Venus Blood -Gaia- – Thoughts

This company has a knack for making great dragon girls

This company has a knack for making great dragon girls

Quite the enjoyable game, as expected from the Venus Blood series. But this one was actually a step above others. I hope this wasn’t merely a fluke.

Let’s see… Gaia takes elements from both Frontier and Abyss, considering I quite liked the gameplay in Abyss (when setting aside how the units are produced) I was looking forward to this as well.

Fortunately it didn’t disappoint as it was fun and decently balanced depending on what difficulty you’re playing. The fact that it provides plenty of difficulty options makes sure that the one thing you won’t lack is “challenge” when doing second runs. It’s just that it’s probably best to be careful not to overdo things and end up in a game that’s nearly impossible to overcome.

The most notable part regarding Gaia is that the cast of characters as well as the story is all around a step above the rest of the series. Though admittedly the flow of the story is still more or less the same as the rest of the series, I feel like it had a stronger finishing touch to it on both routes which made the closure feel quite nice.

That said I had to question whether or not the law route was really that lawful.

Looks like a perfectly normal “they had children and lived happily ever!” end doesn’t it? Heh think again after considering the context of the game.

The developments in law route is pretty standard in the sense that they chose to fight and overcome the crisis of the world. Although I have to say that in the end it feels like they couldn’t have done much without the help of Titi considering how many times she saved them at crucial moments.

Law route itself wrapped itself up finely but I had doubts on the individual heroine endings as they more or less all ended up “trained” by the protagonist. You could say it was a happy ending but… somehow it just feels… their original characters were distorted and could you really call that an ending fitting of the law side of things? I could accept it if it were chaos instead. I guess it’s a bit of a gray zone.

Other than that however it was definitely quite the enjoyable story.

Meanwhile on the chaos side of things… our protagonist decides to go to the dark side and uhh… I think you can imagine what happens to the heroines without me describing or showing it.

Maybe not the best girl but her and Vanilla definitely comes as a close second. ... Too bad the hscenes were ruined with futanari.

Maybe not the best girl but her and Vanilla definitely comes as a close second.
… Too bad half the hscenes were ruined with futanari.

Overall it was an entertaining game with a great cast of characters and enjoyable story. The only things I didn’t like about it is their attachment to pregnancy which rounds down to an issue of preferences.

Next up for something light, I’ll pick up 桜舞う乙女のロンド. Provided nothing goes wrong, should be an enjoyable trap game when considering Ensemble’s track record.


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