巨乳ファンタジー外伝2 – Thoughts

If it goes to say anything, it was one of the few cases where I decided to screw it and read the entire story from start to end in one sitting.

Needless to say, staying up to 6am was quite exhausting however it was all worth it.

First off, in the last installment of Kyonyuu Fantasy (at least in this timeline) we get the reset button pressed right off the bat. The protagonist Lute wakes up with no memories, a strange mask on his head that can’t be removed, naked and in a foreign land.

He gets arrested for chasing a woman around (unknowingly) nakedly and soon enough becomes a prisoner.

However being our dear protagonist, he quickly gets freedom by “defeating” a fearsome minotaur that had already killed dozens of soldiers and bounty hunters. However being Lute, he gets himself in more trouble and ends up as a stowaway on a ship. Except it happens to be a pirate ship.

Furthermore it happens to be a disguised pirate ship (the reasons for this is political and I’m not going to cover all of that here) that in reality has the princess of the country on board. At first he was to be thrown off board but then the enemy attacks, Iberia’s invincible navy which attacked them thinking they were pirates.

They boarded the ship intent to execute the captain and we also get to see the queen of Iberia, an undine. The soldiers sent the princess away and gave the role of pretending to be the captain to none other than Lute.

Lute proposes to fight against the entire enemy crew in a game of flip the coin. If he loses even once he’ll be killed on spot. If he wins all of them he and his crew will be let off the hook as well as getting the rights to dance with the queen of Iberia.

Sounds like a joke right? Winning 40 coin flips in a row? But it’s our protagonist Lute, what could be impossible for that matter?

… He flawlessly wins 40 coin flips in a row, gets freedom for all of them and even dances with the queen afterwards.

Yeaaaah… as expected from Lute alright.

Later on as the princess was delighted by Lute’s achievement he was named her personal knight.

While Lute was slowly rising to fame in a foreign country, back at his home country Edellant his subordinates and queens are frantically searching for his whereabouts and somehow managing to cover up his absence as being sick.

I’m pretty sure after all these times, we know what’s waiting for us from here and things… really do turn out as you’d expect it to.

Back at Lute who is wearing a mask and has no memory as usual, the prime minister does not find Lute’s character to be particularly pleasant nor that the princess favors him so of course, plotting begins.

Unfortunately every time a plot happens, it only comes around and causes even more damage. Rapidly after one plot after another gets foiled, the country falls into a crisis as the sickly king passes away, the young princess becoming a queen and the nearing war.

Amidst the chaos, Lute rises to put a stop to the war, opening up the window for peace and even leading the navy to defend the country against a large scale attack. He took victory by turning the enemies secret weapon, krakens on themselves. Well what do you expect, he’s practically the king of demons after all.

Through his heroic efforts, peace comes to the country and he marries the princess.

Happily ever after? Yeah right. After some hscenes here and there, Lute’s mask finally falls off and his memories begin returning. Because the mask was originally cursed and obscured his location, with the mask gone his queens immediately catch the wind of Lute as well as ambassadors from other countries recognizing Lute immediately.

Eventually through the power of paizuri (no kidding) his memories completely recover and he recognizes the situation he’s in.

7 years ago he became the king of Edellant, foiling all sorts of plots on the way and creating a harem of giant breasted women he lived happily while naturally expanding his countries power. However some time back, a certain gift was delivered to them. A mask.  Lute being the character he is, decided to put on the mask and well… you know the rest.

He then started from scratch, became a prisoner and yet rised to become a king yet again.

It goes without saying that when the identity under the mask was revealed it rocked the entire continent with the news.

From there the story moves onto something more similar to what we got in the first gaiden with plenty of political warfare and even some conflict over the hand of another princesses hand in marriage.

I won’t bother talking much about this part of things but most notably at the end of it all Lute finally finds out his true identity. Not that it really changed much. Also we get to see proper tie ins with Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 and this. Now the reason why it’s a prequel makes a lot more sense.

It was truly a story that was fitting to be a climax of such a great series however.

Overall, while I was a bit worried about where they were trying to go with the reset at the start, I’m glad it wasn’t something that covered most of the story and was really only the first part of the story as it also served to reintroduce us to the setting and characters that we may have forgotten after the long break in between the parts.

The reset itself was plenty entertaining to see as well so there’s honestly no fault with it. What amazes me about Kyonyuu Fantasy is that the result can be so blatant in that Lute won’t fail and he won’t get (seriously) screwed over without it becoming back to haunt the antagonist tenfold later on but it still manages to be so entertaining even if you know the result.

It’s definitely the process of which these events happen that makes things fun to read as things always fall into place in an interesting fashion. You can’t help but wonder how Lute is going to foil the enemies plot this time around and he always manages to do so in an entertaining way.

There is no doubt that it’s single handedly the most entertaining nukige I’ve ever read and a good display of how fun a story can be to read even if you’re stuffed full of paizuri and general nukige antics at every turn.

Even if you detest kyonyuu this is a story that definitely should be read regardless of it. To begin with even I don’t particularly like it when the women have monstrous breasts like such and I enjoyed the heck out of it.

A good case of why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

although I still wonder what the fate of this series would have been if it wasn’t so persistent on kyonyuu.

Next up is Gahkthun FD. More Neon/Tesla fun, what a pleasant week.


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