over by someone from a parallel world? There'd be no end to it.

The antagonist could have possibly won but then he comes along from another world and screws him over. When he shouted that he won’t accept this I could actually agree in a sense. Who would be happy about getting their plans screwed over by someone from a parallel world with endgame abilities? There’d be no end to it.

Anyway, although I wasn’t exactly satisfied with how things turned out in Momiji’s route, the true route was decently handled. I can’t really say the story was predictable as I don’t think anyone could predict some of the events in the story. They did more or less occur out of the blue with no foreshadowing to it.

But the battles were definitely satisfactory, particularly the last half of the battles since it went in the direction I wanted it to go instead of some sort of monster of the day approach to the setting that happened during the first half.

Well it was reasonably enjoyable, definitely far from a masterpiece though. After going through this however, I really have to say that having a voiced protagonist in action based stories are a great bonus. I hope the day will come where most eroge have voiced protagonists but that may never happen.

With all of that said, after finishing all routes in the story (I’ll confess that I skipped through Sayuki’s route as I had no interest so I used save data for this) you unlock an epilogue of sorts for the true route which just lasts a few minutes but shows you this at the end:

So after all this the story isn’t even over. To be honest I’d find it hard to imagine a direct sequel to this story however as the power levels have already reached this level. Unless they want to put together some stupid stuff like “THE CHARACTERS POWERS CAN NO LONGER BE USED!” or something for the sequel.

If they truly continue directly from the ending of the story without resetting it in some way however, it sounds like it will be quite interesting as it will have to take the power levels to new extremes for the battles to pose any threat to endgame Reiji and the others.

Oh well, to begin with I doubt the sequel will come out any time soon and seeing how Fortissimo was released, we may first see an all ages version and then a sled of new versions until we actually get a “complete” version of the game.

Now to wait for September releases.


One thought on “fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nächsten Phase – Thoughts

  1. I think I stopped at EXA so EXS contents were news to me, but parallel worlds? Argh. Them cheat abilities, I guess it is fun to see them once in awhile!

    I really hope they don’t release anymore of this. It wasn’t bad per se, but whole thing starts to feel more like marketing and less about stories >_>.

    But yeah, that HAT!

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