バルドスカイ ゼロ – Impressions

p2444You’ll have to bear with a title screen as the only screenshot taken because I was forced to change computers in order to properly play it without issues. The computer in question is disconnected from the internet and it would frankly be troublesome to transfer pictures over which I may do anyway for the final thoughts but not now.

Also Himegoto has been placed on hold as my interest had been more or less drawn to playing BSZ instead after hearing that it ends reasonably well and most importantly, isn’t a landmine like MB was.

I’m really in the mood for some sort of high fantasy story (influence from certain airing anime) but nothing like that is in sight so I decided to makedo with this instead.

Anyone who has played the previous games of the series will know more or less what to expect from BSZ, especially in terms of gameplay as there hasn’t been too much of a significant change from that (at least from what I’ve seen), though of course, the graphics did get an upgrade.

With that said, with BSZ we start with a new set of characters and another amnesiac protagonist who has been named Edward for now.

Judging from the title, Kou and Rain make a return and to begin with, Edward was rescued by Fenrir (which he later joined). Though it’s not the main team so you won’t see that many familiar faces, it doesn’t change that he’s in a place not too far away from the cast of Dive1/Dive2.

Speaking of which, I wonder where this takes place timeline-wise anyway…

There are just 3 heroines in this game and one girl (Marelle) who desperately needs a route. Likely bait for a continuation.

I still haven’t gotten to see the third heroine but being a mercenary and all, Sakura and Fran certainly don’t have very gentle personalities. Which is quite fitting, it would be more strange for some moeblob to be running around massacring people. Regardless it feels like a pretty unusual archetype so that’s refreshing in its own way.

Sakura’s VA doesn’t quite click with me though, which is a shame as her character is pretty entertaining.

So far (chapter 3) there hasn’t been any clear objective yet as the story has been focusing on dumping a pile of exposition on you as well as getting a hang of the standpoint of Edward in Fenrir (while introducing the entire team). The first two chapters were basically entirely focused on that with the only battles being some light tutorial exercises. I almost wondered if they were actually intending to let you fight but then chapter 3 came.

Chapter 3 consisted of a lot of battles so that satisfied my desire for some gameplay. The last battle was relatively fun, if it keeps up that pace then it would be great, though I’m guessing that it’s going to get too easy at some point later. Typical of this sort of game though.

The main mystery is currently about the memories of Edward. With that said, unlike Kou, Edward has been a pretty interesting character. Although at first glance I thought that they were being lazy with writing by giving us yet another amnesiac protagonist, it was actually cool to see how Edward handled his situation opposed to how Kou handled his. Instead of nagging on about his precious lost memories he focuses on his present state and to be honest, it feels like he has barely even touched on the topic of his memories yet. Though you could also say he had no time to do so, waking up in a battlefield and then being rescued by Fenrir and so on.

Edward’s personality has been more of a calculating type which, thanks to that, bought the distrust of Sakura making her go against him joining Fenrir. He’s skilled at fighting (likely the skills he held before losing his memories) and doesn’t really have any hesitation in killing people. Really makes you wonder what his profession was before he lost his memories.

In any case BSZ has been off to a great start, I’m happy with how things have turned out.

It’s still a shame that Marelle doesn’t have a route though. Though I suppose you could also say that it’s better than Rain in that she had a route but her route was practically the introduction to the story with most of the important bits of it untouched. I swear the deeper you get into the Dive stories the worse the heroines get. That’s something I didn’t like it but complaints about that can wait for another time. Returning to the topic, at the very least Marelle still has hope to get a continuation with a nice route opposed to squeezing in her route half assedly into BSZ. The latter would be far worse.


4 thoughts on “バルドスカイ ゼロ – Impressions

  1. B-but Sakura’s voice is unique! Hopefully you can get past the crashing troubles, I tend to have them quite abit (probably too much retrying, there is an event fight with kou you can’t win, trust me ;_;).

    “Speaking of which, I wonder where this takes place timeline-wise anyway…”
    I believe it is before the start of events of dive1, but after the gray christmas. You see Kou as mercenary hung on revenge and all.

    The lament for Marelle still lingers, but I think BSZ actually concluded quite well with Fran’s route. So probably wont get a FD :(.

  2. Playing now. Up to Chapter 12 of the 3rd heroine. Really expecting an expansion. A lot of strange hints dropped about Marelle and Rena. Shizel is also getting a lot of out-of-character moe moments, so I’m wondering if they’re softening her character up as a potential route. Expecting Elpis Corporation and Charlie’s Local Government factions to become the next major route allies/adverseries, along with reveals about the mysterious Master Scavenger, Cancer, etc. Maybe even an Anti-Squall route. I’m expecting a boss fight against Goodman’s Spinning Top form. Head full of theories. And my japanese kinda fails. :) Looking for a place to discuss.

  3. I believe it is before the start of events of dive1, but after the gray christmas. You see Kou as mercenary hung on revenge and all.
    Yup. Kou is still estranged from Fenrir and still working on finding clues to Naoki’s Drexler Foundation. I’m not sure how well this will fit with Baldr Sky proper since I think he’s not supposed to meet Major Shizel. His encounter with her in Baldr Sky was their first meeting, right? Memory a bit fuzzy there.

  4. but I think BSZ actually concluded quite well with Fran’s route.
    Just finished Fran’s route. Pretty good but I have to disagree. What was that sound at the end? And way too many loose ends. Also, this route can’t possibly lead to Dive 1 after what happens to Kou and Rain.

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